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Aether Themed Images to Inspire & EnLighten You!

Aether symbolizes:
  • My Spirit
  • The Essence of my BE~ing as the Individual Spark of the Divine.
  • Being breathed by God.
Aether has dominion over:
  • The Kingdom of God~Dess Within.
Aether Key Themes:
  • Knowing.
  • Faith.
  • Trust.
Aether Shadow Expressions:
  • The lie of separation from God~Dess
  • The 'apparent' disconnection between Human & Divinity
  • Being 'light-polarized'
  • Extreme polarity towards either side of the scale (fundamentalist religion or fundamentalist new-ager vs no spiritual belief whatsoever)
  • Airy-Fairy
  • Not landed on Earth
Aether in Astrology:
  • For me, MoonCoach™ , I see Aether as BOTH the Sacred Wheel itself (holding all planets/signs/houses together) AND the very Center of the Wheel from which Aether directs the Creative Energy of all the Celestial~Archetypes™ of Astrology in your chart
Aether Self-Inquiry Prompts:
  • Who Am I, REALLY?
  • Do I serve God~Dess with humility?
  • How can I utilize my divinely bestowed talents/gifts/abilities in Sacred Service to the World?
  • What random acts of kindness am I inspired to do for others?
  • How am I spiritually nourished?
  • Do I commune with Spirit enough?
  • Where in my Life do I need to bring greater Self-Awareness?
  • Am I in touch with my Soul?
  • Do I live from my ego-self, or from my God~Dess Self?
  • Am I willing to listen more attentively to the promptings of my Soul?
  • Are my daily human actions in alignment with my Spiritual Core?
Aether Activities to Nourish You:
  • Prayer
  • Meditation
  • Sacred Service
  • Act of Creation, however that looks to you personally
  • Commune with Nature
  • The Game of Chess
  • Staring up into the Cosmos
  • Serving Tea (this brings all 4 Elements together)
  • A professional astrology session
  • Contemplation of Sacred Art
  • Surrendering into Sacred Music
  • Silent Retreat (Zen or Buddhist)
  • Communion with God~Dess
  • Watch a hummingbird in action
  • Quiet Observation of Life
  • Self-Awareness with Compassion
  • Visit a cemetery + birth center in 1 day
  • Consider& journal the Meaning of Life
Aether Foods:
  • Foods shared in community
  • Foods that are part of ceremony
  • Foods that are consciously cultivated, grown and harvested
Aether Essential Oils:
  • Myrrh
  • Frankincense
  • Spikenard
Aether Music:
  • All Angelic or Otherworldly
Ponder on the images to the right...let each one speak to you regarding some aspect of Your Divine Core...and of how Spirit as Aether is always the Central Focus of your 3-D Life as a Human Being, managing Source Energy onto Earth...
What message do you receive from each of these metaphorical images  regarding your Spiritual Connection? How can you apply the symbolic message to your exploration of Aether? Do you recognize a possible tool to use in your daily spiritual path? And how might the Image reveal something about the way that Aether/Spirit interacts with the other 4 Elements of Alchemy?
Copyright Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro

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