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The Soular Journey: Essence Blueprint session is an in-depth 2-hour one-on-one interactive session with Silvia "MoonCoach/SoularCoach" Pancaro. Together we will focus on Sol/Soul/Solar/Soular themes as revealed in your Essence Blueprient, and co-create strategies for you to embrace your Inner Genius and radiate your Essence in full, authentic brilliance. We will work on identifying key Times in the Solar Year that are most emPowering for you to synchronize with, to more effectively direct your intelligence, passion and actions.


This session is via private Zoom room, recorded as an mp4, and includes copies of your Essence Blueprint as well as a printout of your best dates.


*Other information MIGHT be included free of charge if Silvia determines during her previewing of your charts, that such would add value to your experience (these might be Aura Soma, Tarot art, or other archetypal/energetic Sacred Tools conducive to further amplifying the expression of your Essence.)

Soular Journey: Essence Blueprint Session


    PRE-PAYMENT REQUIRED prior to scheduling your session.


    If you cannot make it during the scheduled time, please notify Silvia Pancaro in writing (email with 24 hour notice. 


    Cancellations are accepted if requested within 24 hours of your payment (anything after that time period, incurs a 25% deduction from your refund.)


    NO REFUNDS. Silvia's Time is Sacred, and she treats your Time as Sacred, too. Extra Time is put into your experience prior (and in addition) to your scheduled time.


    If you have questions, please ask before payment, and before scheduling. Silvia is more  than happy to help you determine if Soular Journey or any other of her Sacred Work is in alignment with your own Path.  

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