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Supercharge Your Goals & Dreams with the Power & Magick  of Lunar Phases, Archetypal Astrology & Natural Cycles!

Practical Goal Setting Goes Hand In Hand with Nature's Cycles!

Would you like to make the most of your goal setting process?


Have you considered working with a personal & uniquely specialized coach to assist you in creating your dreams into a reality? With MoonCoach™, you will empower your self in ways that no other regular coaching program can do! Working with your own unique Celestial Blueprint, we will time your short term and long term goals with the Lunar Cycles. This is the best way to supercharge your goals! Silvia Pancaro created Moon Coaching™ to help you manifest your dreams and goals with ease and grace, synchronized with the 'real' clock of Time: Nature!


Farmers, government, media: All use the lunar cycles to determine the best time to set projects into motion. So can YOU! The Earth works in tandem with The Moon to create optimum results. Animals, plants and even human beings respond to this natural rhythm between Earth and her beloved satellite. Take advantage of this cycle of planting, sowing and harvesting in your own life!


Your Life is a Garden and you are its Farmer:  Allow the Universe support your growth!


Every goal you set is a seed you plant into your own personal garden of life. By planting according to the seasons, you can better s upport the growth and expansion of your deepest desires. You were born into a natural world, and as such you belong to Nature, which is Divine in its Essence. Just as your body has grown according to its own cycles and seasons, so can your dreams grow according to the personal cycles your Soul finds itself in. And by aligning yourSelf with the Soli-Lunar Cycle, you grow spiritually and emotionally with grace.


Why Astrology?  


In my view, the goal of Astrology is to align with energetic opportunities in order to create a more satisfying result in our lives. Using the Moon’s cycles, I will show you ways to ‘tune in’ to a very powerful time of month. New Moons are the time of the month for planting seeds into Universal Consciousness and for ‘new beginnings’ in the area indicated by the sign in which the New Moon is occurring. Much like a farmer waiting for the most propitious time of year for planting seeds in order to yield healthy & abundant crops, YOU as a co-creator on Earth, can harness lunar (and all Astrological) energy in practical ways. Utilizing the New Moon as a magickal time can yield fantastic results in your life, when you conscientiously work with these powerful energies. I believe this way of interacting with Nature is a powerful way to live our lives! And the more we focus on synchronizing with Nature, the more in-tune we become with our Soul & Spirit!


What is"Moon~Coaching "

Moon~Coaching™ is a the creation of Silvia Pancaro, aka MoonCoach™, leading people and organizations to effectively synchronize their Visions, Dreams & Goals with the magick & power of Lunar Phases, Archetypal Astrology andNatural Cycles. Manifesting with the Moon, Sun & Zodiac is not just fun, but also much more in-tune with the organic nature of Divine Timing, since it takes into account the factor of the Great Cosmic Clock of our Solar System, and its relationship with All Natural Life on Earth.


The Concept. The Philosophy.

the Way of Conscious Creation.

A model for Living Life organically.

Moon~Coaching™  8-Step-Creational-Cycle


This is the simplified 1-word description for each lunar phase,

according to Silvia MoonCoach Pancaro's model.

For more complete information, join us for a webinar, purchase the Moon~Coaching Playbook,

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(Moon~Coaching™ is a trademark of Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro)

Lunar Phases + Goals = Magick!


A Lunar Cycle consists of 8 'phases' through which the Moon, in her relationship with the Sun, mediates and transfers Solar Light and Energy to the Earth. From our perspective on Earth, the Moon appears lifeless, but energetically acts as a conductor of Solar Energy. This ability to mediate between the Sun & the Earth puts the Moon in a very powerful position. We rely on this astronomical relationship for many natural creative cycles, especially fertility. Science shows us how the ocean's tides on Earth respond to the Soli-Lunar Cycle. Many animals mate and birth according to the lunar phases. The Human Female responds as well, with her fertility cycle corresponding to this same pull of energy. Life on Earth is intimately connected to the Moon and her relationship with the Sun.


Consider that the Sun is the 'life-giving' Force that sustains our Solar System. Without it, we could not exist. Yet, we cannot look at or deal with it directly. Metaphorically, the Moon, as she moves around Earth, picks up Solar Energy at the New phase and then infuses Nature with the Sun’s energy through her monthly trip around Earth.


As you use the Lunar Phases in your daily living, you can be like the Farmer who plants the seeds according to the Moon’s Cycle. Humans are a part of nature, and we are both The Seed & The Farmer. Plot the phases, and plan your goals! We are in a manner of speaking, ‘extensions’ of Earth herself, therefore, we can align ourselves, with the movement of these Celestial Bodies in order to supercharge our goals, intentions and dreams. There is no greater self-empowerment tool than connecting to the rhythms and cycles of Nature! We literally SYNCHRONIZE with the creative power of the Universe, and can truly co-create with Spirit in a conscious way.


The Sol-Lunar Cycle = MoonCoach™ 8-Step-Creational-Cycle:


At the New Moon, a Cosmic Dance commences in the skies above: the Moon becomes a Cauldron, a sacred vessel for the Solar Light. We can view this time of month, as a Sacred Marriage or Alchemical Union between the Divine Feminine (Moon) and the Divine Masculine (Sun), wherein She becomes impregnated with His Divine Seed. We might also interpret it as Yin & Yang in their eternal dance of Light and Shadow. The type of Seed or Frequency that we receive on Earth, depends on the Zodiac sign who's Energy is being translated via the Sun.


Throughout her cycle, from New to Full to Dark, the Moon distributes the Solar Energy in our lives and on Earth and throughout Nature. This is why intention-setting and goal-planning are so powerfully supercharged if we time them according to this cycle. We are literally infusing our goals and intentions with Solar Power, the STAR of greatest known force in our Solar System! And it’s the Moon’s gentle wisdom that helps us to distribute this Solar Power in a manageable manner in our lives.


And what is this Solar Power? It is symbolic of Divine Light and Energy, which we utilize to ‘power up’ our existence. As the Sun moves through His own Cycle, His movement through the Zodiac brings us the Divine Energy of each of the Zodiacal Archetypes. Each one of these 12 Archetypes presents us with an opportunity, throughout the Solar Year, to integrate their Teachings into our own Psyche and Life. This is important because it is through this Zodiacal/Solar Cycle that we ACTIVATE OUR DIVINE BLUEPRINT. We will discuss this Divine or Celestial Blueprint on another page of my website or you can visit: . Each Zodiac sign = an energy imprint upon us.


In essence, we are dealing with Cycles within Cycles. There is the Solar Cycle which is a 12-month process and the Lunar Cycle which is an approximately 28-day process. Between the 2 cycles, we have the 8-phase Sol-Lunar Cycle, which I call the Moon~Coaching 8-Step-Creational-Cycle. This is the magick behind my Moon~Coaching™ program!


Translated into every-day practical work, this forms an 8-step cycle that we can easily use as a timing device for planning our goals. I believe that there is no ‘Secret’ to manifesting your Dreams! It’s all there – in the Cycles above us & within us! We just need to know how to use them to truly co-create with Spirit. Spirit loves simplicity – but we Humans tend to complicate things! And what we have here is an amazingly simple Tool for bringing our ethereal Dreams into physical form. None of this is new information either – it’s been around for AGES! We, the Dreamers, Teachers & Authors, simply have different ways of presenting the (not-so-secret) Wisdom of the Ages, according to what has worked for us in our own lives. So, what I present you here is Ancient Wisdom, but 'new' in that I created a fabulous entire 'package' that is truly unique (Moon~Coaching™). The trick is to take this Ancient Wisdom and apply it practically into our everyday life. It’s all encoded in you – so it’s a question of choosing to re-member it and activate it in your life. In my Moon~Coaching™ Playbook and mentoring program, we’ll discover what the 8 phases represent, and how they form the basis of the MoonCoach™ 8-Step-Creational-Cycle. This is a simplified explanation of the phases, as the magic happens when you LIVE them every day in your life, directly experiencing the Moon Cycle. I promise you, She will reveal many ancient secrets directly to you, if you follow her sacred cycle, by playing with the powerful new 'tools' in my program!





Silvia Pancaro

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