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Teaching Astrology Is My Passion!

Updated: May 24, 2019

Welcome to my Celestial~Archetypes ™ site and blog. I've been teaching this fun and in-depth astrology course for about 20 years. I designed it 'back in the day' when powerpoint and online courses were yet to be the norm. I also made it fun, inter-active and experiential, because I believe we learn best (as kids or as adult learners) when we are fully engaged in the educational process. Plus I really disliked learning stuff the old fashioned way (left brain, linear and standard memorization). So, I created my Celestial~Archetypes ™ Experiential Astrology course using all the possible communication styles & physical senses (auditory, kinesthetic, visual, etc), in order to truly bring the signs, planets, houses, asteroids, aspects, elements and charts into a 'whole system' that feels vibrant, alive and very personal to each student.

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE teaching my course - whether in person at our Moon Mermaid Playhouse in Canton, GA (as well as across the USA in other cities hosting me), or via the online/virtual course where I connect with people all over this beautiful gem of a planet called Earth. I put the course on hold during the time we were moving and honestly, I miss it. So, here we are about to begin a new calendar year, and I thought it's definitely Time to launch the next group of students! Will that include YOU?

Join me for the free introductory's more than just 'marketing' - I will give you real information that you can begin to apply to your Life astrologically...and that will aid you in deciding whether my passion for the 'real' Astrology (beyond Sun sign newspaper articles) has captured your Attention, in a way that you really get how powerful understanding yourSelf, your Loved Ones, your Clients well as the importance of understanding TIME and its Cycles in everyday life, relationship, family, career, health, creativity!

Check out the dates for the 2 options:

Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions about the course, and about what my teachings and services can do for you personally and professionally. I look forward to playing with you at the next Celestial~Archetypes ™ Experiential Astrology class!


MoonCoach™ ~ Silvia Pancaro

Creatrix of Celestial~Archetypes ™

My CA course is CENTERED on YOU!

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