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Saturn-Pluto New Cycle in Capricorn plus the Cancer/Capricorn Full Moon/Eclipse: B'Earthing a Ne

MoonCoaching™ and AstroTarotOlogy™

by MoonCoach™ Silvia Pancaro

Since the Cancer-Capricorn astrological axis denotes the Archetypal Mother-Father as well as our personal Tree Of Life which includes our foundational roots born of the Tribe from whence we come (Cancer/4th House/Moon) AND the career and social standing along with the legacy & reputation we gain in our vocation (Capricorn/10th House/Saturn) resulting from how well we feed our roots thru proper emotional containment (Moon ) and the Karma we have built over Time (Saturn )…then I thought it would be good to pull cards for the Collective Consciousness, with a particular focus on the Human Family as One Tribe on the Full Moon so here we go, including the importance of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of 1/12/2020, a cycle of major opportunity for Humanity in the next 36 years:

Solar Message from the Paternal Ancestors:

  • 10 of Cups/Happiness

  • Joy

  • Release

  • Time

  • Listen

Lunar Message from the Maternal Ancestors:

  • 10 of Cups/Ecstasy-Innana’s House of Heaven

  • Orca/Communications

  • Rescue

Earth Message from PachaMama & the Elementals:

  • Temperance

  • Self-Protection/Boundaries

  • Learn to See thru Eyes of Love/Help When You can

I am immediately struck by receiving cards/messages that are completely opposite to what I expected given the state of our Planet and the insanity happening all over the globe socially, politically and environmentally. I fully expected the Grandmothers to show up with a stern warning to Humanity, whilst expecting the Grandfathers to spell out doom & gloom for us….BUT instead the messages reflect HOPE and LOVE – a tremendous feeling of the mythical story of Pandora’s Box came to me – that in spite of how horrific things appear to be for all Life on Earth at this Time, especially combined with the Astrological cycle we are navigating as a Collective Body, we are given loving instruction on what we can do to BRIDGE between one apparent reality, and the next one – the dreamed of New Earth that honors All Life and in which all Beings can vibrate to the Frequency of Joy & Bliss. Take a look at the images on all these cards, and feel into the messages via your OWN Ancestors, for your personal & transpersonal participation at this Time/Space juncture. What do you get? How do these images make you feel? What inspiration do you receive? Where in your creative imagination are you drawn towards positive action? Are you able to decipher any specific set of instructions for your Soul & Body in the coming 6 to 12 months (Eclipses have a longer lasting energetic time frame than regular New/Full Moons)? Journal whatever thoughts, feelings, insights you receive directly (DO tap into your most positive & loving connection with your own Ancestors, which may or may not be from your current Lifetime’s blood relations, so it may be your Spiritual/Karmic Lineage as opposed to physical family ancestry)….then when you are done, continue reading the message below:

The Ancestral Mother/Father of Humanity & Earth have joined forces to speak the same overall message: LOVE ONE ANOTHER. Keeping in mind that I used different Tarot & Oracle decks, so this makes it quite a stunning synchronistic message: Both Solar/Father and Lunar/Mother gave us the same Tarot cards as the main message – the 10 of Cups – which speaks of a Unified Family, unconditional Love and the Joy that comes from this depth of Love & Soulful connection. We are invited individually & collectively to focus on our Emotional bodies – and to use our Hearts to connect with others whether these are from our own Tribe, or from other Tribes, ultimately to remember that in the view of the Divine Creators, there is only ONE Tribe so the bloodlines matter less that the way we recognize the Soul within each One, as being the Divine offspring of the same Holy (whole) Lineage! These 2 cards are what brings up the HOPE from Pandora’s Box, in my perspective. To recognize that we CAN truly celebrate in Loving Connection what amounts to being part of a larger Family, in spite of all the apparent differences & wars going on (literal wars with weapons, as well as ideological wars), is in fact the one thing we most need at this Time to feel Hope. Just imagine what it would take to get to the 10 of Cups type of Relationships with ALL Life – all cultures and all beings of the planet? ALL cups are filled to overflowing for us, and there is an EMBRACING one another that defies all previous sense of separation, whether this be between Humans, or between Humans and other Earthly Beings including the planet herself – or as we call her in South American Shamanic tradition: PachaMama (Gaia in Roman/Greek mythology).

The key words for the 10 of Cups includes: Happiness & Ecstasy. This is what Sun/Divine Father as Creator and Moon/Divine Mother as Creatrix, offers us as a focus, as a Vibrational Intention to hold deep in our Hearts, as we begin the navigation of the Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter transit on this Cancer/Capricorn set of Eclipses…this same astrological transit that has given us many world events which include the American Revolution, 9/11 and many socio-political turning points in the history of Humanity…CAN actually be CHANNELED in a more healing manner than has occurred in the Past. There is plenty of doom & gloom posts about this astrological cycle all over the internet (similarly to 2012 predictions that gratefully never came to pass) so I will save you the agony of it all by NOT sharing the specific historical references other than just the 2 mentioned above, so as to move away from the FEAR factor, and instead move to a more proactive and HOPEFUL version of working the Cosmic AstroVibes so that we can truly look back on these Times as that when we stepped up to the plate to play the Game with a new set of Rules that lead to true Peace and Harmony. Call me a Dreamer, but hey, haven’t the best of them been Dreamers? I stand in good company ;) And believe me, reaching this level of Perspective was NOT EASY – because like so many of you, I was drowning in negative emotional states & fried by the negative mental wiring, due to the NEWS & propaganda that we are constantly being bombarded with. Yes, it’s all happening…yes, it’s enough to give up Life on Earth at times…yes, it is enraging to see the ignorance, idiocy, insanity and unconscious acts perpetuated by the few upon the many, in social & political scenarios…AND feeling victimized leads us NOWHERE but to depression, hopelessness and inaction. It’s ok and necessary to be angry…angry enough to take proper, inspired action towards positive changes…rather than remain complacent with the status quo, or immobilized by the fear & depression feeling that the World is going to end. Well, the World IS going to end…the current 3D Illusionary version of The World, MUST end because it is not sustainable, being fed so much hatred, fear, greed and DISCONNECTION, simply DOES NOT WORK for Humanity nor for our Planet. Hence the chaos that we see unfolding before our very eyes…this chaos which APPEARS to be massively destructive to the goodness of Life on Earth, is damn scary….but it is NOT the end to this Game. In fact, the more of it that shows up, the more opportunity for us ALL to heal individually and collectively, so that we can DO OUR PART…most of which requires CONNECTION….the very opposite of the disconnection that the TIRANTS would have us buy into….this constant separation that they feed off of, and feed into the Human SubConsciousness, is what MUST END. I feel this is why both the Sun/Father and Moon/Mother chose the exact same card as the main message: 10 of Cups as a reminder to CONNECT…notice how in both versions of this card (Napo Tarot & Daughters of the Moon Tarot), there is a CONNECTION between the main participants in each 10 of Cups scene. As a matter of fact, if you look at this card in pretty much any Tarot deck (like I just did doing a google search for 10 of Cups), you’ll see this CONNECTION. I have long firmly believed that the only real ‘original sin’ (biblically speaking) is the false belief in SEPARATION…by believing this absolute LIE (which has been perpetuated symbolically and literally by religions and by politicians), we have lost literal touch with the only TRUTH we are nearly ready to remember: WE ARE ONE…there is nothing other than THE ONE of which WE ARE A PART, and even the idea of ‘parts’ is ludicrous. Imagine if you will, the Human Body itself. The Heart may ‘appear’ to be a separate ‘part’ from the brain, but in reality, both (and all other ‘parts’) are held together WITHIN the same body. Likewise we are each a ‘Cell’ if you will, within the Body of Humanity, which is itself part of the Body of Earth, whom in turn is a cell within the Solar System’s Body, and it is included within our local Galaxy….and on it goes, infinitum. We are CELLS in the Creator’s Body, all participating in Its growth and development, which happens Infinitely and simultaneously Never since both are True, and just because this is beyond our mental grasp, doesn’t mean IT (and WE within IT) isn’t happening. Hence we come back to this marvelous message from the 10 of Cups: We are blissfully connected to one another, as part of a larger Family that transcends all appearances to the contrary, and the energy that connects us is PURE LOVE. Period. The End. And as they say, Mic Drop.

The book for the Napo Tarot (from Argentina) states: “The home, happiness, children, spiritual and material wealth open up before the eyes of the heart like an immense rainbow which foretells the end of the rain and the arrival of the Sun.” Certainly the Rainbow in many traditions has been symbolic of the covenant between Divinity and Humanity – the absolute PROMISE OF HOPE!

But since I love pulling lots of cards, from many different decks for added insights and layers of colourful information to guide us….let’s take a look at the rest of the cards, and what they say, based on the main message discussed above:

First let’s return to the Solar/Father message to Humanity:

Along with the message of Love, Unity, Connection and Hope of the 10 of Cups, we also are reminded to feel Joy, and Release what is ready to be gone, and work with Time in a conscious manner. Now, what I sense is that these 3 cards are actually pulling in the energy of 3 of the 5 planets currently transiting together in Capricorn: Joy = Jupiter; Release = Pluto; Time = Saturn. This is because Jupiter is often called the ‘Santa Claus of the Zodiac’ since he brings Blessings, expanding our Consciousness and helping us grow beyond our old comfort zones, bringing in a vibration of Enthusiasm & JOY. Pluto brings us the opportunity to RELEASE the past thru forgiveness, teaching us that in order to master our power, we need to turn our Shadow into the Alchemical Gold of Spirit. And Saturn is well-known as the Lord of Karma & TIME, bringing us face to face with what we’ve done in the Time we have been granted, how much we have manifested for good or ill. I love the Art in these 3 cards from the Sacred Vision Oracle, along with the subtitles each has, which further amplifies the message that I just shared:

Joy: The Great White Hope (as in White Buffalo Calf in Native American tradition). This card represents Joy, compassion, gratitude, the covenant between Creator and Us, being ‘part of the whole’ hence mutual respect, and faith. Included in the card meaning: “Pray for the betterment of wrongs that you see all around you, and embrace that which symbolizes the holy paradise on this Earth.” If we assign this card to Jupiter as part of the Solar message, then perhaps we can say that we can evolve, expand & grow beyond the old patriarchal paradigms thru holding the vision of what is right & good for all on Earth, just as we would hold a newborn baby in our arms, with Hope, Joy and Faith that all will work out in its existence, as we give the best of ourselves in raising this infant being. In this way, we help channel the positive side of the Divine Masculine into our New Earth.

A short passage from the book: “Pray for the betterment of wrongs that you see all around you, and embrace that which symbolizes the holy paradise on Earth….walk in beauty all the days of your life.”

Release: Shaman-The Song Within. This card brings us inwards to our Innermost Self, as individuals as well as parts of the Collective Human Soul….inviting us to participate with Life, via Pluto the Great Alchemical Shaman of Astrology, which requires self-awareness and a strong desire to transform Consciousness, in order to liberate the Power that is WITHIN. For this, we must be willing to open our Hearts to all that Life offers – the entire range of Human Experience – something that is NOT easy to do because it means we must accept the duality of the emotional spectrum. What purpose does Transformation have, if not to accept the ‘parts’ of our experiences that don’t feel good – in equal measure to accepting that we can also feel Joy, Love, Peace, Bliss? We are in a massive collective cocoon, bursting with the desire to be free, and when we can truly forgive the Past – which is the most important tool of Pluto as well as of the Shaman – THEN we can embrace all the Good Stuff that comes since that ultimately is the formula for Transformation of Consciousness.

A short passage from the book: “The shaman’s spirit hands reach out from his shadow self, and his soul sings for the healing of humankind…Is it painful – too much – for you to take in all of this power & beauty? Sometimes it makes you feel insignificant until your remember who you truly are in the eyes of Creator.”

Time: The Doorway. Ah, this one is so obviously Saturn who is the astrological ruler of TIME itself...and together with the Moon, pairs up to represent the Ancestors – the Grandmothers & the Grandfathers – the Elders of ALL Humanity, beyond specific cultures or lands. Here the message is quite clear: We exist during a Time that is a type of Evolutionary Crossroads – full of potential for experiencing either end of the Human Spectrum of Emotion, as we saw in the Pluto/Release/Shaman card. The question is: What is our Collective Karma? What can you and I do to clear our own piece of the Karmic pie? How can we dissolve the negative Past, in order to bring new Ripples of Joy Frequencies into the Collective Reality? If we close our 3D eyes – the ones limited to seeing what ‘appears’ right in front of us which is actually NOT reality – and instead look WITHIN (as we did in the previous card), can we DREAM something new together? WILL WE DREAM BEAUTY into our lives, into our Earthly Reality? What is the greatest expression we can bring into FORM (Saturn rules manifestation, form, structure) in our Lives? This TIME in Earth’s history will be remembered and recorded for all future Generations of Beings, so what are we going to DO with this immense opportunity? How can your Dreams fulfill not only your Life’s deepest longings, but also increase the Awakening of Beauty, Love, Wisdom, Light, Peace within the ALL? Here is where the Ancestors show up to walk with us…and to remind us that TOGETHER we are walking towards The Great Unknown, free to create something spectacular which bridges ALL Time/Space Realities. How are we going to accomplish this?

A short passage from the book: “Let the clarity of light fill you with radiant colors as you surround yourself with the protection of the ancestors. This is the time of your becoming. What wonders do you dream of for yourself?”

(Side Note: In considering that these 3 cards are reflecting to us the energy of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn (in Capricorn), we need to also consider where these 3 planets are placed in each of our own Astrology charts. This will reveal specific ways in which you will participate in this Great Evolutionary Unfolding/Creation.)

Surely you’ve been reading about how the old structure based on the negative side of the Patriarchy IS COMING DOWN. And indeed these cards showing up at this Time confirm that message which has been extensively written about by many authors & astrologers. AND I feel that we are being given a formula here – Focus on the positive side of what the Divine Masculine, in particular in his aspect as the Good Father – meaning all the positive sides of Capricorn in particular, and even moreso the positive qualities of Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn. We can do a quickie list here, as a place of focus, and as you read these, please feel free to fill it in with more qualities that are important to YOU:

Support. Structure. Foundation. Architecture. Manifestation. Ability to Respond. Boundaries.

Expansion. Growth. Beneficence. Benevolent. Playfulness. Joy. Wisdom. Light.

Transformation. Alchemy. Forgiveness. Shared Power. Strength. Healing. Insight. Gold.

Let’s now add the final card for this part of our reading:

LISTEN. Wind Reveals the Symphony. Here we have movement, and a freshness, crispness – to move us from one level to the next. What does Wind do in Nature? It clears, it refreshes, it dances around us, and though it might ‘appear’ to be invisible, we are able to ‘see’ it as it dances with the other Elements. The clouds move, the trees sway, the ocean waves…ultimately the final piece of the Solar/Paternal Ancestors’ message is to be willing to be clear in our Intentions, to be willing to listen to the Voices of these Earthly & Divine Ancestors, who WILL be speaking to us as individuals and as a Collective. If we are willing to SEE with our Inner Eye and LISTEN with our Heart, then we will be given direct Guidance as to where to move, dance, shift. And thereby bring greater clarity to consensus reality. In doing this, we will also reMeMber our own signature frequency, since we all have a unique Soul-song (found in our Astrology charts by the way), and when we join our particular tone to the Group Soul of Humanity, we can become Conscious participants of the Greater Cosmic Symphony. Music to our Soul-ears!

NEXT: The Lunar vibe – the message from the Divine Matriarchal Ancestors:

I cannot begin to tell you how happy I felt when I saw the main card for the Divine Feminine’s message to Humanity! Not only is it just one of the most wonderful images (in ANY deck, and golly this decks is particularly joyful!), but being that is ECHOES the message of the Divine Masculine Ancestors – I mean, really, the SAME card! Can the message from ALL the Ancestors be any clearer to us? Focus on the Joy, the Bliss, the Ecstasy of what it means to BE…to BE on this great Planet, Gaia, PachaMama – at THIS Time/Space juncture…golly as hard as it is to see some of the horrific things we have perpetuated on each other and upon the planet, the truth is WE ARE BORN INTO EXTRAORDINARY TIME in order to truly EMBODY the Divine Spirit in such a manner as to Create a Blissful Reality for EVERYONE. It’s all a CHOICE. Something I’ve always felt is that we are actually living in multiple realities simultaneously – as if we are EACH an Earth – we each have our own World – and we are superimposed upon one another’s World – sometimes these are great contacts – we create wonderfully compatible individual realities in which we mesh well with others – and other times, our Worlds/realities don’t work. Hence the individual Karma AND the Collective Karma. So, in this particular version of the 10 of Cups, the question becomes how can we join forces to co-create happiness for the Whole? We are all unique, different, so we each bring something special to this round table. … and if we focus on the simple intention for everyone to BE in the Vibration of Ecstasy & Love, we can shift the Collective Reality. Here’s the challenge: Can we BE happy in our own co-created world, while ALLOWING another group their own version of Joy even if it’s not something we’d want to experience for ourselves? And can we find a way to agree that when our ‘realities’ overlap, we will find a way to be ok with it? Kind of like, live and let live. Or the old Esoteric saying: Do what thou wilt is the whole of the law, and harm ye none. Each one of us is dreaming our own world into existence. AND together we create this Collective Dream. Even those who are raging in crazy wards want Peace & Love deep down inside. Even the most bitter of politicians, if they go deep into their Souls, craves to be free of the darkness. Oppositions do not work when we see it as a battle. But (astrologically) an opposition is an OPPORTUNITY to COME TOGETHER for a mutually positive outcome….

That said, as much fear and propaganda has been going on about the possibility of WW3, and even the fears from some doom & gloom Astrologers (not my fav bunch of colleagues, sorry), I believe that during THIS WINDOW IN TIME, when it’s not just the Eclipse/Full Moon energy at work, but the amplification of that Energy via the very important portal opened up for us with the Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter in Capricorn conjunction….this is a “NEW” phase – that’s what a conjunction is – like a New Moon, it’s a SEEDING Time, when we SET THE INTENTION for the ENTIRE CYCLE – and why the Ancestors are giving us this information with both of ‘sides’ giving us the SAME MESSAGE: Focus your Collective Intention upon the 10 of Cards. The FULL PHASE of this particular cycle comes about in exactly 15 years in 2035 (well, the first part of it anyways), so this is NOT a time to make ‘predictions’ about what is going to happen to Humanity and to the Earth! No! This is a Time for co-creative intentional imaging to SEED the Collective SubConsciousness with the positive, so that over the next 15 years, our ACTIONS as a HUMAN BODY, can lead to a Harmonious Win-Win Dance of Polarity (rather than a dreaded oppositional vibe). The moment of FULLNESS first comes about on October 17, 2035, with Saturn at 18-degrees LEO (the courageous Heart-centered Lion) and Pluto at 18-degrees Aquarius (the awakened Lightworking Divine Human). THIS becomes our Collective GOAL. And NOW! Now, take a look again at the 10 of Cups. What do you see? A group of loving Women, the descendants of the Matriarchal Ancestors, pulling their Hearts together to create Ecstasy for ALL. Eyes closed, using the Power of Imagination, we ARE the extension of the Grandmothers, the Witches and Female Shamans of Ancient Times, the Mother Goddesses who WILL TOGETHER bring back BALANCE, HARMONY & LOVE to the Human Family. The ancient Sumerian Goddess, Inanna, stands with Humanity now, and as the book for this deck says: “Spirit guides watch over us. This ecstasy is a state of ‘grace’ or exaltation where we transcend the boundaries of ourselves.”

Our next card in the message from the Great Mother:

Orca/Communications. Ok, when I first saw the image here, before noting the key word, I actually saw BLISS. I chose to pull from this deck – Saltwater Reading Cards – because I wanted to bring in the Energy of Australia, and the whole of the Southern Hemisphere (which includes the land of my making, Argentina in S. America). I feel that with the earlier fires raging in the Amazon in South America, and now the ones in Australia, the Earth is speaking to us…hence, communication. The Lunar message (which in Cancer, a Water sign related to the Emotional Body) is to reMeMber that we are part of a Tribe – once again, the Human Family – that we can be in Harmony in spite of differences (Orcas are dual-colored) . The media & politics is pushing very hard to SEPARATE us using the idea of OPPOSITION to get us all emotionally worked up, and face off. Golly, have I gotten triggered by a number of things in the news…really pissed off at people that are on the ‘opposite’ side of the ideological spectrum from mine – and all this accomplishes is adding more to the ‘war’ energy instead of using Communication to foster understanding, forgiveness, and cooperation…to find ways of harmonizing together EVEN IF we disagree. Interesting then to see these magnificent creatures showing up to demonstrate that even though each Orca pod has their own unique language (dialect), they work (and play!) together. I think another part of the message is that to get to the point of the FULL PHASE in 15 years from Now, we need to begin using a different type of communication system (social media may be on its way OUT)….they use ultrasonic SOUND technology to communicate and choreograph their movement as a pod. In other words, VOICE may be an important Tool that we will need to use in the coming years. Voice, Sound, Vibrations, Frequency….all these are actually part of the AQUARIUS Archetype, which of course, we are entering it that age (well, for me I believe the Astrological signs MUST be seen as a PAIR working together, so the so called ‘Aquarian Age’ is actually the Aquarian/Leo Age…more on that in another post). So, if the Full Phase of this important transit now, this weekend of January 10-12, 2020 will manifest on 10/27/2035, across Aquarius/Leo, then I’d say that we as a Species are RIGHT ON TIME with living vibrationally in accordance with the Celestial Archetypes and their invitation to cosmically dance in tune with the Divine Dreamer in whose infinite body we live & create & exist. The book for this card reads: “When the orca appears it is reminding us of the importance of language and dialogue.” So, back to my point about viewing an opposition: If we dialogue with our hearts, using the language that comes down our Matriarchal Lineage to us (the Vibrations in our Hearts), we can in fact come to a point of collaboration where ALL Voices are honored, respected and integrated as being a part of the Whole.

Ok, the 3rd card from the Matriarchal/Lunar/Feminine Ancestors:

Rescue: “Help others in need or ask for assistance when you need it.” This is clear. We are all in this TOGETHER. We need to FEEL we are supported by our Sisters & Brothers in our Human & Earthly Family. (Side note: Not easy to accomplish perhaps in ‘real time.’ I’m personally not on speaking terms with one of my younger brothers, but I still deeply love him, and if he needed me, I would not hesitate to embrace him, no matter what separated us in ‘real time.’ Damn, non-forgiveness, resentment & pride are terrible things – truly antagonistic to World Peace). Anyways, as an Empath, which I’m sure you are, too, please always take care of your own healthy boundaries (tough when we are all swimming in One Ocean!), AND be willing to embrace others, or to open your Heart TO others when you need to Voice your own needs). These next 15 years of the New to Full part of the entire cycle, may not always be easy swimming…there will surely be moments when the Tides appear to threaten us…so simply be at the ready to throw a lifeline to others who might be drowning…AND please do not close yourself into your own shell, if you are needing a life-preserver thrown to you. We truly all need to feel buoyed up and supported in these Times!)

To wrap up the Matriarchal Ancestors’ message via these 3 cards:

Focus on coming together – diverse groups that join hands with a common goal – to visualize and imagine the New Earth together. Go inside to reMeMber the ancient/new language coded into us by the Grandmothers, using it as a way of channeling into the Collective World the Higher Frequencies of Love/Light/Wisdom, while holding Sacred Space for ALL Beings as we collectively transition into this New Age of Light.

In comparing the 2 ‘Sides’ of the Creational Energies (Yang/Masculine and Yin/Feminine), what I noticed is that there is a lot of rebuilding via forgiveness & Shamanic clearing work to be done on the Yang side…and much Intentional Imagining while holding the intuitive/emotional container with the Soul languaging on the Yin side. Both of course focusing on the same goal: 10 of Cups.

And lastly, I could not help but tap into the Earth herself…after all, she stood in betwixt the Sun & Moon at the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse. And as part of the Cosmic Holy Trinity, where Sun = Divine Father/Seed, Moon = Divine Mother/Container, the Earth = Child/Creation.

Here are the cards and message from PachaMama/Gaia:

Temperance: The Art of Combining Opposite Forces into an Alchemical Fusion of Creative Expression (I just came up with that new way of describing Temperance – I love it!). In this deck, the New Earth Tarot, I am seeing the combination of the Elements forming something new – in the Center we find a Circle, a Triangle and a Square, with the symbols for Mars/Masculine and Venus/Feminine in an Alchemical Union…a Marriage of Opposite Forces of Creation, working with all forms in Matter to act as a Cosmic Portal to a Greater Reality: The Stars of our Galaxy. In combining these Creative Forces, with the same Goal/Intention (as outline previously), we are able to truly turn Humanity’s ‘lead’ (or the darker side of our Collective Shadow which is ready to be recognized, healed, forgiven & integrated) into ‘Gold’ (or the Highest Vibrational Frequency to which we can not only attune, but channel and EMBODY!). I think the Earth’s message is clear: She is actually going thru an ALCHEMICAL process, which at times can look damn scary, sometimes it is through HER OWN DESIRE to recreate herself; and other times it is forced upon her by Humanity’s dark side and with which she struggles but she will OVERCOME US thru the very Love she has for us, working with our Collective Human Guardian Angel, to the point that we will in fact go thru these Alchemical processes right alongside of her, until we are transformed, as Earth herself will be.

The next card Earth gave us:

Self-Protection/Setting Boundaries. Well, as I mentioned above with the Temperance message – Pachamama/Gaia will do as she needs to do if push comes to shove…to protect herself for the common good. She is asking us to set healthy boundaries for ourselves – do whatever protective work we need to do at an energetic level. She knows that many more of us are reMeMbering that we are Empaths, and particularly Earth Empaths, so we are feeling her pain, as she goes thru her own Alchemical Process…therefore she wants us to take care of ourselves, so that we can be better situated to deal with all the Energies that are criss-crossing across her surface (and inside of her, at her Core/Heart). In truth, she is offering us protection…I knew the Tree of Life would show up somehow in this message via the cards, and sure enough, look carefully at this image. Anyone who is familiar with Kabbalistic tradition, or Sacred Geometry, or Astrology/Tarot, and the Ancient Wisdom/Esoteric Teachings, understand the importance of the Tree of Life. Even the mass consciousness of Humanity was introduced to It via movies such as AVATAR and THE FOUNTAIN, so as to have this deeply embedded Divine Code be activated and awakened in us all. Astrologically, as I have written about many times, I consider the Cancer/Capricorn Axis along with their planetary rulers – Moon/Saturn – and their houses in the chart – 4th-IC/10th-MC – as the astrological Tree of Life. We all have it – I call it the Roots & Fruits on our Personal Tree of Life. As to not make this post longer than it already is, I invite you to go back to my recent posts (as well as those I wrote in previous years during Cancer & Capricorn cycles). Briefly, the stronger, clearer and healthier our Roots (Moon/Cancer/4th) –then the more robust the Fruits of our Labors (Saturn/Capricorn/10th). This relates to FAMILY & SOCIETY, or HOME & CAREER, or Psychological Foundation & Our Legacy. It represents as well the inheritance of our Ancestral Lineage and how we in turn will be reMeMbered by future Generations in our own Bloodline. OR, via our Spiritual Karma/Dharma in our own Future Selves/Incarnations. We reap what we sow. Bottom line, Pachamama is reminding us of Past and Future, and that we stand at that Crossroads, RIGHT NOW. Notice how this card has a central piece that looks very much like an EYE…which is truly I or my Identity, as in I AM at the very Center of this Tree of Life…and when I compare this card with the Temperance card, I find that this Eye/I overlaps the Center of the Alchemical Process going on in that image. Earth tells us that everything that is happening NOW, and will unfold over the next 15 years during the Creative (i.e. New to Full phase) of this important Evolutionary cycle, BEGINS WITH YOU (ME – after all, as the Ancient Mayans said: INLAKESH…I Am Another Yourself….therefore, what I do, what you do, affects the Whole Tree of Life…exactly like in Avatar!).

The book for this deck has a wonderful message, which brings up a very important point to consider if we are feeling ‘unsafe’ or too ‘rocked’ by any external events (or inner emotions): “Go into the iris/portal for guidance, and trust that what ou receive will elevate you to new levels of awareness.” This reminds me of a Vision I had many years ago, in which I (believe) lived during the Time of Transition when the Library of Alexandria was apparently destroyed (it was not actually, since it still exists, safely, within the Inner Realms, protected and accessible to those with True Love in their Hearts): As the destruction appeared in the external collective reality, many of us and our Families were inside of a Museum or structure containing Ancient artifacts…we were lead/guided by Wise Beings, and each Teacher/Student had a task/Mission…at the back wall of this Sacred Building, a type of STARGATE opened up, and was a VIBRATIONAL PORTAL, across Time/Space…thru this, many were lead to safety into other Worlds. There was more to the Dream/Vision, but suffice it to say, that this is very REAL, and it exists WITHIN each of us. When we feel thrown off our Center, align with your own Holy Guardian Angel (such as that which is represented by the Angel in the Temperance tarot card), and be lead back to the Safe Sacred Space of your own Inner Temple via your personal Stargate. Use your IMAGINATION, and trust that it is so. The Earth wants to remind you of this!

The final card from Earth

(Which I pulled from the Wisdom of the Elves and Fairies, because I really wanted to hear the Elements and the Innocent Ones that invisibly build, sustain and inhabit our planet:

“Learn to see with the eyes of love and render help wherever you can.”

Clearly, their message is identical as that of Solar/Lunar Ancestors. We MUST CARE FOR ONE ANOTHER, and in doing our own Healing Work, and holding the same vision for ALL LIFE together, we will fly freely, joyfully, blissfully, under the beams of The Sun.

In closing, as writing this has taken me 3 days…which I mightily resisted as I felt it was a biggie energy wanting to come thru…and I didn’t know if I had what it takes to flow it….and now, at 5:30 pm on 1/12/2020 as I bring this to completion, I will share 2 last points: One is personal, and the other is the WOAH look at that moment I just had in comparing the charts for the Moment of the Conjunction, and the Moment of its Culmination at Opposition. Actually, I’ll leave the personal anecdote for last in case you don’t want to see the example of how this plays out in ‘real life’ lol. Let me just close the collective piece instead:

Unlike others astrological delineations that you might have read, aside from not hearing doom & gloom from me, as I am more of a humanistic/psychological/shamanic/evolutionary/intuitive/spiritual Astrologer, focusing on proactive spiritual growth from a conscious choice perspective….I also feel much more strongly about the PROCESS indicated by this major Astrological configuration than just 1 point in time, being the conjunction which is kicked off this weekend. I feel that we need to look at all the aspects formed over the course of the ENTIRE cycle, much like I do with the Soli-Lunar phases in my MoonCoaching™ program. So, as I work the lunar cycle using the 8 main phases (New, Crescent, 1st Quarter, Gibbous, Full, Disseminating, Last Quarter, Balsamic), I likewise apply it to all other planetary cycles between 2 or more planets. Since this post is long enough already, and I don’t want to lose your attention by going all astro-techie on you, I will super-simplify this to make 2 points: The conjunction is the NEW phase in this Saturn/Pluto cycle – so just like the New Moon (when the Sun/Moon join forces in a sign kicks off the new lunar moonth), means that we are BEGINNING a new cycle, and therefore we set our Intentions for what we’d like to create/experience, so do we NOW set the Intention, plant the energetic SEED for what we would like to manifest/create with this Saturn/Pluto (plus Jupiter, Sun, Mercury, Ceres) cycle. Having written the previous 9 pages on the meaning, message and cosmic opportunity for Humanity at large, I won’t repeat myself. But I will highly encourage you to THINK POSITIVELY and PLANT SEEDS OF HOPE, LOVE & LIGHT into Universal Consciousness NOW and in the coming months while we are within the ‘New’ phase of this 33 year cycle (there’s a larger cycle over this one, but current Generations likely won’t be around for those longer term ones, therefore I’m choosing to focus on this shorter one. I’ll be 85 years old when this entire cycle completes & the next one begins. What about you?). Check out the dates below for the 8 phases (using the same meaning as for the MoonCoaching lunar phase meanings). BE PROACTIVE and work this! It may seem like 33 years is forever for some of us…but it will go by in the blink of an eye! Ask anyone over 50! Ok, so the big deal that I noticed and want to bring up as relevant to what we do NOW, is that in comparing the ‘NEW’ and the ‘FULL’ phase charts (15-1/2 years from now), being the WAXING, active, creative part of the 33-year cycle, is that the position of the MOON TODAY, as this cycle begins, is the EXACT DEGREE POSITION as the position of SATURN at the MANIFESTATION phase (Full)! This makes that degree a very sensitive point over the course of the next 15-1/2 years….something to take note about where you have a personal planet there in your chart, or whenever we see a major transit to that point by planets in general from here on end. It is the 18th degree of LEO, the LION. And Pluto will be at the 18-degrees of AQUARIUS, the Divine Human (usually called the Water-Bearer, interestingly he does not carry water but VIBRATION…the NEW EARTH HUMAN VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES that we will be embodying, if we can pull this Evolutionary process off, is what I’m being guided to say). Another important piece is that NOW, at the New/Conjunction phase, the Asteroid CERES is joining up with Saturn/Pluto (and the rest of the planets are part of this pack, but not at the same degree/number). Ceres is actually LARGER than Pluto…and has drawn a lot of attention because of that…so her influence upon the Consciousness of Humanity is stronger than one might think. She is representative of The Great Mother, the Goddess of Grain, Agriculture, with dominion over the Seasons; and has a powerful relationship with the God of the Underworld, Pluto/Hades as they vie for the attention & love of Ceres/Demeter’s daughter, Persephone. What this tells me, is that Archetypally speaking, working with this Ancient Myth, The Great Mother is returning to her rightful position within the Pantheon amongst Humans….that where the negative side of Pluto’s Shadow has caused much pain and destruction via the Patriarchy (particularly paired with Saturn’s negative Shadow), SHE is returning to lay claim upon her Sacred Land (Earth), and create a more balanced, holistic way of Living. I suggest reading as much as you can on the Greek & Roman mythology of the Ceres, Persephone, Pluto story (there are various versions, so you’ll need to intuit the underlying archetypal meanings in each to find the importance in the Collective Human Drama). Since I cannot predict the Future (I don’t believe in predictions), then I cannot say for certain how we will choose to work with this Energy System…but we have a tremendous opportunity to make right the wrongs, and bring balance & harmony down to Earth. I don’t believe that we should ever go to one extreme or another (neither patriarchal, nor matriarchal, but a collaboration of both forces such as when Yin/Yang dance the Tango together to create new Life, according to NATURE’S LAWS). I’ll have more to share about this, and the way to continue forward, keeping in mind the following dates and the phase meanings, in future posts.

(Apply the MoonCoaching™ 8-Step Creational Cycle to the longer Saturn/Pluto Cycle):

  • New/Conjunction/0-Degrees/SEED-INTENTION: January 12, 2020

  • Crescent/Semi-Square/45-Degrees/PLAN-RESOURCES/ALLIES: May 6 2024

  • First Quarter/Square/90-Degrees/ROOT-ACTION: June 23, 2028

  • Gibbous/Sesquiquadrate/135-Degrees/PRUNE-FOCUS: July 10, 2032

  • FullFLOWER-MANIFESTATION-REVELATION/Opposition/180-Degrees/: October 17, 2035

  • Disseminating/Sesquiquadrate/225-Degrees/FRUIT-SHARE-WISDOM-UNDERSTANDING: November 15, 2039

  • Last Quarter/Square/270-Degrees/REVIEW-RELEASE-CLOSURE: November 4, 2044

  • Balsamic/Semi-Square/315-Degrees/COMPOST-SURRENDER- BE@PEACE: February 10, 2049

  • New/Conjunction/0-Degrees: June 15, 2053

With all my Love,


Silvia Magdalena Pancaro

Creatrix of MoonCoaching™

And now the personal story from today:

I received a text from my every beloved Sunny Sun Son Sebastian today, at 11:59 am EST…and given what he shared with me, I immediately pulled up the astrological chart of that Moment, because sure enough I still had some residual F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) about him, his past, and his chart. And what did I see? Well, it was PRECISELY THE EXACT MOMENT OF THE PLUTO/SATURN CONJUNCTION. To.The.Minute! I was like, well fuck, Sebi, of all the days & times for you to decide to do this thing, did it have to be RIGHT NOW????!!!!!??? You see, it is not just the fear energy that has been floating collectively lately about world events and this particular transit (given the actual history for the times this astrological transit was active)…but well, this brilliant big Soul of my kiddo, incarnated this planet when Neptune & Uranus were conjunct in Capricorn…which is squared by his natal Moon in Aries….among a whole slew of astrological configurations that have perplexed me about his Generation, and in particular thinking to myself, WTF was his Soul thinking to CHOOSE this??? See the charts below if you understand Astrological symbolism. Yeah! Right???!! Golly. So, what did he tell me to leave me momentarily struggling with my F.E.A.R. as a Mom of such an Aquarian/Gemini/Aries? He no longer has a motorcycle. He’s had quite a few. One of his various nicknames is Slippy 9-Lives. Last bike he had, well, let’s just say, his Scorpio planets including Pluto/Jupiter/North Node were activated. Not a happy Mom….strike that, VERY HAPPY MOM because I still have my precious Bundle of Joy, alive & well. His decision today was, that he cannot take not riding, that he was going to test ride a motorcycle today, and feel what he knows makes him HAPPY. He literally spoke the words: “It’s just something that my Soul needs to be happy.” Yeah, he actually used THOSE EXACT WORDS. Mind you, even though we raised him non-religiously, but very metaphysically & spiritually, so we believe in Soul, Reincarnation, etc…Sebastian DOES NOT and just last week said to me he does not believe that we have a Soul. Bullshit, this from someone with 4 astrological points (Saturn, Venus, Mercury + midheaven) in Pisces, lol. So, back to today’s conversation. He sends me like 50 pictures of him on his many bikes. Then he tells me about going pro, and said: “That’s my dream and I’m going to chase it.” Yep, he really said that. Ok, so if you don’t know Astrology and don’t see the correlation in the charts, you may miss the importance of these 2 statements AT THAT PRECISE TIME – the Cosmic Clock keeps Time very well with our Soul & our Dream. Evidenced by this scenario. Ok, I’ll explain:

The big astro-transit that began today, at that precise Moment, is: Saturn/Pluto at exactly, and I mean exactly to the minute – 22-Capricorn-47. This activated his natal Neptune at 22-Capricorn-08. And 2 degrees from his natal Uranus at 24-Capricorn-13. Holy Mother of God. I just noticed something HUGE. The asteroid named MAGDALENA, my Mom, who practically raised him (well, I did, along with my parents, then later my hubby)….who IS HIS GUARDIAN ANGEL…is at 22-Capricorn-16. Thank Goddess my Mom is so committed to her grandbaby, even from Beyond The Veil. OMG. Seriously, can our Souls be so smart? I just saw something else that I’d not seen before, and I’m now crying buckets. The Asteroid named Sylvia (me, I’m Silvia) is at 25-Cancer-28, straight across all his Capricorn points. This is going to get very personal….sorry, but it so perfectly demonstrates that our astrology charts really ARE Divine Blueprints that our Souls co-created with our Creator, and in conjunction with other Souls who are our Soulmates…which my Son and my Mom are absolutely my Soulmates. The connections between all 3 of our charts is very strong, and even though my Mom crossed the Portal 6 years ago, she is still watching over us. This I know. One of my fav teachers/astrologers is Demetra George, who researched, wrote and taught about the Asteroids (not just the Goddess Asteroids, but ALL of them), and she said that it’s uncanny how the names of loved ones, or events always show up in amazing ways in chart delineation. This is certainly the case here – the asteroid for my Son is exactly conjunct my natal Sun. Is that why I nicknamed him Sunny Sun Son of my Heart when he was born? And my natal Jupiter is exactly conjunct the Asteroid Sylvia in his chart. And there is MORE…but let’s leave it for another post!

So, back to the Astrology: What is being powerfully activated for my Son is his NEPTUNE – which represents the SOUL’S DREAM. Pluto makes it compulsive, passionately driven to feel the rush – which this decision come very much like that, even though he’s been daydreaming about riding again for a couple of weeks…the decision to follow thru came in that instant. Saturn is about making something ‘real’ (hence rules form, manifestation), so he spoke to his buddy that works at a bike shop to arrange for a test drive. Uranus is lightning fast energy - not just the speed that bikes are known for, but also for the sudden inspiration. The Sun is involved, too, and he mentioned that it’s a gorgeous & perfect day out today in SW Florida, so he was not going to waste it. Literally. And Mercury is there, too….and as everyone knows, this is communication and thoughts. He was thinking about it, communicating with me via text (a lot, which is unusual for him) and sharing his deepest longings, thoughts and pictures. Another of the biggie asteroids is also here: Ceres, archetype of the Great Mother, she who watches over her Child…is present with ALL of us at this transit, and that includes my kid. And since she’s literally joined with Magdalena, my Mom….I know they have joined forces to protect & guide Sebi with his bike.

All this, along with the tremendous amount of back and forth sharing between Sebastian and me today, totally shifted my mindset from ‘worried Mom’ to OOOOOHHHHH, Universe I get what you just said thru everything I just wrote down on this word doc! You are not kidding you crazy and wise Ancestors! You really DO want us to shift from F.E.A.R. to LOVE, LIGHT, WISDOM & JOY! This exchange with my Sunny Sun Son Sebastian demonstrates how the Past does not have to dictate the Future, if we really LISTEN WITH OUR HEARTS to the other person, and tap into their JOY, and all separation, fear, and judgment will melt away within the Cauldron of the Unified Field of Love. This is GREAT! Thank you for showing me, Beloved Son of my Heart, just how we can shift the Collective thru personal acts of compassion on a smaller, personal, individual Familial level, just like we did today. Learning to TRUST the Guardians of Humanity, will be of tremendous value in times of possible shifting, so here we go!

With all my Love,


Silvia Magdalena Pancaro

Creatrix of MoonCoaching™

COMING SOON! Right on TIME for the REAL NEW YEAR, which begins March 2020!

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