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NEW MOONTH in LEO Starts 7/31/19 @ 11:11 pm EDT: Moon~Coaching™ + Tarot x YOU = Magick of Astro.Tar

As MoonCoach™, I will act as your guide on this Lunar Journey, guiding you through each lunar phase during an entire lunar moonth (about 30 days each cycle), prompting you to pull a Tarot or Oracle card, and journal on the related themes. This lunar cycle has us focusing LEO in our charts, asking us to truly RADIATE our HEART-LIGHT, authentically and JOY-fully!

Each of the 8 lunar phase portals allows us to work with its energy, amplified by the Zodiac sign in which the Moon finds herself, and attuned to YOU in a personally relevant way. (For advanced students, note the house and or planets activated by the lunation in your own astrological chart). This will be the 1st (of 8 steps/cards), related to the New Moon portal. (If you find pulling 8 cards for yourself is too much, you can instead pull 4 for New/1st Quarter/Full/Last Quarter; or 2 for the New & Full; or even just 1 card at the New phase to guide you all moonth long).

I will now pull a card for the Collective Consciousness reading this blog (which includes YOU). So, for the LEO New Moon, I am choosing to work with SOL INVICTUS Tarot deck, because I feel it reflects LEO themes of strong & positive Yang energy driving us towards healthy self-expression, while radiating the best we have in ourselves.

First let's consider a few key words for the NEW MOON phase:

New beginnings, Planting a Divine Seed (within ourSelves), Intuition, Trusting One's Inner Guidance System (because there is no light reflected externally), Setting Intentions for the Moonth ahead, Starting a New Project, Begin Working Towards a Goal.

And next, a few key words for LEO, a FIRE sign, ruled by The SUN:

Radiance, Positive Self-Expression, Healthy Ego, Innocence, Self-Worth, Play, Cosmic Child, Love, Heart Chakra, Brilliance, Creative Expression, Passion, Strength, Being Center Stage, Recognition & Achievement, JOY, Vitality, LIGHT.

Combining NEW + LEO, this entire lunar month's themes include:

Start appreciating ourselves for the magnificent BEings that we are! Begin the process of opening our Hearts wide in full trust that we are loved, and that we can love. Plants seeds of Light everywhere we go. Express ourselves creatively, with wild & passionate abandon (doing it for the sake of the joy and pleasure it brings us!). Get on the Stage of Life and SHINE our LIGHT!

Take every opportunity to embrace our unique brilliance & share it with the World. Play til your Heart's content. BE as innocent, playful, free and expressive as the Cosmic Child you were/are! Connect with your Heart of Hearts and LIVE your Life's Purpose as you were born to do/be/do!

Listen to your HEART - it knows when you are living AUTHENTICALLY, or when you need to return to are a RADIANT BEING of the UNIVERSE and you MUST SHINE YOUR LIGHT, no matter what! BE ON PURPOSE!

New Moon Portal Dates:

July 31 thru August 4, 2019 (it will grow to the next phase, Crescent, on 8/4)

Planet Associated With this Lunar Moonth in LEO:

The Sun: Our Spiritual Core, Our Power Center, Our Source of Life, Our Life Purpose.

Major Arcana Cards for New Moon in LEO

(The Solar message or for the 'external' aspect of your New Moon goal):

  • 5 of Cups

(The Lunar message or for the 'internal' aspect of your New Moon goal):

  • 5 of Cups

Decks for LEO New Moon:

  • "Sol Invictus: The God Tarot"

  • "Tarot de St. Croix"

Deck Creators:

  • Kim Huggins & Nic Phillips + Tavis Smiley

  • Lisa St. Crois

MoonCoach Sign & Exact Degree for today's phase:

LEO: 8 Degrees and 37 Minutes

Sabian Symbol for this today's phase:

"Glass Blowers"

Moon~Coaching™ Questions to Ponder & Journal for LEO Moonth:

*What is the highest expression your Spirit is here to explore? *How connected are you to your Inner Cosmic Child? *Have you ignited the flame of your deepest spiritual longing? *Do you give your Highest Self ample opportunity to create & shine? *Where you do feel the most JOY? *How vital, alive and creative do you feel? *What activities inspire you to grow & thrive to your fulllest potential?

Song for this Lunar Moonth in LEO:

"This Little Light of Mine" by Odetta

So, are you ready to apply the LEO energies of Light, Joy, Innocence, Light-Heartedness, Passion, Creativity and Authentic Self-Expression? Make a commitment NOW, during the New Moon phase towards that end. OR, focus whatever Intention you have for this moonth, in LIGHT of all the above concepts. JUST DO IT!

Additionally, you can meditate over the entire moonth on the planet/energy of the SUN, who invites us to ponder on our Life Purpose, and on expressing ourSelves radiantly from our Heart.

Work with the following Moon~Coaching LEO Moon~Mantras as often as possible all moonth:

Our general astrological focus for this lunar moonth is RADIANCE.

We must SHINE OUR LIGHT, like the SUN!

And now on the Tarot portion of this moonth's reading for you, me and all readers:

Tarot cards I pulled for this lunar phase & moonth,

for the Collective Consciousness,

and those who are reading this blog:

First, let's take a look at the Sun's message:

From the SOLAR perspective, SPIRIT shows us via the cards imagery and meaning, guidance on our best FOCUS our Intention throughout the entire Leo/Aquarius Moonth, and especially now as we plant our Intentional Seed into Universal Consciousness:

There is a certain emotional mood that pervades the Collective Consciousness, perhaps remnants of the previous lunar cycle (the Cancer lunar moonth, along with Mercury and most planets retrograde)....and certainly our own personal as well as group past, which is up for consideration during this new cycle. It's hard to start a new moonth with this energy - especially one which is normally an invitation to be focused on Joy, Fun, Play and Innocence (as Leo always invites). Here we have a sense of sadness, loss, and grieving, as well as danger. We see a Man grieving the loss of his Beloved, and as he is so focused on his emotional turmoil, he does not notice the giant Serpent that is about to devour him. Perhaps this is a sign of a greater Initiation? Serpents = Wisdom. It is also the Divine Feminine in many Esoteric and Occult teachings, including in Shamanic traditions. Is the loss that we need to face together, necessary for us to enter an even deeper spiritual Initiation? Will the pain & suffering take us into deeper despair, or will it take us onto an even deeper inner journey that will eventually lead to Greater Wisdom?

As this is the card I pulled for all of us, to help guide us in our Intentions for this cycle, it appears to be saying that in order to achieve our goal, to bring our Intention into Full Moonifestation, we will be required to grieve...what will we need to grieve? What must we face individually in our personal lives, as well as in the Collective Body of Humanity, in order to come to a place of Wisdom?

Next, let's consider the month, from the LUNAR perspective:

SOUL shows us via the cards imagery & meaning, how to best SUPPORT the Solar Seed throughout the entire Leo/Aquarius Moonth,

especially now as we plant our Intentional Seed.

Interestingly, Soul gives us the same card (different deck) as Spirit! Clearly the Sun/Spirit and Moon/Soul are not only LITERALLY JOINED physically in the same spot in the Zodiac to create this new Seed - but also are offering the same message for us to work with throughout the moonth. There is clearly some grieving that we MUST work through! As I've pulled the cards to show us the directions for BOTH the personal level work this cycle, AND the Collective level, we can expect lots of opportunities this lunar moonth to take heed on this very clear message: In order for us to truly , fully and authentically express our most beautiful and creative Divine Radiance (Leo), it is imperative that we work through our Past unresolved emotional issues! All this unresolved sadness, this unexpressed grief has to go somewhere, and it will come up 'sideways' if we do not tend to it appropriately , and in a healthy manner. It's already been happening in our World - so much anger, hatred, frustration, pain, suffering - which MUST be healed. And tears are healing. Cups represent the Emotions and our ability to master our emotional body. We've already seen 'rivers of blood' in so many events involving people, animals and planet...and it's time we take responsibility for it all, by noting what brought us to this point (personally & collectively), and then doing the necessary work to forgive, heal, and set right that which is out of balance. My sense is that unresolved grief turns into rage or anger (outwardly expressed) or depression (inwardly expressed). Either way, we cause ourselves and the Whole of Humanity and Earth, further suffering if we do not look inside to see what is causing this in ourselves, and be willing to open our Hearts (Sun/Leo) to hear what other's Hearts have to share in their own grieving...what are their grievances about us? Taking Leonine Courage, we must be willing to truly listen to another, about how they have experienced or are experiencing, US and our own Energy. It is not comfortable. But it can lead to profound healing. Which leads (Leo) the Path (see the path on the cards?) to better, clearer territory, healthier relationships and more peaceful experiences.

I feel that both cards bring up a seriously important issue whether we look at it from the perspective of the individual or the collective: The Divine Feminine is hurting. That part of the Human Being that relates to SOUL, to the Divine Feminine, to the YIN creative energy - has been hurting for millenia. It's true of what Women have experienced thru the diminishing of their power, it's true of what the Earth Mother has experience thru the destruction of her body, and it's true of the Inner Feminine (nurturing ability) within Men as they've been forced into playing the 'macho' role and negate their soulful, nurturing side - all by way of an imbalance cause by the Patriarchy in its many, many destructive activities and attitudes.

Perhaps then, THIS is what needs to be considered? Where in YOUR Life, whether you Man or Woman, do you feel abused, hurt or dis-empowered in your expression of your Soul/Inner Feminine? And of course, we are all aware of the destruction of our forests, lands, animal life...all aspects of the Planet Herself are in fact Feminine. Collectively, we have seen 2,000+ years of raping and destroying Women and all aspects of Life that relate to the Feminine aspect of Divinity. The Earth herself is grieving. And our Collective Consciousness is now ready to grieve together the pain and suffering we have experienced...Karmically, we've all been both victim and perpetrator. So, this is where I believe FORGIVENESS comes into play...particularly the way that Colin Tipping created it: Check it out, and let me know if you've worked something out with those special worksheets. It's not about releasing responsible parties from JUSTICE (for example Epstein and his friends MUST be held accountable for the child sexual slavery that have destroyed so many girls' lives), but it is about FREEING ourselves from the unresolved emotional angst that keeps us bound to the Past...and therefore not fully LIVING our Life according to our SPIRITUAL PURPOSE - which is the main meaning of the SUN in our astrology charts, and certainly what we focus on during this Soli-Lunar Moonth.

*Look below to read from the accompanying books (Sol Invictus - the God Tarot and the Tarot of St Croix), to gain deeper understanding of each card's meaning.

Given the uncanny nature of the 2 main cards, being the same (from different decks), I thought it would be appropriate to invoke assistance to better understand this apparent emotional block that is showing up for healing, in our personal and Collective Consciousness:

II - The High Priestess

(From the Heart Tarot, by Maria Distefano)

We have WISDOM in our Heart of Hearts that needs to be shared with the World, especially during these dark, challenging times, as so much of our Collective Unconsciousness is rising to the surface to be acknowledged, healed and cleared. This is our individual (and collective) Life Purpose, our Destiny - to look into our own Hearts first & foremost in order to see our unprocessed SubConscious patterns, forgive ourselves for the errors of our Past (this and other Lifetimes), so that we may be better able to forgive others. We hold all Records within our Hearts, written upon our SubConsciousness, or MeMory, and as we acknowledge what may be written on those Ancient Scrolls of all our Lives, we can bring the Light of the Sun to shine in and heal the Past. In this way, we are running energy that is clean & clear, and living more authentically from Hearts that truly shine Love, and become a living demonstration to others so that they may find the Way to a better place in their own Hearts. As the High Priestess, we must look inwards to ALL MEMORY, back int Time to The Original Source, to LOVE all parts of Who We Are - "the Light, the Shadow, no Difference" ... retreat to our own Innermost Sanctum, the Hidden Temple Within, to strengthen our Heart-Light...and then re-write our Life-Script with full Awareness, and thereby not only altar our own Destiny towards Living Authentically as Inspired by Spirit & Soul, but also help shift the Timelines for the Collective Consciousness towards one of Harmony and true Love/Wisdom. This is in our Heart of Hearts and it is what we must do as part of our Life Purpose.

The High Priestess will help us to be compassionate, patient and forgiving with others, as well as with ourselves, so that we can be clearer Vessels, as individual CARRIERS of The Light. Humanity can shift the present state of development, by looking inwards to our own Soul Contracts, and choose to forgive, and simultaneously NOT repeat the mistakes of the past. Then we can humbly channel this Divine Light via my our Sacred Heart Flame, to remind others of their OWN Connection to The Source.

I also pulled a few Oracle cards to add further dimension to the Tarot cards. The "FORGIVE" card was bound to show up, given the nature of the 2 main cards! And "GLORY" is what we get from RADIATING OUR LIGHT INTO LIFE, meaning the 'Glory of God' or the Spiritual Sun shining brightly. As I said, we must let go and free ourselves of the grievances of the Past, in order to step fully into our Power, Glorifiying our very Spirit and Soul. And lastly, it is any wonder that in combination with the High Priestess, we go the Solar Plexus card? This Chakra relates to those 'energetic cords' that bind us to it's all about 'cutting the cords that bind us' to borrow from a very well known book title...and only connecting to that which feeds our Solar (Soular) Radiance! Time for a little Shamanic Soul Retrieval!

How do you describe YOUR FOCUS for this moonth, in light of this information from both the Sun/Spirit and the Moon/Soul via the same card? And might the High Priestess support your own Inner Journey towards radiating your Spiritual Light? We are BEING CALLED at this time to forgive the errors of the Past, which have previously hindered our ability to SHINE OUR LIGHT, and thereby FREE our Creative Energy to be fully expressed in all its GLORY into Life!

Here are all the cards from this 2019 New Moon session, together for you to meditate with, and perhaps journal if you are called to do so:

And just for kicks:

Below is my 2018 ritual layout I did with 'Leo' themed goodies

+ my Moon~Coaching™ Meditation Cards (available for purchase).

I leave this up to inspire you to create your own Sacred Space or Moon Altar.

Now, let’s look at the Sabian Symbol for the exact degree of the New phase, at 9th degree of LEO: "Glass Blowers." What might this metaphor mean to you personally? It's great that this Sabian Symbol really speaks to our ability to create something with our own Life Force Energy (our very breath of life). What would you like to create? What can you breath your life into in order to bring it forth into expression?

IN A NUTSHELL: In terms of applying this to this LEO lunar moonth, create projects, or set goals that relate to a a playful & heart-centered authentic self-expression, rooted in the Divine Purpose for which YOU were made. AND given the nature of the cards we received, be sure to first forgive, release, unfetter yourself from the pain of the ensure a powerful movement forward!

And for those of you that wish to GO DEEPER with Moon~Coaching™ principles, pull out your astrological chart (Your Essence~Blueprint™) and look for the 9th degree of Leo. The 'house' in which this new moon in Leo occurs, is where the ACTION is taking place this moonth. You may also have planets or asteroids being ACTIVATED by the New Moon. And then look to the houses (always a pair) by the Aquarius/Leo FULL Moon, which illuminates your MOONIFESTATION™. These need to be taken into account when planning your activities for this cycle. (I'm happy to assist you with this if it's new to you). I'll use my chart as an example:

The Leo New Moon falls within my 8th house, which relates to alchemical changes, personal transformation, power source, sex, death, rebirth, hidden wealth, shadow & Underworld, merging energetically with others, and psychological depths of the Soul. I will be sharing my personal LIGHT within settings that relate to personal empowerment and transformation of consciousness. Since this is a 'dark' cave, wherein we might expect to meet with our personal 'Shadow' as well as disowned parts of ourselves which ask for forgiveness or resolution in order to be freed and transformed into LIGHT, I gather my resources in this cave, and I must emerge from it, to bring the Light out to the World. And the main tool to use this moonth in my own case, as it is for the Collective and all my readers, is RADICAL FORGIVENESS (check out the link, and download Colin Tipping's free worksheets). It's uncanny how PERFECT that card works with my chart and these Archetypes!

Additionally, the Aquarius/Leo FULL Moon will fall across my 2nd/8th house axis, bringing LIGHT to bare upon my talents/gifts/abilities (related to 2nd house), and being valued (2nd house) for sharing these gifts PURPOSEFULLY (SUN) with my Friends and Allies (AQUARIUS) in a personally UNIQUE way (Aquarius) for which I will be valued (2nd house) and RECOGNIZED (Sun/Full Phase), as a result of my expressing my Life Purpose (SUN) in a meaningful way that allows for a blending of Light (Sun/Leo) and Shadow (8th house), teaching through example how to tap into the very HEART of the DIVINE to tap directly into the SOURCE of SPIRITUAL POWER (8th house). The card I pulled to support the forgiveness and releasing aspect of the entire moonth, was THE HIGH PRIESTESS. So this reminds me that I can free the 'hidden treasure' in my 8th House Shadow, in my role as High Priestess, which includes being of service to others thru Astrology, Tarot, Shamanic practices and related activities that I use in my Sacred Work. This will likely also open up new resources in the 2nd house, as my Work is valued by those I serve.

What about you? Have you pulled cards, and considered them in relation to your astrology chart for this cycle? I am happy to set up an appointment with this Sacred Service, so be sure to contact me if you would like to deepen your exploration.

(NOTE: The other 6 phases can also be 'read' into the chart for additional guidance and action we need to take in a unique ways, since this will be different for each of us according to our chart.)

For more ideas and key words, read the LEO Moonth in the Calendar section of my website here:

That’s the overview for the entire LEO Lunar Moonth, and also the ‘seed’ to plant during this New Moon Phase, which lasts from July 31 through August 4, 2019, at which point we move into the Crescent Moon Phase. I will check back at the Crescent, and pull another card to guide us through that part of the Cycle.

And if you'd like personal one-on-one Moon~Coaching,

please contact me for my rates and to set up an appointment.

I'd LOVE to assist YOU in achieving your Greatest Self-Expression!

Feel free to contact me with questions, suggestions, InSights and your thoughts.

Peace & MoonBeam Blessings,

Silvia “MoonCoach” Pancaro

Creatrix of Moon~Coaching™

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