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Design a Balanced Life

Updated: May 23, 2019

The struggle to maintain a well-balanced Life, able to remain grounded in the Soil of your Soul, is something we all have to deal with. It doesn't matter if you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, a single parent working overtime to keep the kids in private school, or the grocery re-stocking guy at your local Publix...the challenge is the same for all of us. The question is, how are YOU handling it? And additionally, what can you do to bring yourself towards balance, grounding and inner peace, when the external world is pulling you in 100 directions?

We say we want the positive change in our lives, but we are too distracted to take the necessary actions that will lead us toward that peace. We come up with a 1000 excuses, so many justifications, lead by the most famous one: I just don't have Time. Well, I'm going to challenge you to just 5 minutes a day. We have 24 hours, which amounts to 1,440 give yourself a break, just 5 of those one-thousand, four-hundred, forty minutes, to bring you closer to real balance. It's about bringing yourself to Stillness, to a place of Self-Awareness, and thereby re-wiring your brain with a new pattern of behaviour, a new way of processing your Life Force Energy. I promise you, it is worth 'sacrificing' those 5 minutes of your busy day!

Picture by Silvia Pancaro at Gibbs Gardens, Georgia 2017
Take your cue from Mother Nature: All the Elements are in cooperative Harmony, co-creating a 'reality' that brings Beauty & well-being to our surroundings. The Earth combines all Elements beautifully, setting an example for YOU. . Picture by Silvia Pancaro at Gibbs Gardens, Georgia 2017

Work with the Elements of Alchemy to achieve balance & peace.

Once upon a Time, we all lived in harmony with Nature...and that included the Elements...we can take our cue from the metaphorical lessons that each of the Elements gives us, and employ a new habit towards the goal of balance in our lives. For example, do something related to any one of the Elements as a way of reconnecting all aspects of your Beingness. There are an infinite amount of ways we can do that, many of which I shared with you under each elemental heading on You can choose from those...or if you are in a rush right now, maybe you on your lunch break, so stay on this short blog post, and read the next point.

Commit today to 1 balancing action...

It all begins with a 1st step! Pick something that resonates for you, and stick with it until you create a habit out of it. Some ideas are:

  • Spend 5 minutes each morning, with eyes closed, breathing in & out deeply. Just that.

  • Pull an Oracle or Tarot card in the evening to bring awareness and understanding about your day's events and experiences. Journal for 5 minutes to gain insight. Profound.

  • Regardless of where you live, you can open the door, step outside, and look up at the Sun for 1 minute...just gaze up at the sky, bringing in that Vitamin D, breathing fresh Air for another 4 minutes (total 5). Connecting.

  • After getting into bed, before closing your eyes for Dreamtime, take a notepad & pencil that you'll keep on your nightstand, and jot down 5 things you are grateful for, and for 1 minute each, ponder on why these things add value to your Life. Empowering.

  • During your lunch break (and this especially applies to all of you workaholic entrepreneurs), take 5 minutes to shake your booty. Yes, play KC & the Sunshine Band on your phone (pull out the Youtube app, or click here). Afraid someone will see you? Then do some old-fashioned stretches (touch your toes, reach up the sky). Healing.

Stick to whatever action you choose...for a solid 7 days. Really! Do it like you mean it! You are creating new neural pathways in your brain, and training your Mind, Body, Heart, Soul to cooperate together on behalf of your Spirit. I guarantee you that you will feel better, and this begins the process of creating balance, harmony and inner peace in your Consciousness.

Let me know how you do with this! And please join me on the next Elements of Alchemy™ Playshop or Online Course - I'd love to support you on your journey!


MoonCoach™ Silvia Pancaro

Creatrix of Elements of Alchemy ™

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