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Let's Play, Create & Celebrate with the Elements!

The Elements of Alchemy™ are the building blocks of Creation.  
To Master the elements is to be able to Master one’s Self, 
as well as to hone your ability to consciously co-Create your Life.

The elements are symbolic of these important aspects of Being:
  • Fire: Creative Will
  • Air = Mental Body
  • Earth = Physical Body
  • Water = Emotional Body
  • Aether = Spiritual Essence

Creating a conscious relationship with the 'outer elements' will naturally attune you your 'inner elements' so that you can consciously co-create with the elements, as well as healing and transforming your Consciousness.

Practically speaking, each ‘element’ has specific symbolic (and very ‘real’) qualities that evoke our creational abilities…inviting our Soul into conscious participation in crafting a Life of Purpose & meaning. I believe we all want to live our Lives as Masters, able to move the pieces around on our personal Chess-board, and embrace every moment in a well-thought out way, albeit it playfully acknowledging that this is a ‘game’ in which we can practice our manifestation abilities, so that in The End, we can leave the game board with a sense of accomplishment and joy.



Would it be worth your Time to dedicate yourself to understanding how the Elements show up in your Life?


And moreover, to directing them in such a manner that you can create greater Harmony, Balance, Grace, Peace, Joy, Success, Love, Well-Being, Creativity, Passion, Gratitude, Security, Connection, Prosperity, and FUN?  


YES! I think so!

So, first the 'free' part...go through this site, clicking on each of the elemental headings (Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Aether) to begin your Quest. Read each element's qualities, and begin to ask yourself the questions I designed for your self-inquiry process. Spend a little time really pondering on how the Elements of Alchemy might be showing up in your Life. 

Then, join me for the upcoming Elements of Alchemy Playshops (in person), or the EoA™ Virtual Course (online) for a deeper exploration in how the Elements are expressing themselves in your Life, in your Relationships, in your Creative Projects, in your Business, etc.

If you prefer to 'test the waters' before committing to the  EoA playshops or online course, you might wish to begin with the EoA Co-Creative Divination System (Cards, Journal & How-To Webinar). You can play on your own with the Elements of Alchemy, then join us when you are ready to deepen your experience.

Once you register for either the Playshop or the Online Course, or purchase the kit, I will send you an invitation to join the Members Only EoA Online Forum. Here you can post questions to gain greater clarity on how the Elements are showing up for you, or you can share insights as to how you are co-creating with them. Make friends with other EoA journeyers, as well as continuing your exploration with other like-minded allies!

In addition, you can schedule a private Elements of Alchemy Astrological Session with me, MoonCoach Silvia Pancaro. During your 1-hour session, we will cover a lot of ground - an overview of your astrological blueprint, and then we will zoom in to the elemental distribution and how to create balance between Fire, Earth, Air and Water in your Life based on your unique chart.

And I'm always happy to point you in the Right feel free to send me an email, or message me on Facebook (@MoonCoach.SilviaPancaro)

Woman with Silver Star Balloons

Silvia Pancaro and 13 Stargates Web Design are working on the updated Elements of Alchemy website for you. Please come back soon!

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