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"Sol + Soul = Soular.

The organic equation that liberates the Soul to be as radiant as the Sun."

Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro

SOL - 




SOULAR: YOU are a STAR - Shining Your YOUnique Essence!

Soular Essence is the Core of Your Being! 

Let's identify YOUR Sun in your Essence Blueprint!

Hey Look at ME -  I AM a Shining Star!

We are each a STAR in our own personal Solar System! The Energy we consistently vibrate is in fact what we RADIATE outwardly to others in our sphere of associates, friends & family....they all feel what we are sending out energetically...we 'feed' others* with our OWN LIGHT! This behooves us to BE RADIANT in our interactions with the World! How do we do this? How do we know what our best possible vibration is? And how do we know when to SHINE our Light? How do we know the best Timing for capturing specific Energetic Frequencies beaming from the Sun for us to use proactively, in best possible alignment with our goals & dreams?

Ah, that's what Soular Journey is all about! 

  • To know our own Light (which we do through identifying the Sun in our Essence Blueprint)

  • To know how to best radiate our own Light (by looking at the manner in which the Sun relates to other aspects of our personal Psyche as reflected in our Essence Blueprint)

  • To know how to TIME our activities in the most Creative & Fruitful way possible (by working with the transit of the Sun in the Celestial Sphere, and comparing this with our own Essence Blueprint..."As Above, So Below; As Within, So Without."


The Time has come to step forward into your True Role as an Ambassador of LIGHT,

and Radiate the TOTALITY of your Essential BEING, in full Power and JOY!















Bottom line is that during the year-long cycle of the Sun in the Solar System, which (astrologically & astronomically is based on the Zodiac Belt), we have the capacity to 'charge ourselves up' with the electromagnetic energies of our Sun - much like a rechargeable battery! As we do this, we personalize it by noting how the Sun's transit ACTIVATES our own Psyche/Soul based on that lovely Map of Consciousness which I call our Essence Blueprint. And when we do this, we are consciously aligning our Human Self with that of the Radiant Star Being that we actually are! And the more you do this, the more vital, radiant, alive, powerful, and enLIGHTened you become! Which gives you the ability to live your Life more fully and authentically! Why do I say AUTHENTIC? Because, as you will discover during your Soular Journey, you are a YOUnique Ray of Divine Light, purposely designed to reflect that majestic Radiance of the Sun behind the sun, meaningfully activating all of Life around you to step up to their own unique Vibrational Core Frequency...Like Attracts Like....and the more YOU Shine, the more you INSPIRE others to be Who They Authentically Are, too.  In this way, together we create Win-Win scenarios in our business & personal dealings, since everyone involved is coming from their Best Self - connected to their Inner Genius - and interacting positively. And isn't that a World you'd love to help co-create? Wouldn't you LOVE to live in that Reality? Let's start NOW....

Where is your Sun?