Soular Journey: GEMINI - May 20 thru June 20, 2020

Key Themes We Will Explore In YOUR Life:  Communication. Ideas. Information. Humour. Internet. TV. Media.

The Gemini Soular Journey is the third of twelve Celestial Archetypes, the zodiacal #3 on the Sun's travels through our Solar System. With this energy, we focus on our IDEAS and the manner in which we COMMUNICATE our thoughts to others in our community. We ask ourselves: What kind of energy am I putting out into the world by virtue of my THOUGHTS?


The Gemini Soular Journey teachesus to gather relevant information/data that supports our goals, and share with others in a mutually supportive manner. This is the prime time of the year for calling in our allies to further our goals, by brainstorming and seeding our ideas into the collective, via all possible channels of communication (internet, books, classes, newsletters, and good old fashioned word of mouth networking! Cast your seed into the collective net!



Basic Soular Journey per month includes - 

  • Soular Journey Webinar

  • Downloadable Interactive PDF,

  • Bi-wheel Natal Chart

  • Private Interactive Online Group moderated by Soular Journey guide - Silvia Pancaro

  • And special secret surprises announced in the private group!


  • May 20 thru June 20, 2020


  • Private Soular Journey Session with Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro, which includes an in-depth look at the GEMINI area of your Essence Blueprint, in order to help you determine your best focus for this specific Soular Journey. Session is 45 minutes, recorded.  Add-on cost: $135

  • Aura Soma bottle related to this cycle, plus instructions on application: Choice of Gemini or Mercury. Includes USPS Priority Shipping (USA only). Add-on cost: $75

  • Tarot/Astrology guidance from Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro, combining Tarot/Oracle session with your Astrology chart, focusing on Gemini/Mercury in your life.  Session is 1-hour and recorded.   Add-on cost: $135

  • Gemini/Mercury cycle Soular Journey, includes custom Aromatherapy: 1 bag of aromatic bath blend based on Celestial Archetype of the Month, 1 small bottle blend based on Celestial Archetype of the Month, 1 tealight candle with essential oils & herbs/flowers, 1 PDF with Soular Journey Aromatherapy explanation/instructions. Includes USPS Priority Shipping (USA only).  Add-on cost: $55


NOTE: For upgrades, please contact me using 'questions' link so we can prepare an invoice for you, as well as set up your add-on.


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Soular Journey


May 20
June 20

I'm ready to join the ride of my Life!

Pay as single months, or per season, or the full year. Individual payments, or set up as a subscription. Payment discounts are applied to each options ($39 for single months, $36 per month if paid seasonally, and $33 per month if paid yearly)

BASIC/Individual Month/Gemini:
BASIC/Monthly Auto Subscription:
BASIC/Yearly Auto Subscription
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