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Silvia has extensive experience and qualifications in the following disciplines
with which to serve you, support you and guide you:

Celestial Archetypes ™

Experiential Astrology

Astrology is the timeless Art and Science of Self-Understanding via the recognition of archetypal cycles of growth as reflected by the Cosmos. As the ancient Hermetic Axiom states, "As Above, So Below; As Within, So Without." What we see 'outside' of ourselves is a reflection of what is inside of us, whether conscious or unconscious. It behooves us to understand our 'outer reality' as a symbolic map to our 'inner reality' and from this Space of Knowing, make better choices and take advantage of the energetic opportunities each lesson, each cycle brings us. All our Relationships, Creativity, Career and Spiritual Growth hinges on how we consciously utiilize these cycles. With Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro's Intuitive Astrology readings, she will compassionately guide you on all matters of life and will pinpoint the energetic undercurrents of past, current & upcoming cycles in your life. Make the most of these energetic opportunities by understanding the lessons inherent in them, from a Soul-full perspective and then take practical action to maximize your potential.




Elements of Alchemy ™

Your Wholeness/Holiness depends on your conscious participation in the events of your Life which lead to the Alchemical Transformation of your Consciousness. In Silvia's Elements of Alchemy course, and personalized sessions, together you'll work on the areas of your Psyche that require balancing, integration and appreciation. Alchemy is the transformational process of turning lead into gold - and the Elements are Air/Mind, Earth/Body, Water/Emotions and Fire/Will...together as an experiential journey, you'll transform the unconsious aspects of your Pysche into a fully radiant Force of Creation, aligned with Divinity.




Sacred Space Interiors ™

Align your 'outer' physical space with the archetypal blueprint of your 'inner' spiritual space, setting up altars and interior design according to your astrological map. Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro's career in the Interior Design field, combined with her metaphysical studies, and understanding of Your Celestial Blueprint, will help you to create an outer reflection of your most ideal inner states of consciousness, in Beauty-full and Powerful environments for your Home or Office.



Moon~Coaching ™

Manifest your Heart's truest dreams by aligning with the lunar cycle, archetypal astrology and your Life Purpose. With Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro's expert guidance, using her Moon-Coaching process, you'll synchronize your goals according to the energetic quality of the lunar moonth, and take practical action over the course of a season or a full year. For more complete information, please visit the Moon~Coaching website at:




Moon~Chakras ™

Align your goals and intentions according to the Lunar phases via your Chakras. The Chakras are the energy centers in our bodies where energy flows, and we can plot the energetic currency according to the lunar cycle and your astrology chart. Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro combined her Moon~Coaching program with the ancient teachings of the Chakra system, to yield a powerful grounding maninfesting process.




Tarot Mystery School ™

Nothing is written in stone, and Free Will goes hand-in-hand with Conscious Understanding of Life Cycles. Tarot can aid you in reading the unconscious flow of energy in your life's situations, and put you in the right direction.  Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro firmly believes in the power of symbolism as a means of communication between your Divine Higher Self and your Conscious Everyday Human Self. Tarot is not about 'predicting the future' but about consciously interpreting the events of your Life, and making better, conscious choices that more fully reflect your True Nature.




MORE SERVICES, CLASSES, PRODUCTS and SEMINARS are available, and will be posted soon. Or visit the PORTAL page for more information (via link below).





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