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Celestial Archetypes

Experiential Astrology


Learn (or re-learn) Astrology in a FUN and practical way!
Experience the full Archetypal realm of the

Zodiac signs, the planets and the houses,

directly in and through your Consciousness

with music, food, stories, aromatherapy and more,

for a full-sensory learning experience

designed and facilitated by Silvia ~ MoonCoach™ ~ Pancaro.

For all courses, classes, webinars and playshops.

Use this link to register:


During this fun & in-depth experiential online course,

MoonCoach™ ~ Silvia Pancaro guides you in integrating Astrological factors in a direct 'real life' manner, suitable for beginners, intermediate,  and advanced students .

You will get a FREE copy of your Celestial Blueprint (astrology chart)

to play with during the 1st class, and

we will be working with your own charts

throughout the entire 14-week course!

The following is information for the full course 

(*You can decide if it's right for you,

by attending the FREE intro class '0' (or jump right in if you missed that class,

which we will make available to you as a video)


IN PERSON in North Georgia (CANTON)
Saturdays beginning 3/9/2024 

5:30 to 8:00 pm EDT




WEBINAR live online class (each class is recorded) 

Beginning January 24, 2023

14-Week Course:
Astrology Basic Course
... with Archetypal Astrologer Silvia
 "MoonCoach" Pancaro

*AstroLogy* = The Language of the Stars!
Come Learn The Language Your Soul Already Speaks!
The Planets, Zodiacal Signs, Houses & Stars of Astrology

Do you wish to understand the Secret Language of the Soul?
Your Soul speaks in symbols and expresses in the form of manifest Energy...The Ancient Language of Astrology makes it easier to comprehend the magnificent multi-faceted BE-ing that your are!

You were born with a complete set of Keys which unlock your innate potential...those Keys are the symbols of the

stars, planets and zodiacal mythological heroes and heroines

which you personally embody in a unique way.

By learning this Ancient Language of the Stars,

you become the Master of your own Reality!

This unique experiential course is designed to introduce you

to the basics of Archetypal Astrology,

and is the foundational course to the advanced lessons.*

(See note below). 

We will apply various learning techniques to create an experiential 14-week workshop where you will LIVE the Astrological Archetypes and bring your

Natal Chart to life in full color!














You will be introduced to the 12 Signs, 12 Houses, 10 Planets, Asteroids, Moon’s Nodes, Lunar Cycles and Planetary Aspects via Music, Food, Art, Stories, Aromatherapy and other fun methods! 

You will enjoy exploring the archetypal realms of your own

Inner World via ancient Mythology, modern

and Shamanic tools and Astrological Symbolism.


Included is also a guided (by MoonCoach) private student forum.

Here we will interact as a group during each week, between classes.

Videos, handouts and other activities will be posted by Silvia.

(Class is limited to 13 students, so please register right away to hold your space! Please note we also need a minimum of 5 fully committed playful participants to run the class.)

This course is centered around YOU!

to Reserve Your Space!


Sunday afternoons, 4:00 to 6:30-ish pm EST

Beginning February 25, 2024

- Class 0: Basics of Sacred Zodiacal Wheel - Elements/Foundation
- Class 1:
ARIES/Mars/1st House
- Class 2:
TAURUS/Venus/2nd House
- Class 3:
GEMINI/Mercury/3rd House
- Class 4:
CANCER/Moon/4th House
- Class 5:
LEO/Sun/5th House
- Class 6:
VIRGO/Asteroids*/6th House
- Class 7:
LIBRA/Venus*/7th House
- Class 8:
SCORPIO/Pluto*/8th House
- Class 9:
SAGITTARIUS/Jupiter/9th House
- Class 10:
CAPRICORN/Saturn/10th House
- Class 11:
AQUARIUS/Uranus*/11th House
- Class 12:
PISCES/Neptune*/12th House
- Class 13: Cosmic Journey - Rounding It Out/The Sacred Wheel of Life & Review of Entire Course with Your Charts


Full commitment required with 3 Payment Plan Options
*1 payment of $ 400.00 for entire course (1st tier discount applied)
*2 payments of $225.00 (2nd tier discount applied)
*3 payments of $ 170.00 (Full cost)

(Final payment due before course completion)
(Paypal, Credit Card, Check or Cash)


We've dramatically lowered the cost for 2024 given the financial stress upon most people in the last few years. However, we understand that some may still need an extra break. So we are still allowing 'partial' scholarship (with balance as a 'trade') for students, single parents struggling with rent/food,

or those in other budget-conscious situation. 

Please contact Silvia directly to discuss special rate.

* We will study the traditional and modern planetary rulerships of each zodiacal sign. For example: The planet Mercury rules 2 signs: Gemini & Virgo, so we will study Mercury from both perspectives.

This course also serves as the foundation for many

other courses and playshops offered by Silvia,

so be sure to join us should you wish to participate in future courses!

Or if you are just wanting to learn more about Astrology

and what it is REALLY about (What's in it for YOU?!).

For more information or to inquire about additional details of the syllabus, or to make payment arrangements, please email:



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