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"Sol + Soul = Soular.

The organic equation that liberates the Soul to be as radiant as the Sun."

Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro

SOL - 




SOUL: The Soul is Your Life Force Energy!

Soul Vibrates in Everything You Do

What is the Nature of our Connection to Source....


Now that we've had a quick little intro in to the power of the Sun both in Nature and in our Charts, let us consider what SOUL means to us...

How do you think that we function as Humans wandering the Earth plane? Are just physical beings that have a beginning, a middle, and an end - not unlike an Oreo cookie? Well, ok, that would be more like a top, middle and bottom, but it does have an end in that we eat it, and it's digested, then well, let's just say it is gone. Or perhaps are we more like Mother Nature and her Seasons, we go through many Cycles, the Seeds of which are contained within, and which in Time are rebirthed over and over again, resulting in stronger trees, new varieties of flowers, and evolving species which continue to add Beauty and Balance to ALL Life. So, what 'holds' the blueprint in place? MEMORY. And Memory is another name for SOUL. It is the repository of our all experiences, and this returns, season after season, to explore and express more of its Evolving Self, in ever-slightly different versions of its Self. 

Soul is that endless part of our fact, it IS Consciousness its Self in that it remembers EVERYTHING, and from these Memories, chooses new experiences through which to further expand ALL of Conciousness - or what has been brilliantly termed by Dr. Carl Jung, the Collective Consciousness. 

So, why Soul in equation of Soular Journey? Because I (MoonCoach Silvia pancaro) believe that we CHOOSE to be born on Earth into particular Time frames, familial & cultural groups, historical contexts and specific astrologically configured order to allow that part of our Consciousness, which is Eternal, to explore, experience and evolve. I believe we are not simple, single-life beings, but complex and beautiful Kaleidescopes of evolving, harmonic frequencies that never die, but are simply expressed in new forms. And THAT part of us, is what DESIGNS the specific Essence Blueprint, with the Sol configured in such a manner that is can fuel the BEST we have to share with others...through trial and error...expanding the LIGHT of our SOUL to RADIATE Beautifully.

Esoterically speaking, there is a term that I love: The SUN behind the Sun. This means, that even though all our planets revolve around our particular Star which we see as a bright golden fireball in our Solar System...IT is actually just a symbol for an EVEN GREATER LIGHT! In fact, our Solar System is revolving around in our local Universe, around a particular Galaxy. So, in essence, there is another Force behind our Astrological Sun, that actually is energizing, activating, motivating and animating this part of our Blueprint. I call it SOUL.

And as SOUL, we have a very unique frequency, a sort of 'Vibrational Signature' that has colour, sound, shape, and eventually is 'stepped down' into FORM as the Personality/Human that you experience on Earth. This Vibrational Signature, or SOUL, is the very Essence of YOUR Being...and it is this part of your Consciousness that dreams and creates while incarnate as Silvia, Marcus, Sebastian, Osvaldo, Magdalena or whoever you identify as. We call this part of ourselves forward int Conscious Awareness, so that we can consciously create our Life, manifest our dreams, and accomplish our goals, from our Wholeness (rather than from just the mind or ego-consciousness). This gives us a better chance at SUCCESS with our creative passions, because we are moving forward with Heart, Mind, Soul and Body. There is CONGRUENCY when we express from this Wholeness, because ALL parts of ourselves are involved in the process of successfully accomplishing our goals, always inspired by the Eternal part of us, which knows what TRULY makes us happy participants, journeying on Earth!

Go ahead, call in your Soul! Allow this All-Knowing Inner Wisdom to be in it will guide you to your most RADIANT EXPRESSION of your whole & complete AUTHENTIC Self!

So, what is the next part of our Soular Journey equation....SOLAR...


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