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Elements of Alchemy™ Weekly Blog

Hello my friends! MoonCoach™ Silvia Pancaro here, welcoming you to the update EoA website and blog! I'm very excited about sharing these powerful Tools with you, what I call the Elements of Alchemy™ : Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Aether/Spirit. These are the sacred 'building blocks' which the Divine One utilized to 'build' this physical realm as we know it. There is a science behind this, which helps the skeptics to apply the Wisdom of the Elements into their lives, at a Metaphysical level. Whether you see the Elements from a scientific perspective, or from a spiritual perspective, or from a psychological or esoteric one, they help us to bring meaning and purpose into our everyday earthly experience. To that end, I'll be blogging on a weekly basis to help you 'see' how to work with the Elements of Alchemy™ to consciously co-create your Life at a whole new level of Being!

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MoonCoach™ Silvia Pancaro

Creatrix of Elements of Alchemy™

Elements of Alchemy™ created & facilitated by MoonCoach™ Silvia Pancaro

Take me to the EoA Kit Please!

Would you love to purchase the Elements of Alchemy ™ Kit (Cards, Journal and How-To-Webinar? Awesome! It's your 1st step towards mastering the elements & learning how to actively apply them in a pro-active manner that leads you to conscious co-creation!

Click here for the link to purchase your own EoA kit. NOTE: Special $10 discount if you are taking the EoA course (in person or online).

I'm ready to dive deeply into the alchemical elemental journey!

Did you know that you can deepen your connection to the elements in a fun, exploratory journey? Yes! MoonCoach ™ Silvia Pancaro guides you personally, either in person at one of the EoA Playshops, or via the EoA Online Course. Check them out here!

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