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BALSAMIC MOON in Virgo - 11/7/15: Moon~Coaching™ Step 8 of 8 for Libra Moonth, 2015

As MoonCoach™, I will act as your guide on this Lunar Journey, guiding you through each lunar phase during the Libra Moonth, prompting you to pull a Tarot or Oracle card, and journal on the related themes. Rememer there are 8 phases in each cycle, and you may wish to review my first post explaining each of the lunar phases as it relates to your goal setting & intentions. As I've posted before, each lunar phase portal allows us to work with its energy, amplified by the Zodiac sign in which the Moon finds herself, and attuned to YOU via your astrological chart.

Today we continue with the BALSAMIC Moon phase, pulling a Tarot card to give us InSight into the necessary actions for Step 8 in the current moonth. I will pull a card for the Collective Consciousness reading this blog (which includes YOU). For the BALSAMIC phase in VIRGO, I am choosing to work with the SACRED INDIA TAROT.

First let's consider a few key words for the Balsamic Moon phase:

Reorientation. Release. Completion. Tieing up loose ends. Closure.

And next, a few key words for Virgo:

Service. Work. Details. Healing. Clearing. Releasing the Unnecessary. Discernment.

Card for Balsamic Moon in Virgo:

10 of Swords

Deck: Sacred India Tarot

Deck Creators:

Rohit Arya and Jane Adams

Moon Phase & its meaning for this Moon~Coaching™ Creation Step:

Balsamic Phase - This is the time to move to a consciousness of closure. Reorient your focus from what you've been doing and learning, to one of completion. Tie up any loose ends from this Libra cycle, and prepare to move into the stillness of the next phase.

Moon Sign & exact degree for today's phase:

Virgo - 30th degree (final or anoretic degree)

Exact date & duration of this phase:

November 7 through 11, 2015

Sabian Symbol for this today's phase (Marc Edmund Jones & Elsie Wheeler):

"Totally Intent Upon Completing An Immediate Task, A Man Is Deaf To Any Allurement."

Card Image I pulled for this lunar phase:​​

During the balsamic phase, we come to closure on the lunar moonth, in preparation for the next cycle of growth which will begin in a few days at the next new moon. Here, we surrending to Spirit, expressing gratitude for all the lessons, gifts, and experiences we have undergone during the Libra Lunar Moonth which began on October 12 and ends on November 11, 2015. We are to move inwards, into the deepest part of our Soul/Consciousness, to meet with Spirit in order to be revitalized and prepared for the upcoming Scorpio Lunar Moonth. In essence, we take the very essence of our Libra experience, into the Ground of our Being, allowing it's Magick to further grow in the unfolding of our Time.

With this phase ocurring in Virgo, we must surrender all the 'details' and 'thoughts' that would otherwise throw us off our Core, into Spirit's hands. Additionally, the message is to find Peace by retaining only the Essential Gift of this Libran Lunar Moonth - use the Virgoan quality of Discernment to touch into the Core Lesson you've had this moonth, and place it on your internal altar in dedication to your Soul's continuing evolution.

And the card we've pulled gives us a clue as to the idea of 'sacrifice' and releasing of our burdens to whatever is our Higher Power. The root of the word 'sacrifice' means 'to make sacred' so we are taking whatever painful experiences we may have undergone this moonth as we focused on creating harmony in our Relationships, and making them sacred by handing it all over to The Great Spirit. Hopefully, you've understood what creates imbalance and lack of harmony in your life, in your relationship, in your own Consciousness, as you worked on your Libra intention, and this is what you will sacrifice for your greater good. At this point in the cycle, it is no longer required that you 'DO' anything at all. In fact, as the card traditionally teaches us, this is the 'end of the line' and the matter is done. So, the card's message in combination with the meaning of this final lunar phase, tells us to take no more actions or activities, other than total surrender. Turn off the mind and thinking processes, and move inwards to the place of SOUL. Virgo is the Archetype of the Priest~Ess, and as such acts a channel or intermediary between your Human Self (ego) and your Divine Essence (Soul). Therefore, allow your Inner Priest~Ess to guide your personality/ego/conscious self more deeply into communion with your Divine Essence/Soul. Then express GRATITUDE and BE AT PEACE.

With this 10 of Swords card, at this final moon phase/step of the Libra Lunar Journey,

we are invited to:

  • ALLOW your Soul to heal all the places in your Psyche that are hurting or exhausted.

  • BE at Peace in the Presence of your Inner Divine Lover.

  • SURRENDER fully to the Whole-Making process of the balsamic phase in Virgo.

  • CLOSE all your physical senses down, and BE in the Loving Presence of your Soul and Spirit.

Now let's take a look at the description of this card, directly from the deck’s book:

“This is rock bottom, so there is no way up but up. The real enemy is within - self-doubt, belittling oneself, sabotaging oneself, pitying oneself. People change when they have to, not when they want to. Now, you have to. The closure to things that have outlived their karma - relationships, work, place of residence. Hopefully the power to fight and overthrow evil forces, but only if backed by other cards. Spiritually, the death of the Old Man, so the new being can be free. New levels of awareness, of wakefulness. Gathering up one's reserves and remaining resources. Recommitment to the struggle. Warning that you are missing your life's purpose, your entelechy. Irrevocable endings. Illusions blasted to smithereens. Legal entaglements.

INSIGHT OF THE CARD: What is left to be afraid of? There is nothing left to lose so you can take heart. How did you not see this coming?"

So, to recap, at this 8th phase during the Libra Lunar Moonth, integrate the 'fruits' of your efforts in terms of balance, beauty, harmony and fairness in relationships; move towards closure and completion, trusting that you will continue to build upon this success in future cycles. See that you've planted seeds of awareness regarding who and what feeds you when you relate with others. You are now in a position of greater self-awareness, which is an important gift with which to move forward, and take with you into the next cycle. SURRENDER your process into Spirit's hands, and BE AT PEACE WITH YOURSELF.

NOW, pulling together all 8 cards that we've pulled for this Libra Moonth, and combine the meaning of the cards, phases and signs:

Look over all cards, and consider their meaning together, in light of YOUR Libra Lunar Journey.

What do you see? How do these related to your experience in creating harmony and Beauty in your life and in your relationships this past moonth? What do they reveal about YOU?

You may wish to write up a prayer of gratitude to your Soul at this point....

At the new phase being step 1 (of the 8) in Libra, Justice showed up to remind us to consider what is out of balance in our lives, as well as setting intentions that create Beauty and Harmony in our lives, and heal our Relationships. This all echoes the meaning of Libra since this 7th sign like Justice, is about clarity of thought in accomplishing balance, grace, and fairness with all our Relations.

At the crescent phase being step 2 in Sagittarius, we got pen and paper and plotted out our 'how-to' and 'to-do' list, noting our ideas and potential action steps to accomplish the New Moon Intention. The 7 of swords told us to be mindful and careful with this list, as well as sharing with our most trusted Allies what we are planning, in order to maintain our Seed Intention within the safety of our delicate cocoon of energetic nurturance. And Sagittarius reminded us to consider rewriting the script of or belief system if these are not in support of our goals/intention.

At the 1st quarter phase, step 3 in Capricorn, we assessed how far we've come, what judgements we hold in our hearts, either to ourselves, or for others. We called in our Ancestors and Allies for strength and will power to face these judgements, and the fears we may have harboured about loss. And we took ACTION towards forgiving ourselves, others, and from this renewed sense of Self, we stepped forward through the gate, leaving strong roots of self-acceptance at this crossroads.

At the gibbous phase, step 4 in Pisces, we took stock of where we found ourselves on our journey thus far, noting what needed further balancing and re-adjusting for soul-ful healing. The Angel of Healing in Temperance tempered us, asking us to change where we still needed changes in our beliefs and attitudes, so that we were made more Whole, flowing with Divine Grace.

At the full phase, step 5 in Taurus, we saw revealed before us the results of all our previous efforts, the manifestation of greater Harmony in our lives. Through this portal, comes a joyous understanding of what Relationship means to us personally, and hopefully the opportunity to live in a vibration of higher Love, Agape, as we look into the eyes of each Individual that we relate to, including ourselves. With Taurus + the Princess of Pentacles, we may celebrate this discovery with all our physical senses, reveling sensually in all that feels good and right to us.

At the disseminating phase, step 6 in Gemini, we now share the results with our allies (perfect for Gemini), and in particular notice the blessings we have received in relationships, as shown by the 9 of Cups. We can ask ourselves, what fills us, what brings us emotional satisfaction and how can we offer others the cup of our own love and appreciation?

At the last quarter phase, step 7 in Leo, we turn our attention from actively working on relationship themes, to looking within our Heart to integrate the wisdom gained through all our efforts. We may notice a greater self-awareness about our needs and desires for all our relationships, compassionately tending to ourselves, now having a better understanding of what throws us off balance, so making a commitment to being more proactive in making conscious choices that lead to consistently acting from our inner fulcrum point.

At the balsamic phase, step 8in Virgo, we become very still & quiet, fully surrendering our entire process to Spirit. Move into the Sacred Space of your Inner Temple, your Soul, and with a prayer of Gratitude to ALL who have played a part in your Libra Lunar Journey, breathe out all that took place, and breathe in the Love of God/Goddess/All That Is/Great Spirit. Just melt into the Divine Lover's embrace, and know that your Libra Lunar Journey was a success in the eyes of your Soul. Sacrifice all previous relationship struggles, and even all the insights and blessings you've experiences, onto that Sacred Altar, and BE AT PEACE, knowing you are healed & whole.

ADDENDUM: One final piece to consider for those of you that wish to go even deeper, is the Sabian Symbol for the exact astrological degree of this final phase, the balsamic moon: "Totally Intent Upon Completing An Immediate Task, A Man Is Deaf To Any Allurement." This is confirmation that we need to focus on only one 'task' at this final phase - that is to go within, and not allow any externalities to impinge upon Inner Peace. Close all your physical senses down, and BE in the Loving Presence of your Soul and Spirit.

I will return to you with a whole new round of 8 cards to guide us through the SCORPIO lunar journey which begins on November 11th. For now, rest easy, and be at peace.

Feel free to contact me with questions, suggestions, InSights and your thoughts.

Peace & MoonBeam Blessings,

Silvia “MoonCoach” Pancaro

Creatrix of Moon~Coaching™

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