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Silvia   Pancaro


Creatrix, Facilitator & Eternal Student

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Silvia is a qualified professional astrologer and personal coach who  gives empowering metaphysical guidance through a range of mediums. She is a She is an eclectic metaphysical practioner who uses her intuition plus practical down to earth understanding of human nature, to offer guidance to all of her clients, encouraging them to move in a positive direction and face the challenges that may lie ahead of them. Silvia's expertise in helping people attune to natural cycles and organic timing, aids them in better understanding their innate gifts & talents to more joyfully accomplish their true Life's Purpose.  Through her Sacred Work in these sessions, Silvia remind you that Life is a Divine Gift - treat your Life as such, and unfold the Divine Seed in your Heart with concious intent, guided by the Cosmic Clock.


When you schedule your self-empowerment session with Silvia, you will receive a detailed and highly accurate reading that covers the aspects of your life where you feel you need the most guidance.


Just like the Moon has many faces/phases, so does Silvia.

Her roles in life are many, not the least of which include beinga Mother, a Wife, a Daughter,

a Sister, a Friend,a High Priestess, a Student, a Teacher,a Source-eress, a Writer,

an Artist and an Adventurer!


"My name is Silvia Pancaro and I am a poet,writer and an archetypal astrologer using real life to initiate One's Self into the Inner Realm of Mystery with the goal of discovering the Infinite Light Within."


MoonCoach™ Silvia Pancaro is the creatrix of:  Moon~Coaching™, Moon~Chakras™, Moon~Centric™, Moon~Zine™, Moon~Mandala™, Moon~Mapping™, Tap-the-Moon™, Path of the Lunar Priest~Ess™, AstroTarotOlogy™, AstroVibeOlogy™ and many more Lunar-themed self-empowerment programs. As a professional archetypal/intuitive astrologer, Silvia assists people in recognizing the value of holistic synchronization with Natural Cycles, Cosmic Time and one's innate Wisdom in order to achieve the most powerful expression of one's purpose.


With a varied background in Metaphysics, Archetypal Astrology, Interior Design, Higher Education, Television, writing and seminar design, Silvia passionately guides students towards a joyful integration of a purposeful life. She is the quintessential Dreamer and Creatrix, bringing her creative dreams down to Earth for all to enjoy. 

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