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Capricorn Lunar Moonth

The 10th New Moon of the astrological year asks us to... focus on Cosmic Sea-Goat, embrace the qualities of EARTH, get intimately acquainted with our Inner Wise Elder, embrace our Soul's true calling, and consider how our actions (or lack of these) affect the next 7 generations, so that we may continue to be conscious agents of positive change in the healing (whole-making) of our Planet. 

This Lunation is about establishing our Legacy on Earth, and embracing our Wise Inner Elder as the best source of personal authority we can tap into, thereby 'authorizing' only the wisest choices from within.

Additionally, being ruled by Saturn, we are called to consider STRUCTURE in our lives, both personally & collectively!

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8-Step-Creational-Cycle Dates:


New Moon: January 13, 2021 @ 24-Capricorn

Crescent Moon: Jan 16 @ 12-Pisces

1st Quarter Moon: Jan 20 @ 02-Taurus

Gibbous Moon: Jan 24 @ 20-Gemini

Full Moon: Jan 28 @ 10-Leo/Aquarius

Disseminating Moon: February 1 @ 28-Virgo

IMBOLC: February 3 - 9:59 am EST - Sun @ 00-Scorpio

Last Quarter Moon: Feb 4 @ 17-Scorpio

Balsamic  Moon: Feb 7 @ 05-Capricorn

The Month of CAPRICORN is presided over by the planet SATURN, who invites us to consider how wisely we are using our TIME, the depth of our FOUNDATIONS, the quality of our STRUCTURES, and the FAIRNESS with which we treat others and ourselves.

Additional journaling ideas to include in your Lunar Journey:

Moon~Coaching™ Questions to journal with during the CAPRICORN Lunar Moonth:

1. What legacy will I leave behind for the next 7 generations & beyond?
2. Am I taking personal responsibility (ability to respond) for my actions, in the greater scheme of things?
3. How connected am I to my Ancestors and the Legacy they left for me?
4. Am I following my true Vocational/Soul Calling?
5. Is the structure of my Life built on the good, strong, solid ground of my Soul?
6. What is my personal Mount Everest & am I moving towards its summit?






Silvia Pancaro

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