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Supercharge Your Goals & Dreams with the Power & Magick  of Lunar Phases, Archetypal Astrology & Natural Cycles!

Testimonials from Happy Moonies!

and recommendations/Praise from Professional Colleagues!

“Silvia is an alchemist who combines images, words, music and (if you participate in her in-person seminars) the experience of taste, smell, touch, and more as she creates a gumbo that acts as a catalysing force. All of which she designs to help nudge you in the direction of living in such a way as to be sensitive to the natural rhythms of the world we live in.”

Anthony Stowers: Shamanic Healing Artist, Dedicated Father




“Silvia's work adds a whole new dimension to our workshops and personal lives. She has an intuitive ability to access the heavenly and earthly signs and put them into a sacred agenda to use on a daily basis in work and play. She has helped our transformative workshops go beyond the stars!!"

Burge Smith-Lyons: President of Essence of Being Workshops



“We all know that effective goal-setting is vital to a purpose-driven life. Few realize that without clear, written goals for every area of life, we abdicate our self-determination to others who are more than willing to set goals for us. Hardly anyone realizes that goal setting in alignment with one's lunar cycles is the best way to ensure that we are swimming with the current instead of against it. Silvia's MoonCoach Lunar Journeys Interactive Visioning Playbook is truly unique in many ways including that it makes self-determination in alignment with lunar cycle timing understandable & user-friendly. Silvia’s brilliance and deep compassion for her fellow beings shines through on every illumined page. If you wish your life to flow in concert with your specific purpose, and propelled by the lunar cycles, devour this book. Now.”

Marcus Geier: Business Professor, Success Coach, Self–Improvement Teacher



"Silvia's concept of attuning to moon time has huge implications for attuning
to all cycles and accelerates connection and flow in one's life."

Susan Raza: Interior Designer, Multi-Dimensional Artist



“The Moon-Coaching Playbook has been a supportive and transformative addition to my journey. The structure and consistency of moonthly journaling in the playbook was energizing and transformative. It has awakened unfamiliar aspects in my experiences and helped me to create an openness of heart and soul as I embrace all life's opportunities and challenges.”

Patty Overbay: Early Childhood Educaor, Master Yoga Instructor



“Silvia's playbook is a great way to combine goal setting & Astrology. I can plan out a month or a whole year's intention and then gain support through the monthly meetings she hosts. I have recently gone through the toughest year of my life, as my teenage daughter was in a near fatal car accident. I’ve no doubt that Silvia's methods have helped me to become the strong, positive woman that I am today.”

Lisa LaFlamme: Mom Extraordinaire! Ceramics Artist.



"MoonCoach has helped me so much by giving me the tools to overcome obstacles that I otherwise would of thought and used as excuses".

Michelle Clay: Awesome Mama! Peace Activist for Earth’s Oceans




“The MoonCoach Lunar Playbook brought some of the mysteries of human behavior into perspective by explaining the lunar phases and effects. Working with the book helps you achieve your goals
by forcing you to mete out the objective into manageable steps and keeping you
on track with meeting the short term goals.”

Joy Rexanne Baker: Healing Touch Practitioner



"Silvia Pancaro is an astrologer's astrologer who has put together a brilliant model that guides us in tracking, interpreting, ceremonializing and playing with the cycles of the moon. I am continually teaching the priestesses in my circles about the importance of working with the moon, and she has made that work so much easier and more accessible!"

Anyaa McAndrew: Transpersonal Shamanic Psychotherapist, Shamanic Astrologer, Ordained Priestess



“I look forward to every new moon teleconference class with Silvia Pancaro. Her class is a life line which empowers me to maximize both my potential and meet the challenges of my life.
Silvia's kind wisdom gives birth to me in deeper ways each moonth.”

Margaret Motheral: Healer, Psychic, Writer, Political Activist



"Silvia's MoonCoach Lunar Playbook is by far the most powerful tool I have ever experienced for working in harmony with cosmic influences to manifest our lives in concert with our Sacred Purpose. I make this Playbook required activity for my Apprentices and my 2nd level facilitation, that's how much I believe in this program. What a gift to this planet!!!"

Shari Starrfire Lowe: Priestess Process Facilitator



"For this astrological novice, Silvia's book has been extremely helpful with getting in touch with each monthly new moon cycle in relation to what I choose to manifest in my life. A year ago when I first purchased her book, I was somewhat skeptical as to how these cycles could really play out in my life. Yet as the year wore on, I've been very amazed to notice that not only were these cycles impactful, but I now find that I'm quite in tune with these cycles. I have even noticed when the energy of one new moon cycle changed to the energy of another. For me, that has been an amazing process. Furthermore with thanks to Silvia's book, it now is much easier to focus on the areas of my life that need work and use that information to better manifest my new monthly and/or yearly goal."

Elizabeth: Solar Energy Business Owner



"Working with Moon Coach Silvia and  her playbook has beenlife transforming! It was amazing to see how effortless and smooth my life  became once I learned to work with the moon and her phases!Silvia's work has helped me find my path and navigate it with ease."

Courtney Smith: Shamanic Priestess & Shamanic Midwife


Kenneth Johnson

Author of "Mansions of the Moon" and Co-Author of "Mythic Astrology"

In his Foreword to Silvia Pancaro's Moon~Coaching™  2013-2014 Lunar Journey Playbook:

"Somewhere along the rugged road of human history, astrologers began to think of themselves as scientists.
If only the right formula could be discovered, everything about human nature could be known
as surely as the results of a laboratory experiment.
And yet the earliest Hellenistic astrologers were regarded as Hermetic magi rather than scientists.
Again and again, the ancient texts place them in the same category as “diviners and interpreters of dreams.”
Seen from this point of view, astrologers are poets, artists, and magicians.
Silvia would be happy to hear this, for her playbook focuses upon the artistic and lyrical aspects of astrology.
Here you will find no mere theory or dry intellect, but rather a species of “practical Magick” which you may use to
shape and fashion your life like the creative artist you really are.
That’s “Magick” with a capital “M” and a “k” at the end because Silvia loves capital letters and unusual spellings.
Archetypal psychologist James Hillman believed that this sort of literary style was a “good thing” –
all those stirring capitals and individualized spellings were expressions of one’s enthusiasm for a subject,
one’s sense of uniqueness and the grand sweep of things.
Silvia Pancaro’s Moon-Coaching is nothing if not enthusiastic and filled with a sense of the grand sweep of the subject – and indeed, what subject could be more grand than using the sky itself – the Arte of Astrologie, if you will –
to act as the creatrix or creator of your own life?
And it is through another “arte” – the Arte of Magick – that one becomes the creator, waving one’s wizardly wand –
or in this case the cycles of the Moon – to fashion the life we choose, the life we long for.
“Talk therapy” is not enough! You need to get up off the couch – or, it must be admitted,
out of the astrologer’s consulting office – and take action. Ritual is action. Ceremony is action. Magick is action.
One of Silvia’s great predecessors in astrological magic, the Renaissance magus Marsilio Ficino, approached the same topics with the same unquenchable enthusiasm. He even recommended playing types of music that corresponded to the nature of the planet one wished to invite into one’s life. Convinced that scholars of deep and philosophical matters were under the influence of Saturn, he recommended that all serious, Saturnian philosophers should balance their planetary energies by taking a nice strong dose of Venus and the Sun – for which he recommended taking walks through fields of flowers in the bright sunlight. Were it possible to do so, one feels sure that Silvia would be walking right beside him, bending his ear with a plethora of questions – enthusiastic, artistic, and magical questions of course!
May the readers of this book be fortunate enough to lay aside, for the moment, the intellectual theories and technical arguments that inhabit so many books of astrology, and may they find this “playbook” playful indeed,
bringing back to them a sense of the Magick of this, our astrological Arte."




David Cochrane

Author of "Astrology for the 21st Century" and Co-Founder of the Avalon School of Astrology,

Computer programmer and co-creator of Kepler & Sirius software.

Recommending Silvia Pancaro on LinkedIn:

"Silvia is very active in the astrological community, and is always contributing, teaching, sharing, learning, and participating in many ways with enthusiasm and a wonderful positive spirit. She has studied many areas of astrology and has a great breadth of understanding and appreciation of many astrological traditions. She really cares about others and does what she can to promote any worthwhile project."




Debbie Unterman,

Author of "Talking to Selves: Learning to Love the Voices in Your Head"

and Co-Creator of the Clarity Game,.

Recommending Silvia Pancaro on LinkedIn:

"A few years ago I began to realize the extraoridary power available to everyone at the time of the New Moon,
so I began to hold my events for my Clarity Games on that day every month. In promoting it, I often quote Silvia's interpretations as she has a special way of describing the specific energies of those times.
I always find her to be very accurate and am glad for her insights."




Burge Smith-Lyons,

President of The Essence of Being Seminars,


“Silvia's work adds a whole new dimension to our workshops and personal lives. She has an intuitive ability to access the heavenly and earthly signs and put them into a sacred agenda to use on a daily basis in work and play.
She has helped our transformative workshops go beyond the stars!!"






Nancy Mills,

Creator of The Spirited Woman

and Sisterhood of the Sacred Scarves,

on being a part of Nancy's Top 12 Choices for the Spirited Woman Spring Equinox 2014 Pick List


“Silvia we are thrilled to have you on this list. I greatly admire the work that you are doing.
So many are benefiting from your efforts."






Silvia Pancaro

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