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Moon~Coaching™ Astro.Tarot.Ology™: Crescent Moon in Libra = Step 2 of 8 for VIRGO Lunar Moonth - Ti

Today, September 2, we reach the CRESCENT MOON PHASE in LIBRA, as the Moon & Sun continue to cycle thru the VIRGO MOONTH, channeling the energies of this Astrological earth sign, for us to work & create with, in bringing our personal, professional, spiritual and creative goals & dreams into Moonifestation™. The Crescent phase relates to STEP #2 in my Moon~Coaching™ formula of Moonifestation™:

In these next few days, while we are in this phase, we get clearer on what must be done in order to achieve the Goal/Intention that we set for ourselves at the New Moon (that was STEP #1). This is the phase & time in the lunar moonth that we get very practical - meaning write down your 'to-do list' and jot down your resources and contact your allies for getting this Intention off the ground and moving towards successful Moonifestation™!

As MoonCoach™, I will act as your guide on this Lunar Journey, guiding you through each lunar phase during an entire lunar moonth (about 30 days each cycle), working with Tarot & Oracle cards, in tandem with the Astrological vibes. Be sure to journal as you work the energy in your life. To refresh your MeMory on the current Moonth theme: This lunar cycle has us focusing on the practical & down-to-Earth VIRGO energy in our lives, asking us to truly DISCERN the contents of our minds & environment, to do some radical CLUTTER CLEARING and set everything in RIGHT ORDER to live a more FUNCTIONAL DAILY experience in every aspect of our Lives. And RE-WRITE our LIFE SCRIPT to reflect a truly positive, life-affirming and healthy MINDSET & DAILY LIFESTYLE. Keep in mind your Intention/Goal as you read this post (and subsequent posts)....

First let's consider a few key words for the CRESCENT MOON phase:

Crescent Moon Portal Dates:

  • Sept 2 -5, 2019 (it will grow to the next phase, 1st Quarter, on 9/5)

Tarot & Oracle Cards Pulled for Crescent Moon in LIBRA:

  • 4 of Rods (Wands)

  • 34 - Splitting

  • The Universe works fast when I'm having fun!


And now on the Tarot portion of this moonth's reading for you, me and all readers:

Tarot & Oracle cards I pulled for this lunar phase & moonth, for the Collective Consciousness,

and those who are reading this blog:

The above is the full spread including the main Tarot & Oracle cards for this part of the Virgo Moon Cycle; plus the Astrology chart for the Collective energy, showing the Moon in Libra now further away from the Sun in Virgo (a 45 Degree angle of separation) she is appearing as a Crescent in the skies at night, just barely revealing the reflected Solar Light...and therefore she is distributing that Virgo Light Seed energy to us on Earth. We now have a bit more Light to see!

Let's begin by taking a look at the main Tarot card message.

From the Sol-Lunar perspective, SPIRIT + SOUL show us via the card imagery, guidance on our best RESOURCES, ALLIES & PLAN for accomplishing our Intention this Lunar Moonth:

(Image: 4 of Rods (Wands) from The Intuitive Tarot by Cilla Conway)

There is a great deal of happiness, comfort and satisfaction in this image. We are encouraged to truly use our capacity to ENVISION the final outcome...whatever INTENTION or GOAL you set for yourself on the Virgo New Moon a few days ago, now that the Moon is lending us additional Light with which to 'see' further along our Path, we can IMAGINE our desired Moonifestation in greater detail. This almost feels like a 'crystal ball' into which we are peering, noting our 'future' outpicturing as we would love for it to be at the Pisces Full Moon on 9/14. If you had such a magickal crystal ball...what would you be seeing now? Mind you, this is no ordinary crystal ball that fortune tellers fill your head with silly 'written in stone' futures...NO, this is more like an Etch-A-Sketch that requires YOU to draw what you WANT. This is putting YOU in the driver's seat to direct the flow of Creative Energetic Currents towards where you want to be. MoonCoach here does not predict futures with cards nor stars - nope - here MoonCoach reveals to you the potentials that exists simultaneously withing your own Imagination. What MATTERS in this card image is actually the 4 Rods (Wands) that are holding up the CLEAR Crystal Ball....what 'appears' inside that CLARITY is YOURS TO DECIDE. The message is, CLEAR: The Crescent 'to-do list' that you are to write out for yourself, must be just like this image: a stable foundation from which you can DRAW the necessary resources & material, to literally MOONIFEST your desired outcome. Whatever that looks like for you, can bring you satisfaction, comfort, happiness. Only YOU know what that means...because Happiness, Comfort & Satisfaction are subjective and highly personal. So, this message further states that what is required of you at this Crescent Moon Phase is to CLEARLY VISUALIZE that which brings you this level of Happiness. As part of the overall Virgo vibe, you must put your Resources IN ORDER, organizing them into a STRUCTURE that is fully capable of MAINTAINING your Dream/Goal/Intention in such a way that step by step, brick by brick, stone by stone, your desired result will be built on the kind of FOUNDATION that secures your Happiness, Comfort and Satisfaction. The Virgo cycle if you will recall includes updating our Self-Talk Cycle from one that is self-defeating, to one that reflects the highest level of personal integrity. We are revamping our MINDSET so that on a daily basis we follow a certain DISCIPLINE that adds to our positive well-being, health and desired Lifestyle. What do you 'see' for yourself in this Etch-A-Sketch Crystal Ball? How do you want to FEEL when you 'COME HOME' ? Our true Happiness is not about the 'big events' that ocurr in our Life, but rather those everyday, mundane situations that are the 'little stones' of which our overall Life is built. Virgo is concerned with the 'DETAILS' in our Lives...and combined now with Libra who desires HARMONY above all else, we get a clear sense that this Harmony will arise out of the little things we do day-in, day-out....and by the same token, a lack of Harmony, a lack of Happiness, denotes that our daily habits are out of integrity with our Soul's True Purpose. Our Soul & Spirit wants nothing more than to feel AT HOME with YOU, as the Identity taking action and living Life. We are the ones that sabotage this Comfort, Happiness and Satisfaction, by eating poorly, doing work that is unfulfilling, allowing fear & anxiety to run amok in our minds, and having a self-defeating attitude towards Life. We can DO BETTER. We can EXPERIENCE BETTER. But it takes (Virgonian) DISCIPLINE to accomplish a healthy daily routine that leads to (Libran) BALANCE.

Part of the message from this card then, in combination with the Crescent phase meaning, and Libra + Virgo is that we must:

1. Consider & Visualize what truly makes us feel totally AT HOME in our own Lives (Happiness, Comfort, Satisfaction) as this is truly a Celebration of all good things.

2. Create an action plan that includes activities that bring us a sense of HARMONY thru DISCIPLINE in our DAILY thoughts, actions, attitudes and interactions with Life.

3. Gather the types of RESOURCES that build a secure FOUNDATION - what are the 'little bricks/stones' that you need to work with on a DAILY basis for your Well-Being & BALANCE?

4. Choose your ALLIES for this Lunar Moonth according to the level of support they afford you in encouraging DEDICATION, DISCIPLINE and POSITIVE MINDSET, especially if it's challenging for you to stick to such a HEALTHY ROUTINE (i.e. think of these allies as being like a workout trainer who pushes you to succeed in getting stronger, leaner, healthier - rather than those that pull you down into the dumps of your old unhealthy lifestyle). Get it?

5. Make a firm COMMITMENT to sticking with your new routine...create a SCHEDULE for these new ACTIVITIES, and think in terms of these being part of your NEW LIFE SCRIPT.

6. CHOOSE to create NEW HABITS that are supportive of your new script!

7. VISUALIZE every day, that which you want to feel, do, be. Practice using your personal spiritual Etch-A-Sketch to erase the old, add new ink, and make a fabulous Life for yourself!

Adding the 2 Oracle cards to this message, we see a sort of 'splitting' that needs to heal if we are to succeed. I see this as being of '2 minds' - one (little wounded ego) pulling you in the direction towards unhealthy, old habits...the other (your Soul/Spirit) is attempting to guide you towards your Home Sweet Home. Imagine what you can create if you integrate your split minds into one that works from a place of wholeness? Let me be clear: There is nothing 'bad' about the ego-self...I disagree with those systems that say one must destroy the ego...because that ego is simply a Divine part of us that was wounded, and is trying to do its job: PROTECT YOU. But as it is working from the wounded aspect, it is fear based and working against your actual GOOD. It is not trying to be 'bad' so all it needs is a new set of instructions! It is very much like an unruly, fearful child that cries out because it's scared of the monster under the bed! If you just stop to LISTEN to that child, and show them there is truly nothing to be fearful of, and that YOU are there as the adult (Spirit/Soul) to guide it towards doing more FUN activities, then it will LISTEN TO YOU as well. And then the ego self can be supportive of your New Life Script, since it was designed to help you get to Happiness, Comfort and Satisfaction to begin with! So, integrate this part, and you do it by noticing your daily 'bad habits' and asking what fear or unheard issue these represent in your life. Then work to rescript it (remember I wrote extensively about how this Virgo moonth includes rewriting your Life Script, in one of my previous blog posts for this cycle - go read it again!).

So, taking on that example of the scared little child, it ultimately wants to have FUN, right? By listening to its fears (the ego fears), then you bring peace and calmness to the wounded child, and in so doing he or she now has the freedom to play and have FUN! You've managed to integrate the 'split' parts of your Psyche, so that now you will have WAY MORE ENERGY to direct your focus towards the kind of LIFE you want!!!

Remember to keep in mind the messages from Mercury, Venus and Mars as you go thru the cycle:

VENUS: What positive things do I most value in MY Life, to nourish my well-being?

MARS: Who is in my 'Driver's Seat" (my Little ego,or my Spirit), and am I Centered on my Soul?

MERCURY: have I cleared out heavy thoughts from my Mind in order to have Mental Peace?

To wrap this up, look at the images above in all the cards. ​How do you describe YOUR TO DO LIST, RESOURCES & ALLIES for this moonth, in light of this information from these cards, these messages, these energies? And how can you interpret these to specifically support your own Inner Journey towards discerning what aspects of your life are functioning efficiently, and taking practical action towards bringing Wholeness in all areas? And if you are an Empath or Healer or in some Profession dedicated to the Whole-making of the Collective: how might these cards (and the messages) relate to your Sacred Work in the moonth ahead? Ponder, meditate & journal.

And if you'd like personal one-on-one Moon~Coaching™,

please contact me for my rates and to set up an appointment.

I'd LOVE to assist YOU in achieving your Greatest Self-Expression!

Feel free to contact me with questions, suggestions, InSights and your thoughts.

Peace & MoonBeam Blessings,

Silvia “MoonCoach” Pancaro

Creatrix of Moon~Coaching™

All material Copyright Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro. All Rights Reserved.

MoonCoach™, MoonCoaching™, AstroTarotOlogy™, and AstroVibeOlogy™ are TRADEMARKS & BRANDS of Silvia Pancaro. Do not copy!

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