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"Sol + Soul = Soular.

The organic equation that liberates the Soul to be as radiant as the Sun."

Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro

SOL - 




SOL: The Sun is Earth's Star...YOU are Earth's Radiant Star!

Sol/Sun in your Essence Blueprint

Let's take a short little journey with our Imagination....


I invite you to settle into your Sacred Space for a short Journey to Sol...just relax and ground into the Earth Mother, allowing your senses to quiet down, and enter into your Breath, trusting Soul to hold you safely, and Spirit to guide you....


Let's imagine for a Moment in Time, that you and I are in our "Light Bodies" and are floating effortlessly in front of the Sun - or SOL - as the Ancients called that fiery powerhouse of cosmic energy.  Allow yourself to feel into its message...


  • What does Sol say to you?

  • What energies are you absorbing?

  • How do you feel as you connect with its energizing vibrancy & its radiant fire?

  • Can you feel your own physical cells being charged up with renewed Life Force Energy?

  • Can you fully embrace Sol's life giving power into every atom of the 3D body you are                             currently inhabiting and using to imagine this?

  • What Spiritual message are you receiving?

  • Do you have a greater sense of your own Life?

  • Can you connect more deeply to your Spirit?

  • Is your Passion ignited by the Solar flares that touch you?

Now...coming back fully into your Earthly Presence, open your eyes and journal on whatever you felt, saw, heard, smelled, touched, experienced...then when you've recorded everything, come back here to this screen with me....

First, I'd like you to share your experience with me, with other Journeyers, if you feel inspired to do so. You can join me in the Facebook Soular Journey group, to share your insights, and witness others, too. Click on the Sun below to join:  


Next, I'd like you to consider that everything in the Universe is based on Frequency...whose ESSENCE is LIGHT...that Light is measured by our Human physical senses are Colour & Sound. These are aspects of our Earthly sojourn that we can all relate to, right? What does this have to do with Sol/Sun? In our Solar System, all the planets, including the Earth & Moon, revolve around Sol/Sun...we live Heliocentrically, meaning we Life revolves around the Helios - the Sun, therefore, LIGHT is the FOCAL POINT to all Life in our particular spot in the Universe. What's this got to do with YOU? Similarly, in Astrology, we look to our Sun Sign as the CORE of our BEING, meaning that our personal Sol/Sun energetically feeds all other planets in our chart...just as our physical Sun energizes Life in our Solar System, so does YOUR Sun energize all the aspects of your Psyche in your personal Soular System, represented by all the other 

planetary/sign combination show in your Essence Blueprint (your astrology chart).

Not sure this can possibly be true? Go outside the next time the Sun is out...feel it physically...let its warmth cover your body. Close your eyes, and let its Light penetrate your eyelids (don't look straight at it with your eyes open though!). Notice how all of life seems to come alive and feel better when the Sun is shining brightly than when its been hiding for too long. Places on Earth where it's raining or cloudy or dark all the time, are known to be places where depression is common...known as SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder.  People that live in such areas, without enough sunlight exposure, have their serotonin levels taking a dive.  This is all hard-core scientific fact. So, at a metaphorical level, which is actually VERY REAL, if we are not EXPRESSING ourselves as represented by the SUN in our own Astrology charts, then, we will have a similar phenomenon. We simply don't feel as vital, happy, light, joyous, creative or free. The Sun represents not only our Core Vibrational Frequency (a term I coined to mean our unique central purpose), and WHAT & HOW to RADIATE Who We Truly Are, but tapping into it can revivify us, activate our personal Genius, and help us tune into what needs to be expressed in our everyday life.

So, the Sol/Sun in your Essence Blueprint (astrological chart) is in fact the single-most important factor in that lovely Wheel, which holds all the characters and players of your personal Life Script. Let's pay more attention to it, in order to gain a better understanding of what we came here to express. Now, it's certainly NOT the only actor on that stage of your Life, so don't let it get out of hand and turn into an egomaniac! It is there to FUEL all other aspects of your Psyche, and LEAD the other characters, with the dignity of a King/Queen, but not becoming a tyrant. And that's what we will discover during each Soular Journey...

Let's consider the next part of the Soular equation...SOUL....

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