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MoonCoaching™ and AstroTarotOlogy™: Step 2/Crescent Moon Phase in Scorpio (in Libra Lunar Moonth) 1

Take a look at the image below. Notice the Moon Phase cards - how little the Crescent is, the little bit of Light growing.

Next consider the Crescent journaling questions & suggestions.

Now look at the Aura Soma Tarot cards:

Justice is for the Sun in Libra; Death is for the Moon in Scorpio.

Simply from this, you can ask:

"How am I transforming the way I relate to others in my Life,

and how can I empower myself to relate to them

from a place of Inner Peace (instead of reactive imbalance)?"

And then consider the 4 cards I pulled on behalf of you, the Reader of this post as well as for the Collective. What do you see as their messages?

My interpretation & Intuitive Lunar-Astrological message follows below.

But first I like to have you feel into your own Intuitive Voice.


(Click to pop out larger):

Vision. Growth. Clarity. Order. Trust. Allies. Resources. Planning.


(+ Moon~Mantra shown on Astrology Chart):

Power. Depth. Penetration. Transformation. Alchemy. Inner Wealth. Kundalini.

If you've not yet read it, go back to the main 'blog' page to read my post explaining how to 'tune in' to the Vibe of LIBRA (you don't have to be a LIBRA to work/play with the energy of this moon cycle...we have ALL 12 signs in our astrological charts & Psyche!). Now that we have reached the 2nd of the 8 lunar phases in this moonth, we take the next step: Getting clarity on how to go about achieving our Libra Moonth Intention. So, consider the above key words for the Crescent Phase, and for Scorpio, and join those to the Libra vibe (described in my previous post). Just as a quickie, the main themes for this entire lunar moonth includes Romantic Relationships, Business Partnerships, Justice & Legal Issues, Achieving Balance in All Areas of our Lives, Living in Harmony with All That Is, and Creating Inner Peace as Your Center-point.

The Soli-Lunar astrological energies for this next part of the cycle include a sense of emotional depth as the Moon grows in her Light-holding capacity, with intense desire to work on furthering the original intentions set at the New Moon. Use the Scorpio energy to add a boost of Magick to your goal!

Tonight, 10/1, while the Moon is in watery Scorpio, deepen your connection to your Intention thru affirmations that resonate deeply with your Power & Desires. By early morning (EDT) 10/2, the Moon will have shifted into fiery Sagittarius, and moving quickly towards Jupiter as she continues on her Journey. This brings enthusiasm and support from the Universe in bringing what appears as 'good luck' to those who maintain a positive mindset, optimistic attitude & emotional enthusiasm. Make sure your 'to-do list' is done, including action steps that excite you and inspire you, so that you are strengthened towards your Moonifestation™!

Now, let's take a look at the Tarot & Oracle cards

for the days within the Crescent Moon Phase:

For the the Sun in Libra message:

2 of Chalices (Tarot of 1,001 Nights).

For the Moon in Scorpio message:

Knight of Chalices (Tarot of Sexual Magic).

For the Crescent Phase Message to integrate Sun/Moon:

Oneness with Source + Angel's Love (Celebration of Love Oracle)

The Solar Light continues to beam the basic energy of Libra - that of Love & Harmony - while the Moon moves the Seed of their Union forward. Literally and also by way of the cards' message! We see the 2 of Cups here, as a 2 people share in an idealistic scene of Beauty & Harmony. Music, nature, poetry - all of the finer pleasures in Life - being shared between 2 individuals who choose to enjoy it all together. While the Knight of Chalices shows us 2 people again - and in this particular depiction, the eroticism is clear! Seems quite appropriate for the Moon being in Scorpio! Whereas the Sun's message, being in Libra, is very romantic & dreamy - the Moon in Scorpio is certainly adding the erotic counterpart! Makes total sense since Libra is ruled by Venus - and is more concerned with a romantic take on relationships; and Scorpio being rules by Mars (and Pluto) are more concerned with erotic union. Both deal with Love & Relationship, but from 2 different, yet equally important, angles.

So, some of you might be asking, 'Well what if our focus is NOT on romantic or sexual relationships, MoonCoach™? What if we have chosen to work on business partnerships? Or what if our intention was about creating Inner Peace & Harmonic Balance in our lives?"

So, here's how we extrapolate the message towards other intentions:

The 'romantic' aspect of the 2 of Cups deals with the purity of your Intention - the Love that impels you forward in your career, with bosses, partners or clients. There is always Love at the root of everything. It's more of an emotional ideal - so consider that as part of your message. And then there is the sheer power that motivates, drives and compels you to take clear action towards your goals (this is the Knight of Cups). So, you have the 'ideal' that you hold in your Heart as the Vision; and you have the motivating drive & passion that moves you ever closer to achieving the ideal/vision. This is the best of Venus/Libra + Mars/Scorpio working in tandem, whether in romantic relationships, business partnerships, or internal commitments towards your Inner life. Get clear on your Ideal...perhaps during the Libra New Moon a few days ago, you had some sort of Intention, but as is important for the Crescent phase, now you can gain more CLARITY about what you want it to look like by the Full Moon. Feel into your Heart of Hearts, and find the Dream that inspires you. Then feel into the Power that will motivate you towards clear & inspired action.

Integrating these 2 messages, we invoke Union with Spirit, and connect with the Hope that the Angels (or other similar Spiritual Energies that resonate for you). As you gaze upon these 2 Oracle cards, bring your Heart into a place of Peace, centering yourself on the Still-Point in your Innermost Core. Once aligned with Soul & Spirit, allow your everyday Consciousness to open further to the healing rays of Love & Passion from the Divine Oneness. No matter what your Intention is, or how you visualize your upcoming Moonifestation™, one thing is certain: This Lunar Moonth is an invitation to bring Harmony between your Inner Feminine & your Inner Masculine, in Sacred Union with Source (God, Goddess, or as you call the Divine One). I feel that additionally, we are all working on 2 levels of Intentions: The personal goals; and the Collective goal. Clearly at the Collective level, we are moving towards a balance of the polarities (Yin and Yang), blending the Creative Forces of the Universe in such a way as to channel the Light of Higher Consciousness to ALL Life on Earth. We are all 'Angels' ourselves - in the making - and working the Light to bring down to Earth, that which is Beautiful, Harmonious, Loving & Passionate.

I just want to point out the Sacred Geometry in the Oneness with Source card: Notice the patterns? We see the Crown & 3rd Eye Chakras aligning with Merkaba (Star of David comprised of an upward/Yang/Masculine triangle - and a downward/Yin/Feminine triangle), via the perfect Circle. It is further activating Kundalini (Sacred Sexual Creative Life Force Energy) AND the Torus field of Energy. So there are multiple layers of Energetic creative forces at play here during this phase, with the Crescent in Scorpio (which will be further amplified in the next Lunar Moonth in that sign). The more we consciously align with it, the more the Love & Passion within our Consciousness will be activated, and brought into Harmonious Attunement with the Angelic Realm, who is standing by to continue taking action on behalf of All Life in the Cosmos. We just have to open our Hearts - allowing Love to flow in, and then flowing it back out into the World around us. In like manner, we can apply this to our personal world, as it is not just for the Collective, but also for each & every One of us to experience.

Ask yourself, and journal (pull a card for this if you wish):

What Resources within me can I activate now,

in order to feel both Love & Passion, in regards to my Libra Intention?

Give yourself permission to feel that vitalizing force of passion, while flowing pure love, towards your Intention...whether it's a relationship goal, a business goal, or an internal processing goal.

This will fuel your Intention, and take you closer to your Moonifestation™!

What you focus on during this Lunar Cycle,

becomes your MOONIFESTATION™!


The Moon Cycle/Moonth is an approximate 30 day cycle that begins with the New Moon (Invisible) to Full Moon (totally lit up) all the way to the OLD Moon (Balsamic). So, don't stop at the New...keep going to Full...and then continue to The End.

The dates for this Lunar Journey go from 9/28 thru 10/27, so keep going!

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You'll want to mark the dates that follow below, on your calendar, or set an alarm on your cell phone to remind you of the 8 times you need to return here to read my blog updates at each of the Moon Phases throughout the LIBRA Lunar Journey. I'll post energy readings, along with Tarot & Oracle cards, and how these relate to the Astrological & Lunar vibes. This helps you to stay 'tuned in' to Spirit, Cosmos and the overall Reality in which we co-exist.

The 8 Moon~Coaching™ Phase Dates

for the LIBRA Lunar Journey:

(All times/dates are EDT - Eastern Daylight Time)

  • Sept 28 @ 2:26 pm New Moon: DREAM - 6- LIBRA

  • Oct 1 @ 8:40 pm Crescent Moon: PLAN - 24- Scorpio

  • Oct 5 @ 12:47 pm First Quarter Moon: ACT - 13- Capricorn

  • Oct 9 @ 2:27 pm Gibbous Moon: FOCUS - 2- Pisces

  • Oct 13 @ 5:08 pm Full Moon: MOONIFESTATION™ - 21- ARIES

  • Oct 17 @ 3:51 pm Disseminating Moon: SHARE -10- Gemini

  • Oct 21 @ 8:39 am Last Quarter Moon: REORIENT - 28- Cancer

  • Oct 24 @ 6:02 pm Balsamic Moon: BE @ PEACE - 17- Virgo

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Peace & MoonBeam Blissings,

Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro

Creatrix of MoonCoaching™, AstroTarotOlogy™, AstroVibeOlogy™

and more!

POST NOTE: These are the energies that are available to us all each and every moonth. So, the idea is to co-create with Nature and Cosmos, by plugging into the energy at an organic level. The more you do this throughout the entire year, moonth to moonth, the more in-tune you will become with Sacred Timing, and this will pay off hugely in your Life! Over Time, you'll notice that Life seems to 'flow' easier, more gracefully...rather than feeling like you are 'kicking against the pricks', you will notice that you are truly synchronized with the Great Creative Power of the Universe. You'll notice you struggle less, and that you are more intuitively aware of the energy flow in your everyday experience. This is something that is developed over Time - so commit to this process for YOUR own well being...and you'll discover that each Soli-Lunar cycle is always a great Time to deepen your relationship with the Divine as you continue to consciously co-create with the Flowing of Sacred Time!

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