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Taurus Lunar Moonth

The 2nd New Moon of the astrological year asks us to get grounded in the qualities of Earth, honor our connections to Nature, and deepen our self-esteem and therefore get clear on our relationship with money, matter and all things material. We'll do this through the astrological sign of Taurus, the Celestial Bull, the 2nd of the 12 - the sensual Earth-lover, grounding us deeply into a conscious connection with our innate talents and abilities in order to truly flow the blessings of Abundance in our lives! The infamous Law of Attraction is strongest at this point in the cycle.

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8-Step-Creational-Cycle Dates:


New Moon: May 19, 2023  @ 29-Taurus - 11:53 AM EDT

Crescent Moon:  May 23 @ 18-Cancer

1st Quarter Moon: May 27 @ 7-Virgo

Gibbous Moon: May 31 @ 25-Libra

Full Moon:  June 3 @ 14-Sagittarius - 11:42 PM EDT

Disseminating Moon: June 7 @ 2-Aquarius

Last Quarter Moon: June 10 @ 20-Pisces

Balsamic Moon:  June 14 @ 9-Taurus

Establish solid foundations! You are the unfolding Seed within Divine Consciousness. Be patient with your process and value yourself.Trust the passing of Cosmic Time & of Nature’s Rhythms to bring you into fruition. You are the Architect & Designer of your Life! You are a Masterpiece in the making. You are a valuable part of Humanity & you make a difference on this EARTH! THIS LUNATION IS ABOUT VALUING MATTER IN ALL ITS FORMS! 


This Taurus new moonth is about being the architect of our dreams and building our lives on a strong foundation, therefore grounding our goals into the earthly reality and manifesting all that we deserve, based on our own self-worth! Taurus is the builder of the Zodiac, reminding us to b as the Earth herself: connect to our inner natural rhythms, be mindful of our physical needs, respect our own gifts and talents, and embrace ourselves gratefully for what we have to share. Valuing our Selves and recognizing our innate Beauty acts as the ‘attracting principle’ (otherwise known as the Law of Attraction) for all that brings us personal fulfillment!

Taurus Lunar Journey 2022
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Silvia Pancaro

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