Supercharge Your Goals & Dreams with the Power & Magick  of Lunar Phases, Archetypal Astrology & Natural Cycles!

Step-by-Step Instructions for Pulling Your Own Tarot/Oracle Cards for each Lunar Journey, beginning

And now to make some lunar magick, with the Moon~Coaching™ 8-Step-Creational-Cycle and Tarot!

The New Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon meet up in a sort of Cosmic Marriage, symbolic of the Sacred Union between the forces of Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine). This occurs 12 to 13 times per solar year (calendar year), within the 12 signs of the Zodiac. Around and round we go in the Astrological Wheel, with each Lunar Moonth bringing us new opportunities to explore different areas of our lives, and therefore giving us cosmic energy with which to amplify our dreams and goals.

Each lunar moonth affords us the opportunity to focus on the various themes, and for added insight , we may wish to pull cards for each of the 8 steps connected to the 8 lunar phases in a lunar moonth. Depending on the time you wish to dedicate to your Lunar Journey, you may opt instead for pulling 2 cards (one for new and one for full), or 4 cards (new, 1st quarter, full and last quarter) instead of the 8 cards for the 8 phases (new, crescent, 1st quarter, gibbous, full, disseminating, last quarter and balsamic).

Refer to my chart below as a quick 'cheat sheet' on the meaning of each lunar phase, and adapt it to suit your personal preference. (This is a super-condensensed version of what I go in-detph in my Moon~Coaching Lunar Journey Inter~Active Vision~ing Playbook, which I self-publish every year. For information on purchasing a copy, please visit the Playbook page on my site).

Using the template I created to guide you through the meaning and purpose of each of the 8 lunar phases, pull 1 card per phase. Hold the intention as you pull cards (or in some cases they will pop out of the deck as you shuffle), that this image, this Archetypal quality, this card will give you further In-Sight as to how to work with that particular lunar phase (always basing it on the phase meaning/action as per the Moon~Coaching™ 8-Step-Creational-Process template). I will post images below to give you a solid visual as to how to work it.

In the first image below, you see the 8 lunar phases, starting with the New Phase (for which I actually used an Eclipse image), followed by Crescent Phase, 1st Quarter Phase, Gibbous Phase, Full Phase, Disseminating Phase, Last Quarter Phase and lastly the Balsamic Phase. (This is my Moon~Coaching™ logo from my Playbook). To understand more about the progression between the phases, Sun, Earth and Zodiac, please visit the "Moon~Coaching" link on this site. This is just to give you a visual for what you are going to pull cards.

And below are the cards I pulled, over the phases (I had these professionally printed to use in my Path of the Lunar Priest~Ess yearl-long program). See how pretty?

In my example, as I worked with my personal Intention for the Libra Lunar Moonth in Mind/Heart, I pulled the following cards for each phase:

1. New Moon: 2 of Lances/Wands (Grail Tarot).

2. Crescent Moon: 6 of Wands (Legacy of the Divine Tarot)

3. First Quarter Moon: 9 of Cups (Roerigh Tarot)

4. Gibbous Moon: Knight of Swords (Tarot Mucha)

5. Full Moon: Princess of Pentacles (Fairy Tale Tarot)

6. Disseminating Moon: Knight of Swords (Fountain Tarot)

7. Last Quarter Moon: Ace of Cups (Impressionistic Tarot)

8. Balsamic Moon: Two of Wands (Alice Tarot)

Below is a overall image of the phase pics with the actual card decks. I have a collection of over 250 Tarot decks, and over 300 Oracle decks, so I like to 'match' decks according to the theme of the Moonth. This time, I included decks from a few of my favorite Artists/Authors (Lisa Hunt, Ciro Marchetti, and Corinne Kenner), whom I met at TarotCon Florida this past weekend, which was organized by the amazing Marcus Katz & Tali Goodwin of Tarot Association. I created a sort of 'altar' by including my Crystal Skull, Crystal Ball, Fool, Isis incense holder, Lisa Hunt's Moon image she gifted me, Lisa's daughter's drawing I purchased, citrine candle holder, a Magickally charged feather and smoky quartz Heart (in honor of the Egyptian Goddess Ma'at), and of course my Moon~Coaching Playbook). And at the Heart of it all is my signed Robert Place image of Mary Magdalene (my Mom was Magdalena, and I am a High Priestess, of Magdalene).

In the days that follow, as each lunar moonth waxes and then wanes, you will want to journal about your InSights, activities, experiences and revelations, as well as challenges & successes. I invite you to rely on these Tarot images and card meanings, as Allies in your Lunar Journey. Stay tuned to my Moon~Coaching + Tarot = Magick! blog where I will share my process as a way of teaching you virtually how to live by the Moon, Sun, Zodiac, and receive InSights via Tarot.

I personally choose cards from different decks, as oftentimes a theme is revealed that overshadows the entire moonth. Sometimes the theme comes by way of colours, or shapes, or even repeating cards. As you've noted, in the above example, I pulled the 2 of Wands for 2 phases, and also the Knight of Swords twice! This is meaningful, and I know to apply the energy of each one in various ways, revealing the multi-layered meanings and gifts that each card has, when applied to different contexts. The meaning for example of the Knight of Swords in the position of the Gibbous Moon is quite different than as he appears in the Disseminating. More to say about that later!

For those of you that find this daunting, you may begin with just 1 card, pulling only for the New Moon itself. In this case, this card becomes an Ally for your New Moon intention throughout the entire moonth. Again, refer to the Moon~Coaching cheat sheet at the bottom of this post, or just use the simple one-word keys as follows:

OR, you can pull 2 cards:

  • One for the New Moon - Intention/Dream

  • One for the Full Moon - Revelation/Manifestation

OR you can pull 4 cards, for the main 4 quarters:

  • New for Intention/Dream,

  • First Quarter for Action/Grounding

  • Full for Revelation/Manifestation

  • Last Quarter for Insight/Release

You will find as you dedicate yourSelf to the Moon's Intuitive Wisdom, as well as to the Zodiacal Frequencies, and the Solar Radiance, that you become attuned to a different type of timing...what I call Sacred Time, and you begin living according to Divine Timing... measured by a more Organic Clock, that is aligned to Soul and Spirit. This takes 'time' to get used to, and requires some good, old-fashioned discipline. So, begin with 1 card for New Moon at first, then try 2 cards for New & Full, move on to 4 cards for New, 1st Quarter, Full, Last Quarter, and when you are ready, shift into the 8 Phases.

I will continue to post , phase by phase, during each lunar moonth, so stay tuned!

If you would like personal, one-on-one Moon~Coaching™, and Tarot guidance, please contact me: I would be delighted to assist you on your Lunar Journey!

Peace & MoonBeam Blessings,

Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro

Creatrix of Moon~Coaching™


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