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SCORPIO NEW MOON: Moon~Coaching™ + Tarot = Magick! Step 1 of 8 for Scorpio Lunar Moonth

As MoonCoach™, I will act as your guide on this Lunar Journey, guiding you through each lunar phase during a full lunar moonth, prompting you to pull a Tarot or Oracle card, and journal on the related themes. Each of the 8 lunar phase portals allows us to work with its energy, amplified by the Zodiac sign in which the Moon finds herself, and attuned to YOU in a personally relevant way. (For advanced students, note the house and or planets activated by the lunation in your own astrological chart). This will be the 1st (of 8 steps/cards), related to the New Moon portal.

I will now pull a card for the Collective Consciousness reading this blog (which includes YOU). So, for the SCORPIO New Moon, I am choosing to work with Tarot deck, because I feel it reflects SCORPIO themes of Alchemical Transformation and Depth of Soul.

First let's consider a few key words for the New Moon phase:

New beginnings, Divine Seed, Intuition, Trusting One's Inner Guidance System (because there is no light reflected), Setting Intentions, Starting a New Project, Begin Working Towards a Goal.

And next, a few key words for Scorpio:

Sacred Sexuality, Alchemical Transformation, Death & ReBirth, Hidden Treasure, Underworld Journey, Compost, Power Management, Esoteric Research, Depth Psychology, Shamanism, Life Force Energy, Radical Forgiveness, Merging with Others at Energetic Level. And time to heal Toxic Secrets, Egoic Shadow, Psychic Vampirism, Black Magick, Powerlessness, Deep Fears.

Major Arcana Card for New Moon in Scorpio:

The Emperor Deck:

Tabula Mundi Tarot

Deck Creator:

M. M. Meleen

MoonCoach Phase for today:

New Moon

MoonCoach Sign & Exact Degree for today's phase:

Scorpio: 19 Degrees and 1 Minute

Sabian Symbol for this today's phase:

"A Woman Draws Away Two Dark Curtains Closing The Entrance To A Sacred Pathway"

Song for this Lunation:

"Just Breathe" by Pearl Jam

Card Image I pulled for this lunar phase:

Our focus for this lunar moonth is TRANFORMATION. There are many ways we can accomplish this, and of course we can apply the action to any area of our lives, whether personal or professional. Some of us may choose to work/create with the Scorpio energy of transformation and transmutation in our careers, others in the realm of family relationships, yet others in their creative pursuits, or perhaps your spiritual path. You can choose to make this very practical, or it can be a more energetic process ocurring within your inner world. Whatever area of life you choose, bring that to mind as you meditate on this card, and continue reading .

Scorpio's gift is the ability to focus the will, mind, emotions and body with singular dedication towards the desired end. Every single one of us has ALL 12 signs within our spiritual blueprint (our astrological chart), so, this is the time to connect with our Inner Shaman - that scorpionic aspect of our Psyche that can go into the depths of our Being in order to pull back into full consciousness those 'lost parts' or 'buried pieces' that may have been stuffed away for various reasons. The Shaman retrieves these Soul Fragrments in order to bring us into Wholeness. This takes COURAGE which relates to one of the 2 planets guiding us this moonth, as rulers of the sign Scorpio....these are MARS and PLUTO. Mars in particular relates to courageously battling with the forces that would threaten our survival or freedom. Mars rules both Aries and Scorpio, and in each there is a commonality, as well as differing qualities. Where it coincides is in the idea of doing battle - oftentimes Scorpio is depicted as some scary figure - and rightly so since it is the Celestial Archetype™ that represents our SHADOW, and what can be more frightening to the little ego than to face all the repressed parts that have long been denied? Hence we can rely on the Martian quality of courage as we face our Shadow this month in order to retrieve those parts that long to be reunited with us, so that we may feel free, light and transformed.

With his particular card, The Emperor, we are receiving confirmation that courage and wisdom are required throughout this moonth. The Emperor is in charge of properly organizing, and managing all that we created in our lives. it's a very tough job! Consider yourself as the Emperor, in charge of your own personal DOMAIN, looking out over your vast empire (your Life), and take note over these next few days while we are in the New Phase, of what is missing, or what is out of order, or what feels 'off' in some way. Somehow, this will need to be included in your Lunar Journey this moonth.

In this particular depiction of the Emperor, we notice that he is singularly focused on the beehive. This beehive is representative of your own Life and Creative Pursuits, Professional implies an organization of your resources, wherein everyone and everything has a purpose and that purpose is to propel you forwar, grow your life, in cooperation with others....just like the Emperor has to manage his resources and organize his subjects and court in order to run the kingdom/empire in a healthy and prosperous way. The question is, upon what FOUNDATION have you built your empire? Since Scorpio is also about REGENERATION, then is is time to consider a different and updated way of running the business of your life? If we invite the Inner Shaman and The Emperor in a conversation, what might they be telling you to focus on at this time? What tools do you have at your disposal with which to BUILD your reVisioned Empire? Notice the Compass and Square that hang in the background of this card - these are the tools of the BUILDER. What comes to mind is the concept of 'building a Temple not made with hands' so that we are really talking about our INNER STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS. That shadow aspect of Mars, and its rulership over both Aries (which this card corresponds to) and Scorpio, is ANGER. If we are looking at what is buried in our Psyche, then consider that Anger may be part of this Shadow...either we have abused our emotional power through incorrect or excessive anger, OR we have buried our emotions, including the healthy aspect of anger - it really IS a FORCE for healing, when properly and healthily expressed. The contratry is true as well, repressed anger can come out later as depressesion, as we act against ourselves, or we explode in the worst possible way potentially hurting others. So, the invitation here is to consider how you are using Anger, as well as SEXUAL CREATIVE ENERGY, for building a healthy life. I bring up the sexual aspect because as anyone who knows anything about Scorpio would certainly affirm, this Archetype related to the sexual force of creation. It's not about 'sex' necessarily (but it can be), as much as it's about the KUNDALINI, which creates life. This is something that Mars and Pluto, as overseers of this moonth, share...the creative potency which impregnates the Divine Feminine in order to continue Creation. Therefore, the time is right for setting intentions that create healing around our sexual nature, or beginning a new spiritual discipline wherein we gently awaken our Kundalini.

FORGIVENESS is another aspect of this moonth, and this includes self-forgiveness. Again, Scorpio tends to be maligned as 'dark' and being related to fiercely holding on to past hurts, and this is true. We all 'hold on' to emotional hurts and wounds from our we are holding on to others in non-forgiveness. As Caroline Myss points out, we are holding hostage, these people that we've refused to forgive, in a dark dungeon...including ourselves. So, how can we manage and build our 'empire' if we have a bunch of people buried in the darkest caverns of our mind? It's time to LET GO and free ourselves!

So, are you ready to apply the Scorpio energies of will and focus towards the transmutation of your personal lead into the gold of your True Being? Make a commitment NOW, during the New Moon phase towards that end. OR, focus whatever Intention you have for this moonth, in LIGHT of the above concepts.

Meditate over the next few days on the planets/energies of MARS & PLUTO, who invite us to ponder on the way we manage our Power & Resources. Remember, Mars is very 'yang' motivational energy, urging us to go after what we want; Pluto is deep, mysterious and disturbs any in-authentic aspect of ourselves, requiring our negatively-polarized ego parts to relinquish control if we are to survive in a more spiritualized way. Both have much to do with Power and the management of our Power, or the mismanagement of it! Both also remind us that Sexuality is Sacred and therefore we might also look at this topic to ensure that we are honoring our sexuality for the tremendous Creative Power it represents (physically, energetically, metaphorically). Anything that is still in the 'dark' regions of our Consciousness, needs to be rooted out and brought to the Light of Day, in order to heal it and be freed of its stranglehold on your ultimate enLightenment... and all this applies not only at the level of the Individual (YOU!), but also at the COLLECTIVE level - so we must do 'The Work' on ourselves, as we simultaneously do so with & for The Collective Human body.

Moon~Coaching™ Questions to Ponder, from Silvia Pancaro For the Libra Lunar Moonth:

*How do I charge mySelf up?

*What is the strength of my electrical/magnetic current?

*How a I managing my Energy (or leaking it)?

*Is it time to 'detox' my Body, Soul, Mind from toxic energetic patterns?

*What aspects of my Consciousness have I been afraid to acknowledge?

*Whom or what do I need to forgive in order to free mySelf?

Now, let’s look at the Sabian Symbol for the exact degree of the New phase, at 20 degrees of Scorpio: "A Woman Draws Away Two Dark Curtains Closing The Entrance To A Sacred Pathway." What might this metaphor mean to you personally?

IN A NUTSHELL: In terms of applying this to the NEW phase, we can begin new projects, or set goals that relate to an INNER JOURNEY TOWARDS THE SACRED WITHIN. Scorpio is about the SECRET, HIDDEN REALMS that lie in combination with this Sabian Symbol, we are being invited to that INNER SANCTUARY, to heal, to transmute, to DISCOVER OUR HIDDEN TREASURE. Please, draw those curtains, and walk in...

For more ideas and key words, read the Scorpio Moonth in the Calendar section of my website here:!scorpio-moonth/cmx7

Finally, we will take a look at the description of this card, directly from the deck’s book by M. M. Meleen:

“The Emperor completes the alchemical triad, taking the shape and form of sulfur in his posture. He is the trump of the first sign Aries the Ram, ruled by Mars. ..He is the spiritual and creative Father as the Empress is the divine Mother. Aries is the sign of selfhood, and in men this nature is expresses as authority, while in women, as the animus... He is on the path between Netzach and Yesod - attaining VICTORY through a firm FOUNDATION, and the desire to rule and order the chaotic subconscious forces.

The Emperor seeks to order what the Empress creates. Nature creates the honeybee, man seeks to hive it and tame it with sacred fire. This compulsion to order from chaos and the rule of mind over nature is represented by the compass and square, symbols of the Grand Architect of the Universe and his desire for structure... It is the force of motion and action, inititative swiftly expended and followed by creation and preservation...

THE ORACLE: King of Kings, seek order from chaos, and act to build a firm foundation for your kingdom. Send forth your seed. Ambition and power are qualities of rulership. The Grand Architect reminds you that planning is necessary. Be not rash and beware arrogance; it leads to the decline of empires and their builders."

That’s the overview for the entire Scorpio Lunar Moonth, and also the ‘seed’ to plant during this New Moon Phase, which lasts from November 11 through November 15, at which point we move into the Crescent Moon Phase. I will check back at the Crescent, and pull another card to guide us through that part of the Cycle.

Feel free to contact me with questions, suggestions, InSights and your thoughts.

Peace & MoonBeam Blessings,

Silvia “MoonCoach” Pancaro

Creatrix of Moon~Coaching™

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