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MoonCoaching™ and AstroTarotOlogy™: Libra New Moonth! Set Your Intentions! Work Your Magick From 9


Seed. Dream. New Beginning. Inner Vision. Faith. Trust. Intuition.

FIRST, you'll want to mark the dates that follow below, on your calendar, or set an alarm on your cell phone to remind you of the 8 times you need to return here to read my blog updates at each of the Moon Phases throughout the LIBRA Lunar Journey. I'll post energy readings, along with Tarot & Oracle cards, and how these relate to the Astrological & Lunar vibes. This helps you to stay 'tuned in' to Spirit, Cosmos and the overall Reality in which we co-exist. This is my Sacred Service to you, as part of my 'Reality' which it is my intention that it serve you, and support you. (If you would like a personal one-on-one MoonCoaching or AstroTarotOlogy session, please email me to schedule an appt). Now, here are the dates for this LIBRA Lunar Moonth:

The 8 Moon~Coaching™ Phase Dates for the LIBRA Lunar Journey:

(All times/dates are EDT - Eastern Daylight Time)

  • Sept 28 @ 2:26 pm New Moon: DREAM - 6- LIBRA

  • Oct 1 @ 8:40 pm Crescent Moon: PLAN - 24- Scorpio

  • Oct 5 @ 12:47 pm First Quarter Moon: ACT - 13- Capricorn

  • Oct 9 @ 2:27 pm Gibbous Moon: FOCUS - 2- Pisces

  • Oct 13 @ 5:08 pm Full Moon: MOONIFESTATION™ - 21- ARIES

  • Oct 17 @ 3:51 pm Disseminating Moon: SHARE -10- Gemini

  • Oct 21 @ 8:39 am Last Quarter Moon: REORIENT - 28- Cancer

  • Oct 24 @ 6:02 pm Balsamic Moon: BE @ PEACE - 17- Virgo


The Moon Cycle/Moonth is an approximate 30 day cycle that begins with the New Moon (Invisible) to Full Moon (totally lit up) all the way to the OLD Moon (Balsamic).

So, don't stop at the New...keep going to Full...and then continue to The End!

Here are the 8 steps from my

MoonCoaching Creational Cycle:

This post will help you 'tune in' to the Vibe of LIBRA (you don't have to be a LIBRA to work/play with this energy...we have ALL 12 signs in our astrological charts & Psyche!). If you understand your own astrological chart, look for the 6th Degree of LIBRA in it, to see what area of your Life (and aspects of your Psyche) are being activated by this Lunation. Apply the key words you read here, in a manner that is SPECIFIC TO YOU, so include this in crafting your Intention for co-creating with Moon, Sun, Zodiac & Tarot! EnJoy the LIBRA Lunar Journey! Again, if you need assistance with this, I am here, as MoonCoach, to walk you thru it should you want individualized attention.

Life is all about RELATIONSHIPS! Whether personal or business, we are partnered up with others...relating with others, whether we are communicating with clients or associates or kids or friends, pets or Mother Nature. This lunar cycle, when Sun & Moon join forces in the Celestial Archetype of Relationships (Libra), is an opportunity for EVERYONE to objectively analyze the condition of ALL OUR RELATIONS.

The Month of LIBRA is presided over the planet, VENUS,

who invites us to ponder on the relationships we have with others,

as a reflection of the relationship with have with our Self.

With Libra & Venus, let us all plant LOVE SEEDS this moonth!

(Image by JS Greene)

LIBRA clearly asks us to stand in INTEGRITY & BALANCE with our SENSE OF SERVING SPIRIT (having achieved Clarity & Focus, in the previous, VIRGO, cycle), so we let us put all the ideas and projects, people and situations, in our Lives onto the SCALES to determine how to distribute the 'weight' in such a manner that we remain BALANCED, and always CENTERED in our very CORE (Heart of Hearts!). Make DECISIONS that lead you to PEACE (inner peace as well as peace with others)!

This moonth we will work with the qualities of AIR sign, LIBRA the CELESTIAL SCALES, symbol of the desire to be BALANCED, to bring greater HARMONY into all types of RELATIONSHIPS, being the fair & non-judgmental MEDIATOR, using the gifts of the Higher Mind in order to DECIDE on the most JUST outcome, bringing PEACE into the World!

The Month of LIBRA is presided over by the Planet VENUS, who invites us to ponder on the the BEAUTY that exists in everything if only we are open to seeing it; and to using our HEART TOGETHER WITH OUR MIND to create truly loving relationships.

The Cosmic Scales accentuates the need to clarify our thoughts, so that only the Essential, the True, the Just, the Beautiful, the Harmonious, remains on our Inner that we might be consistently Centered in our Core. The planet Venus guides us this month: We combine Libra's ability to observe with clear detachment, with Venus' connection to Appreciation (giving value to something) for those ESSENTIAL people, situations, thoughts, feelings, events, that keep us truly focused on our True Nature & protects us from the dizzying confusions of Life which would otherwise give rise to being 'OUT OF BALANCE' and unable to return to our Inner Source of Grounding. What's on our Inner Scales? Remove what creates imbalance or lack of harmony. Leave only the Essentials upon your Inner Scales, so that we are truly living our Life from a place of Harmony & Balance. This lunar cycle asks us to focus on creating BALANCE in all our relationships - with our Beloved, or with any sacred 'other' including people, activities, money, food, etc.

Like the Celestial SCALES,

we are invited during this lunar cycle,

to create a BALANCED LIFE.

So, take a look at these LIBRA key words/themes, and synchronize your Intention for the cycle with this energy. Look at the images as well as at the that you are engaging both your rational/logic/left brain AND your creative/intuitive/right brain. You'll be creating new neural pathways in your brain, which will serve to bring greater balance & harmony in the way you function. This applies to ALL Lunar Journeys, as I said, you'll be developing this new ability over the course of Time. So stick with it, and keep on unifying the 2 aspects of your Consciousness (Yin/Lunar/Feminine/SubConsciousness + Yang/Solar/Masculine/Consciousness), ultimately living via your Higher Divine Consciousness.

With that said, another aspect of the Libra archetype is PROJECTION & MIRRORING. In all relationships, we project some aspect of ourselves, so in essence, the person we are facing is our Mirror. This is where the infamous Libran OBJECTIVITY comes into play! The best way to be in relationship of any kind, is to step back from the emotions that will invariably come up, and see the situation as a gift - a potential for healing or integrating some aspect of ourselves, or of our past, with which we may not have properly dealt with. The angry person in front of you who might be raging, given their own unprocessed emotions being projected onto you, may in fact be mirroring some long-forgotten situation in your past where you did not speak up about an injustice towards yourself or another. So, with as much objectivity as possible, step away from the current situation, and honor your own angry feelings, so that you can be free of the past (this leads right into the next astrological sign & cycle, Scorpio, so more on that in the next lunar moonth). With that said, I am speaking here of normal arguments or disagreements...certainly if you are in danger with another person, it is imperative that you remove yourself from the situation, and call on Allies (another Libra theme) to aid you in whatever way is best for you. And by the same token, ideally, you are seeing your BEST self mirrored in others whom you love & respect. These people are reflecting hidden gifts or talents that you may not have fully integrated into yourself, so as with the 'angry' example, likewise step back and ask why you are drawn to certain people (creatively, romantically, educationally, etc). And then own it within YOURSELF! Each & every relationship in your life is a workshop in learning to love yourself! So you get the picture about projections & mirroring, right?

  • How will you choose to create with this Lunar Cycle's energies?

  • What will you focus on balancing & coming to peace with, in your life, consciousness, relationships, business?

  • Who will you choose to relate with most intimately this cycle?

  • What commitment will you make towards achieving inner peace for yourself?

I will add more images at each one of the Moon~Coaching™ Creation Steps during the 8 Lunar phase date individual posts. Those will reflect the vibration of the specific phase/sign combination. This page covers the general feel and focus for not just the LIBRA New Moon, but also the overarching theme that drives us during the entire lunar moonth.


What you focus on during this Lunar Cycle,

becomes your MOONIFESTATION™!


Element: Air.

Planetary Ruler: Venus

Tarot Key: Justice.

Key Themes: Relationship. Partnerships. Harmony. Beauty. Grace. Desire. Peace. Balance. Fairness. Equality. Dance/Arts/Music. Peacemaker. Ally. Mediation. Observer. Law/Legal Matters. Lumbar/Waist. Love.

It Takes Two to Tango. Yin/Yang. Inner Stillness & Peace of Mind. Law of Attraction/Magnetism (thru Venus rulership).


(Rules LIBRA,

and is our GUIDE during this cycle)

Beauty. Grace. Dignity.

Fertility. Creativity. Abundance.

Law of Attraction & Law of Resonance.

Love. Harmony. Attraction.

Relationships. Romance.

The Arts.

Moon~Coaching™ Questions to Ponder from

Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro

for the LIBRA Lunar Moonth, beginning 9/28:

● What condition are my relationships in?

● How can I bring greater harmony into all my relationships?

● What might I do to channel Beauty into my environment?

● What is throwing me 'off-balance' in any area of my life?

● What might I release from the scales, which blocks my Heart from fully loving mySelf, others or Life in general?

● What thoughts takes me off my Center?

● What activities help me re-Center back into Harmonious Thinking?

These questions can get you started in your process of creation by journaling your ideas on each one. Combined with your own Astrology chart key words, which personalize the LIBRA Lunar Journey to YOU, you will get a solid sense of your Focus & Intention for this Moonth. You can actually turn any one of these questions into a statement, and make it your Intention for the moonth! For example, If you are overweight to the point of it affecting your Health negatively, you can turn the first question into the intention: "I choose activities, foods and a lifestyle that sustains my weight & overall health." And then you work on researching health supplements, your ideal food for your body type, and lovingly nurturing your body thru healthy activities until your bring your body into the right balance for you! Get the picture? You can apply this to anything that you 'weigh' on your Inner Scales (Relationships, Work, etc). Just remember that even if this is your Intention, to LOVE YOURSELF UNCONDITIONALLY, which is the magic formula to changing our physical reality!

NEXT: Keep in mind the LIBRA Key Words/Themes, which is the over-riding energy that we will have available to work with all moonth long. HOWEVER, you may also wish to keep in mind the sign of the FULL MOON: ARIES, which will be the point of Moonifestation (click on the arrows to slide the images)

The New Moon = The Seed/Intention

The Full Moon = The Flowering/Moonifestation™

So, let us consider the Moonifestation™ point for the LIBRA New Moon: It is 2 weeks later at the ARIES Full Moon on 10/13/19. Here is the information and guidance on including the Full Moon energy with key words from ARIES:


Element: Fire.

Planetary Ruler: Mars

Tarot Key: The Emperor

Themes: New Beginnings. Fresh Start. Courage. Direction. NOW.Passion. Creativity. Excitement.Identity. Self-Expression. Authenticity.Warrior of the Light. Pioneer.Trust. Innocence. Birth. Light. Diving Right In. Going All Out. Jumping into the Hero's Journey.Hero/Heroine. Champion.

When combining the Seed of Airy LIBRA with the Flowering of FIERY ARIES, we get the combination of JUSTICE with the EMPEROR, guided by EMPRESS - BALANCE & FAIRNESS thru DIRECTION & MANAGEMENT OF ONE'S DOMAIN to LIVE IN INNER & OUTER PEACE WITH ALL LIFE...Lay out these cards, and meditate on them as you work out your Intention for this moonth. This is a great moonth for connecting with Venus in our own Astrology charts (look for her sign & house position, and include that Energy into your Libra Intention Statement, if you wish to deepen your experience this moonth). With the New and the Full Moon phases ruled by the Goddess of Love & Beauty AND her Beloved Counterpart, the God of Action - MARS, we get the sense that we are collectively invited to step into our Heart Chakras, and Moonifest in parternship with our Inner Lover. Since Libra is an AIR sign (MIND) and Aries is a FIRE sign (CREATIVE WILL), then create a creative dialogue between your Higher Mind and your Creative Passion. And since this moonth's overall theme is RELATIONSHIPS, then the way to develop Harmony and Balance in our relations with others, is to step back and be aware of our thoughts, what are we communicating to others when we speak of our passions and our desires? What about when communicating your personal truth to others, including anger or other shadow Aries/Mars feelings? Can you be OBJECTIVE as you listen with your Mind & Heart to what your partners are communicating? Can you be the Fair Witness to them, as well as to your own process? One really beautiful TOOL to use this moonth when communicating with your nearest and dearest is prefacing your words with the following statement: "THE TRUTH FOR ME, about....IS..." So this takes away any 'charge' you may have about 'the other' person, and you are in a more powerful position, in INTEGRITY, to speak what is true for you personally....and NOT PUTTING BLAME 'out there' on someone/something else externally. Taking ownership of YOUR feelings (without pointing fingers) is the first step towards Beautiful Relationships.

This is also a great moonth for tuning in to your Innate Wisdom to really take stock of all the ways you might be losing your sense of Harmony...fine tune your ability to HEAR your SOUL's promptings, so that you remain in a place of Clarity, Peace and Stillness before taking any actions in your 'outer' reality.

As both Libra & Aries are ruled by planets that are naturally aligned with each other in Relationship (Mars & Venus were Lovers in mythology), so there is a natural sympathetic resonance between these 2 signs. Plus they are a natural Astrological polarity - opposite each other on the Zodiacal Wheel so they are natural mirrors. Aries = ME; Libra = YOU; Together these create the axis = WE or US. This moonth can prove to be a very pleasurable one, given how strongly VENUS is showing up during this 30 day cycle. We have 4 planets (Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury) all lined up in LIBRA at the time of the New Moon, so they are in 'conversation' with each other regarding the themes of this cycle. Additionally the New Moon is opposed CHIRON in ARIES, so there is some level of 'wounding' around the axis of ME & YOU that is invited into healing during this cycle. By the time we reach the ARIES FULL MOON, Mars will have moved into LIBRA, too, so he will be taking ACTION towards Venus' wishes. So allow yourself to be inspired by LOVE itself. A powerful tool therefore is GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION. So, you can choose to focus on activities that bring you a Heart full of gratitude. What would you like to be grateful for when this moonth is said and done?

Ultimately, this Astrological duo teaches us to be SELF-LOVING...

and that the more we love ourselves, the more we grown in our capacity to authentically love another.

We can also consider that before ARIES & MARS can take ACTION towards creating VENUS' ideal reality, it must gather all its possible ideas and weigh out (LIBRA) which one actually is most in line with its VALUES. Or, you can see it as in order to fully experience Beauty thru what you most DESIRE (Venus/Mars), one must first consider what you VALUE (VENUS), what connects you to your Innermost Core, and what brings you greater Peace & Harmony (LIBRA). Ponder on the combined key themes between Libra and Aries, and also Venus + Mars, in connection to YOUR Intention for this Moonth.

(This is my kid who has an Aries Moon.)

Consider the Images attached to this post, and enjoy your LIBRA/ARIES Lunar Journey! And remember to sign up for the newsletter so you won't miss the blog posts I'll share with you at each of the Lunar Phases during this cycle!


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Peace & MoonBeam Blissings,

Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro

Creatrix of MoonCoaching™, AstroTarotOlogy™, AstroVibeOlogy™ and more!

POST NOTE: These are the energies that are available to us all each and every moonth. So, the idea is to co-create with Nature and Cosmos, by plugging into the energy at an organic level. The more you do this throughout the entire year, moonth to moonth, the more in-tune you will become with Sacred Timing, and this will pay off hugely in your Life! Over Time, you'll notice that Life seems to 'flow' easier, more gracefully...rather than feeling like you are 'kicking against the pricks', you will notice that you are truly synchronized with the Great Creative Power of the Universe. You'll notice you struggle less, and that you are more intuitively aware of the energy flow in your everyday experience. This is something that is developed over Time - so commit to this process for YOUR own well being...and you'll discover that each Soli-Lunar cycle is always a great Time to deepen your relationship with the Divine as you continue to consciously co-create with the Flowing of Sacred Time!

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