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Cancer Lunar Moonth

The 4th New Moon of the astrological year asks us to you nurture do you 'mother' yourself...what do you need in order to feel loved-safe-cared for....and what does Mother and Family mean to YOU...what is the nature of your connection to The Great Mother? The theme for this lunar moonth invites us to look at what it Mother, Family, Nurturing, Self-Care, Security/Safety Needs, and Holding Sacred Space for Others, mean to YOU personally. Take time to create a safe, nurturing Sacred Space for yourself and for your loved ones - whether it's your kitchen, your bedroom, your family room, your office. Additionally, we need to take a good, deep look at the ways we sabotage our own basic needs, and learn to create a safe container for expressing our emotional needs.

In 2020, we get 2 New Moons in the 4th Celestial Archetype, so that's double opportunity to do Inner Child healing work, as well as double the time to nurture ourselves, our loved one and create Sacred Space at Home.  The first Cancer New Moon is June 21, and the 2nd Cancer New Moon is July 20, 2020. Both are very important, as between them we also have the Capricorn Full Moon, and 3 Eclipses.

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8-Step-Creational-Cycle Dates:


1st Cancer New Moon 2020:

New Moon: June 21 @ 01-Cancer

Crescent Moon: June 24 @ 19-Leo

1st Quarter Moon: June 28 @ 08-Libra

Gibbous Moon: July 1 @ 26-Scorpio

Full Moon: July 5 @ 14-Capricorn/Cancer

Disseminating Moon: July 8 @ 03-Pisces

Last Quarter Moon: July 12 @ 22-Aries

Balsamic Moon: July 16 @ 10-Gemini

2nd Cancer New Moon 2020:

New Moon: July 20, 2020 @ 29-Cancer

Crescent Moon: July 23 @ 17-Virgo

1st Quarter Moon: July 27 @ 5-Scorpio

Gibbous Moon: July 30 @ 24-Sagittarius

Full Moon: August 3 @ 12-Aquarius/Leo

Disseminating Moon: Aug 7 @ 01-Aries

Last Quarter Moon: Aug 11 @ 20-Taurus

Balsamic Moon: Aug 15 @ 9-Cancer

This Cancerian lunar moonth, we are invited to navigate the into the Emotional Realm via the gentle Cosmic Crab (or Scarab Beetle to the Ancient Egyptians), who assists us with moving into the depths of our Soul, recognizing our genetic-familiar-and psychological ROOTS, which form the foundation of our personal & collective TREE OF LIFE. Yes, this Lunar Moonth is an invitation to dive deeply into the Cosmic Womb, to re-member that beyond the flesh and blood and bones of our physical human bodies, we are truly all One, swiming in the amiontic fluid of The Great Mother. Surrender and melt into Her Loving Embrace...


This Lunation is about allowing our personalities, egos and exhausted minds to be lovingly soothed and healed of all the pain and anxiety that may have been plaguing us...especially since we've co-created so much disharmony externalized as global chaos, we MUST come to a place of emotional healing - and forgiving all our "Inner Antagonists," our personal/collective Shadows and pull back all the 'projections' of our mind, so that we can together create a healing in the metaphorical (and physical!) Waters of the Earth Mother, as extensions of our own Emotions & Soul contents. This is when we need to step up to the plate and show up for each other and for our 'Reality.'


How about some Radical Self-Care: Healing DNA/Genetic imprints, embracing your inner child and looking more into your own security & emotional needs as revealed by your own Moon Sign!  

The more we nurture our soul-roots via the Seeding phase (New) of the Cancer/Moon archetypal invitation, the more we actually come to a powerful point of Self-Realization within a Socially Conscious Community at the Illumination phase (Full) as revealed by your Sun Sign. So, take this as your cue to create a habit of nurturing yourself so that you are able to shine your unique light!

(Make an appt with me (Silvia Pancaro aka MoonCoach) for a Lunar Astrology session if you need help finding out what to do to clear your emotional/astral field and how your natal Moon Phase can help you accomplish your Solar Life Purpose).  CLICK HERE to make an appointment with Silvia!

Cancer Lunar Journey 2022





Silvia Pancaro

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