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Join in the fun, creative and enlightening Soular Journey,
wherever you are on Earth!

Each Soular Journey activates a different area of your Life. By following the movement of the Sun around the Earth, symbolically mirrored in your own Astrology chart, you'll be able to utilize Sol's powerful rays to amplify your Life's experience! We track the cycle of the Sun around your own Essence Blueprint, working to direct the greatest force of Creation we have in our Solar System, into our own Lives. As we do this, we create a resonance within ourSelves, in which our Inner Spiritual Sun responds to the Light of the external physical Sun/Sol, creating a greater sense of Connection, Empowerment and Direction for YOU!


Each Soular Journey takes you inwards and outwards, journeying at different depths & levels, depending your desired outcome, budget and the amount of Time you would like to dedicate to yourSelf, during each Soular cycle. Choose from various levels of the program, to suit your specific needs. Pre-register for the entire year, or for each Soular season, to gain maximum cost benefit.


  • Basic Soular Journey per month includes - 

  • Soular Journey Webinar, Downloadable Interactive PDF,

  • Bi-wheel Natal Chart, Private Interactive Online Group moderated by Soular Journey guide - Silvia Pancaro, and special secret surprises announced in the private group!


  • Year-long program starts 3/20/2023.

  • Seasonal program starts 3/20/23, 6/20/23, 9/20/23 and 12/20/23.

  • Monthly program starts on the 20th of each month.



Various add-on upgrades are available to the basic Soular Journey. Please see each individual Soular Journey registration page for these add-on options.

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Soular Journey

Each Soular Journey lasts
30 to 31 days.
Soular Journey Calendar

March 19 - April 19:       Aries Soular Journey

April 19 - May 20:         Taurus Soular Journey

May 20 - June 20:         Gemini Soular Journey

June 20 - July 22:          Cancer Soular Journey

July 22 - August 22:      Leo Soular Journey

August 22 - Sept. 22:     Virgo Soular Journey

Sept. 22 - October 22:    Libra Soular Journey

Oct. 22 - November 21:  Scorpio Soular Journey

Nov. 21 - December 21:  Sagittarius Soular Journey

Dec. 21 - January 19:     Capricorn Soular Journey

Jan. 19 - February 18:     Aquarius Soular Journey

February 18 - March 20:  Pisces Soular Journey

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