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Scorpio Lunar Moonth

The 8th New Moon of the astrological year asks us to...allow ourselves to take in the much needed emotional healing & support with the qualities of Water, honor our connections with our INNER SHAMAN, and deepen our understanding of those 'stuck places' within our emotional bodies, so that we may forgive, release and transmute our Past, in order to move on in our Evolutionary Journey, towards Freedom & EnLightenment.  We can do this with the help of the Celestial Archetype most concerned with the alchemical transmutation of our Consciousness, who assists us with clearing any long-standing resentments from the depths of our Soul, recognizing our deep & soulful connection to our own inner Shadow, prepares us for the acceptance of our Spirit as the Light of our innate Divinity, and frees us from the Past in order to live more fully in our True Power!

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8-Step-Creational-Cycle Dates:


New Moon: November 15, 2020 @ 24-Scorpio

Crescent Moon: Nov 18 @ 12-Capricorn

1st Quarter Moon: Nov 21 @ 01-Pisces

Gibbous Moon: Nov 26 @ 20-Aries

Full Moon: Nov 30 @ 09-Gemini/Sagittarius

Disseminating Moon: Dec 4 @ 28-Cancer

Last Quarter Moon: Dec 7 @ 17-Virgo

Balsamic Moon: Dec 11 @ 05-Scorpio


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The Month of SCORPIO is presided over the planets, MARS & PLUTO, who invite us to ponder on the way we manage our Power & Resources. Mars is very 'yang' motivational energy, urging us to go after what we want; Pluto is deep, mysterious and disturbs any in-authentic aspect of ourselves, requiring our negatively-polarized ego parts to relinquish control if we are to survive in a more spiritualized way. Both have much to do with Power and the management of our Power, or the mismanagement of it! Both also remind us that Sexuality is Sacred and therefore we might also look at this topic to ensure that we are honoring our sexuality for the tremendous Creative Power it represents (physically, energetically, metaphorically). Anything that is still in the 'dark' regions of our Consciousness, needs to be rooted out and brought to the Light of Day, in order to heal it and be freed of its stranglehold on your ultimate enLightenment... and all this applies not only at the level of the Individual (YOU!), but also at the COLLECTIVE level - so we must do 'The Work' on ourselves, as we simultaneously do so with & for The Collective Human body.
Moon~Coaching™ Questions to Ponder,
from Silvia Pancaro For the Scorpio Lunar Moonth:
*How do I charge mySelf up?
*What is the strength of my electrical/magnetic current?
*How a I managing my Energy (or leaking it)?
*Is it time to 'detox' my Body, Soul, Mind from toxic energetic patterns?
*What aspects of my Consciousness have I been afraid to acknowledge?
*Whom or what do I need to forgive in order to free mySelf?
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Silvia Pancaro

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