Supercharge Your Goals & Dreams with the Power & Magick  of Lunar Phases, Archetypal Astrology & Natural Cycles!

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Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro offers you FREE wonder-filled tools to make your experience with Moon~Coaching™ truly fun and empowering!
Moon~Coaching Visioning Webinars

Attend the new moon visioning webinars LIVE with MoonCoach, from the comfort of your own computer! Or view the recording at your own leisure.

Free. Donations gratefully accepted.

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New Moon Visioning Newsletter.

Each New Moon gives us an opportunity to align with Zodiacal frequencies which we can use to amplify our goals. The Moon~Coaching™ Visioning Newsletter is an excellent way to connect with these energies, as Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro offers tips, guidance and Moon~Mantras!


Registration is required.

Moon Coaching 2013-2015 moon dates






With Moon~Coaching, conscious creation and manifestation of your goals and dreams are always designed to be FUN! So, we don't use 'worksheets' in our Moon~Coaching - in fact, we PLAY with the Moon, Sun, Zodiac and Soul with awesome PLAYSHEETs!


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Free, but donations gratefully accepted.

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As I teach my students and clients, your astrology chart is your very own Celestial Blueprint, and can be used for various purposes. With this, you can understand yourself in ways that nothing else can explain. You can make the most of your talents, heal your wounds and maximize your strengths. Your Destiny is in your hands, and with this, you have a map to reach your Highest Potential!





Astrology Charts. (With Webinar Registration)

Would you like a copy of your Celestial Blueprint? I would love to get it to you FREE! Once you've registered, you'll need to email me your birth information, and I'll get you an image file sent to your inbox. You can then use this chart in conjunction with the Moon~Coaching methods described throughout my site!

Moon~Coaching New Moon Meditation

Infuse your Consciousness at this most fertile time of month, the New Moon, with each zodiacal meditation. It will put your Subconscious Mind to work on your moonthly goals!





New Moon Visioning Meditations.

Each lunar moonth, I'll be sharing my Moon~Coaching New Moon Visioning Meditations, as an audio-visual. 


Meditations will be available free, but donations are so gratefully accepted. 






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Moon Coaching 2013-2015 moon dates