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"Sol + Soul = Soular.

The organic equation that liberates the Soul to be as radiant as the Sun."

Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro

SOL - 




SOLAR: All Living Beings Absorb Solar Light...

Solar Radiance feeds you....

Radiate as Wildly & Brightly as The Sun...




  1. relating to or determined by the sun.

    "solar radiation"

Our relationship to the Sun, from the perspective of the Earth & Humanity, is pretty straight-forward: Without it's warmth, light and life-supporting energies, we would simply cease to exist. By it's very nature (and definition), WE are Solar Beings, as we are alive purely through the radiation of Solar energy. And in just the 'right amounts' we absorb it, feeding off it's Light & Vibration. Too much is as fatal as too little. Whatever it was that set the whole show in motion, knew what they were doing! Sort of like the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears...we are just the perfect distance from the Sun to receive its benefits, without freezing or being burned to a crisp!

In fact, the great Esoteric writers of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings, taught about the incredible amount of Power that we have available to us, and that one day would be discovered by Science and utilized in positive ways. We DO now use Solar Energy to power up solar panels, which is FREE energy. Why is this relevant to us on our Soular Journeys? Because we, Humans on Earth, can be seen as 'solar panels' metaphorically speaking, with the capacity to capture the Rays of the Sun, in order to power up our goals. Seriously, we are ALL receptors (and senders!) of Energy, a continual loop of receiving and sending...look at this explanation from Carnegie Mellon University:

"The sun is a medium, yellow star, consisting primarily of hydrogen at temperatures high enough to cause nuclear fusion. Nuclear fusion is a nuclear reaction in which hydrogen nuclei fuse together to form helium nuclei and release energy. In this state, some 120 million tons of matter--mostly hydrogen--are converted into helium on the sun every minute, with some of the mass being converted into energy. The size of the sun determines its temperature and the amount of energy radiated.

Electromagnetic energy from the sun comes to Earth in the form of radiation. The term "radiation" simply denotes the fact that the energy travels as rays, that is, in straight lines. In general, the terms "solar energy" and "solar radiation" simply refer to energy from the sun. Electromagnetic energy is produced when electric charges change their potential energy. It is characterized by the property that it is pure energy, not requiring any matter (or medium) for its existence or movement. Electromagnetic energy can therefore travel through space (which is a vacuum), traveling at a speed that is the same for all forms of electromagnetic energy and is equal to the speed of light, 3 x 108 m/sec (or 186,000 miles per second).

The sun radiates energy equally in all directions, and the Earth intercepts and receives part of this energy. The power flux reaching the top of the Earth's atmosphere is about 1400 Watts/m2. This measure simply means that on the average, one square meter on the side of the Earth facing the sun receives energy from the sun equal to that from fourteen 100 Watt light bulbs every second!"


So, what I am proposing to you in Soular Journey, is that we CONSCIOUSLY and PURPOSEFULLY capture the energy of the Sun, both figuratively and literally, into our Soul as well as our Body, in order to give greater power to our goals, intentions, dreams. We have at our disposal immense POWER, and we simply haven't been able to understand its significance, nor work with it as a powerful RESOURCE. Science & NASA have already proven (with our limited measuring instruments) that when the Sun sparks its Solar Flares, there is a correlating energetic response on the not just at a geophysical level, but emotional/mental events that mirror the fantastic flaring up of the fire on the Sun! Very similar in fact to how Science knows that the Moon (as Earth's satellite) pulls on the tides of not just our oceans, but also upon the 'inner tides' within US, emotionally & energetically. So, I ask that you consider what the Sun on a physical level means to us in 'practical' terms (NASA is always a great place to start to read about how the Sun is important to Earth), and then extrapolate it in spiritual and symbolic terms so that you can apply it to YOUR Life, to vastly improve the QUALITY of your Life! And it starts with simply being aware of the Sun being the source of Energy for ALL our 'parts' (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual)...therefore, we apply SOLAR energy into the equation of Soular Journey.

On the the final construction of our  Soular Journey equation....SOULAR....


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