Supercharge Your Goals & Dreams with the Power & Magick  of Lunar Phases, Archetypal Astrology & Natural Cycles!

NEW MOONTH in VIRGO Starts 8/30/19: Moon~Coaching™ Astro.Tarot.Ology™! New Moon = Step 1 of 8 for

The Moon & Sun join forces in Virgo, channeling the energies of this Astrological earth sign, for us to work & create with, in bringing our personal, professional, spiritual and creative goals & dreams into Moonifestation™. Continue reading below to sync up with the Moon, Sun and Virgo (and Pisces, too, as the 'culmination' point being the Full Moon will bring in the energy of Pisces into our experience!). And be sure to return on the dates mentioned below to read about the ongoing Astrological energy at each Moon Phase over the course of this cycle!

Image: Moon & Sun by Sheryl Humphrey

As MoonCoach™, I will act as your guide on this Lunar Journey, guiding you through each lunar phase during an entire lunar moonth (about 30 days each cycle), prompting you to pull a Tarot or Oracle card, and journal on the related themes. This lunar cycle has us focusing on practical & down-to-Earth VIRGO in our charts, asking us to truly DISCERN the contents of our minds & environment, to do some radical CLUTTER CLEARING and set everything in RIGHT ORDER to live a more FUNCTIONAL DAILY experience in every aspect of our Lives.

Each of the 8 lunar phase portals allows us to work with its energy, amplified by the Zodiac sign in which the Moon finds herself, and attuned to YOU in a personally relevant way. (For advanced students, note the house and or planets activated by the lunation in your own astrological chart). This will be the 1st (of 8 steps/cards), related to the New Moon portal. (If you find pulling 8 cards for yourself is too much, you can instead pull 4 for New/1st Quarter/Full/Last Quarter; or 2 for the New & Full; or even just 1 card at the New phase to guide you all moonth long).

First let's consider a few key words for the NEW MOON phase:

New beginnings,

Planting a Divine Seed (within ourSelves), Intuition, Trusting One's Inner Guidance System (because there is no light reflected externally), Setting Intentions for the Moonth ahead, Starting a New Project, Begin Working Towards a Goal.

Next, in the Esoteric aspect of Tarot, which I use in my AstroTarotOlogy™ program, Virgo is represented in the

Tarot by Key IX - The HERMIT; + a few key words for VIRGO, an EARTH sign, ruled by the planet MERCURY:

VIRGO: Sacred Service. Sacred Work.

Archetype of the Priest~ess. Vessel. Discernment. Research. Decluttering. Clearing. Details. Alternative Healing. Sorting thru info to reach the Essential. Practical use of Time/Energy. Attainment. Organizing. Microscopic Focus. Editing.

Discipline & Discipleship. Minutes.

MERCURY: Communication. Information. Ideas. Thoughts. Healing. Lungs. Hands. Vocal Cords. All mediums of sharing ideas/thoughts/information such as writing, speaking, blogging, media, television, news, internet, letters.

HERMIT: Wayshower. Adeptship. Responsibility (Ability to Respond). Ancient of Days. Guide. Prudence. Patience. Solitude. Discretion. Maturity. Introspection. Cycle Completion (#9). Withdrawal from External to Search Within. Bringing Light to Others.

Combining NEW + VIRGO, this entire lunar month's themes include:

  • Beginning a new daily routine that brings more well-being into your Life.

  • Starting a project that requires discipline, focus and attention to detail.

  • Launching a business relating to alternative healing or healthy lifestyle.

  • Beginning the process of clearing clutter from some area of your Life.

  • Taking your 1st steps on a spiritual path that allows you to serve others.

  • And other possibilities that utilize any Virgo/Mercury/Hermit vibes.

REMEMBER: You do not have to be a Sun Sign Virgo to work with this energy! We each have ALL 12 astrological signs in our natal charts, so there is a little bit of ALL the Celestial Archetypes in our own Psyche! Plus this is Radiant Cosmic Energy that flows throughout our Solar System, so we can 'catch' it and apply it, and consciously work it into our goals & dreams!

New Moon Portal Dates:

August 30 to Sept 2, 2019 (it will grow to the next phase, Crescent, on 9/2)

Planet Associated With this Lunar Moonth in VIRGO :

MERCURY: Our Rational Mind. Our communication skills.

Preferred learning style. Mental thought processes.

Tarot Card Pulled for New Moon in VIRGO :

(The MAIN message for your New Moon goal or intention):

  • Key 9: The Hermit

Main Tarot Deck for VIRGO New Moon:

  • Ember & Aura Tarot

Deck Creators:

  • Jamie Richardson

Sign & Exact Degree for this phase:

  • VIRGO : 6 Degrees and 47 Minutes

Moon~Coaching™ Questions to Ponder & Journal for Virgo Moonth:

  • What in my daily environment needs cleaning and clearing?

  • How can I take better care of my own body as an extension of the Earth Mother's body?

  • Is there a new daily habit that I can establish which leads to greater Health and well-being in my Earthly life?

  • Is there an area of my Life that needs some serious clutter-clearing?

  • What can I do to serve the Greater-Good?

Song for this Lunar Moonth in VIRGO :

"The Great Bell Chant" with Thich Nath Hanh & Brother Phap Niem

Our general astrological focus from Virgo for this lunar moonth is DISCERNMENT.

We must separate out the negative from what is effective & healing in our lives, apply the practical mental skills of Mercury!

What we do to heal ourselves on a daily basis, will help heal the Whole. Your Sacred Work, is Sacred Service for the Good of ALL!

I will now pull a Tarot card for the Collective Consciousness reading this blog (which includes YOU). So, for the VIRGO New Moon, I am choosing to work primarily with EMBER + AURA TAROT deck, because I feel it reflects VIRGO as well as PISCES (Since the Full Moon will be in Pisces) themes. NOTE: I chose this deck because of the Virgo connection to the Divine Feminine, and specifically Mary Magdalene and the Priestess energy. All of which are part of the Esoteric meaning of Virgo in connection with Pisces. And this deck truly embodies this energy

And now on the Tarot portion of this moonth's reading for you, me and all readers:

Tarot & Oracle cards I pulled for this lunar phase & moonth, for the Collective Consciousness,

and those who are reading this blog:

The above is the full spread including the main Tarot & Oracle cards for Sun/Moon; plus Tarot & Oracle cards for Mercury, Venus and Mars, all of which were 'conjunct' (in same space as) the Sun & Moon itself. Each has a Voice!

Let's begin by taking a look at the main Sun/Moon message for Virgo:

From the Sol-Lunar perspective, SPIRIT + SOUL show us via the card imagery, guidance on our best FOCUS for our Intention throughout the entire Virgo/Pisces Lunar Moonth, and especially now as we plant our Intentional Seed into Universal Consciousness:

Fascinating! We received the very card that naturally & esoterically represents VIRGO: The HERMIT! Such a perfect confirmation that we need to focus on the PURE ENERGY of Virgo itself. It is as if The Universe is shouting at us saying, THIS! it's all about Virgo this moon cycle, and given that the MAJORITY of planets are ALL LINED UP TOGETHER in this sign at the Time of the New Moon (and 4 of those 5 planets will indeed remain together in Virgo right up until the Time of the FULL Moon!). This is quite an Astrological message, confirmed by The Hermit. So, this particular depiction in the Aura + Ember Tarot, shows a Wise Elder within a Sacred Cave - and caves are emblematic of the Goddess, as these represent the WOMB of Earth. From this Sacred Space, we are able to 'weave' our stories much like Grandmother Spider from Native American folk stories. This moonth, we have the opportunity to REVIEW our Life Story - or our SCRIPT - if you looked at your Life as if it were a Hollywood movie script, what would it be: Drama, Horror, Romance, Documentary, Period Piece, Historical, Comedy? All of the above? Pick one aspect of your Life that feels out of whack, and consider the 'lines' that you keep tripping over as the Actor in your own Movie. Since Virgo has to do with DISCERNMENT, and furthermore with ANALYZING the DETAILS, and determining what is EFFICIENT vs NON-FUNCTIONAL, then we need to truly look at those loops in our Consciousness that truly need to be erased, and rewritten. Pretend you are not just the Actor in your own Movie, but also the Editor, as well as the Script Author, oh, and the will obviously realize you are also the Producer. It's costing you unnecessary expenses and losses when your Actors screw up the lines...but also when the lines are shoddy and don't makes sense because the writing itself is outdated therefore not communicating the Core Message that that your Production was originally designed to convey.

So, ask yourself: What parts of my Life Script need re-writing?

Apply the Virgonian gifts of discernment, analysis, practicality, microscopic focus, and clearing/cleaning, to your Life Script. The more detailed, the better.

It's best to do this in our own the Hermit, we would all do well this moonth to step away from the Collective for a bit (take a vacation from Facebook & Instagram!), and in your Spiritual Isolation, you can be ruthlessly honest with yourself. Ultimately the HERMIT is our Guide...the Inner Wise Elder who REMEMBERS our TRUTH, and whom will SHINE THE LIGHT on what has been forgotten, so that we can integrate our own Wisdom. As the winds blow outside our cave (in this card), the tree bends without breaking....reminding us that though it may feel challenging to us to be this level of honest with ourselves, regarding those old, outworn, outdated lines, and those crappy-sounding cassette tapes looping over and over in our minds, or like the proverbial scatched LP record that skips over and over on the same portion of the song we once loved so dearly, but now can't bear to hear...we may not like the WINDS which come to CLEAR the cobwebs in our repetitive patterns. So, we need to invoke the Inner Hermit - our Guide - to give us strength - to provide some Light from his/her Lantern - so that we can see inside our own darkness, courageously, and with eraser (or White-Out, or the Delete key) in hand, we can finally remove those lines permanently from our Life Script.

The next piece is more fun: The actual writing in of new lines! This is the part that the sign of the Full Moon (yes, even during the New Moon phase we must look ahead to the FULL phase as that is our 'target' being the Moonifestation of the goal itself): PISCES. Pisces is the Dreamer, the One that DREAMS many possibilities, thru the practice of IMAGINATION running wild! If you could IMAGINE any new story, a new movie for yourself, what would that be? How you you like to BE & FEEL in what remains of Life? Forget the lines of the Past - the Hermit & Virgo took care of Dream Forward In TIME, and give yourself permission to Dream Outside the Lines! (WOW, this is good stuff here!!). Really! NO LINES...forget it...go beyond the limits, and let your Soul & Spirit INSPIRE you via PISCES ability to dream, imagine, and evolve in the realms outside of the known and comfortable. Now, once you've got it, write it down. Yes, yes, you can paint it, or dance it, or sing it, or sculpt it, or photograph it...whatever form feels best to you...just that illusive energetic Dream down to Earth in some FORM. After all, Pisces + Virgo = The Dream Brought Down to Earth...or the VESSEL filled with LIFE. Just DO something to bring that Essence into Expression. That will be your Sacred Work for this Lunar Moonth.

And The Hermit is here to support you in this task.

The Oracle card further confirms the need to pull away from society or external distractions as much as possible in order to achieve the above aim. It's telling us clearly that SILENCE is golden...that in order to dive into the Cave of our Inner Hermit (truly our Heart, with which we connected last moon cycle in Leo if you will recall), it is necessary to move into SILENCE. There is a quality of vulnerability here, as many of us purposelly DISTRACT ourselves with external 'busy' activities, because Silence and Stillness are uncomfortable....because we fear the Beautiful Wild Space Within our Innermost Self...afraid to meet THE DIVINE, which aches to speak with remind us that we are in fact a beautiful expression of IT (God/Goddess/Spirit/Source)

and that IT wants US to feel the Love & Excitement IT feels when IT Dreams US into being...and wants US to truly ENJOY BEING ALIVE, without the old, ineffective tapes. We were born with a particularly beautiful script - written by THE DIVINE's own Hand. We simply forgot. We need to REMEMBER it NOW. Because Life On Earth needs US to show up in the special, beautiful, unique way that we were Divinely Design TO BE.

Again, that is our 'Task' this lunar mooonth.

Apply the message to your own situation, and to your own Intention/Goal as it fits best....but do it. Connect the message with your Intention. And follow thru as if your Life depended on it. Seriously. Truly. Really. Just do it.

Next, let's consider the month, from MERCURY'S perspective:

As the ruler of Virgo, he is our 'Guide' revealing how our MENTAL focus can best ORGANIZE OUR THOUGHTS throughout the entire Moonth,

especially now as we plant our Intentional Seed.

The Tarot card pulled for Mercury along with the 2 Oracle cards, tell us that those old 'lines' or 'tapes' in our Minds are causing us tremendous stress and distress...literally weighing us down. Here, the 9 of Wands (from the Guardian Tarot by Beth Seilonen) shows a tree-like Being with heavy leaves that drop from it's 'crown' - The Crown Chakra perhaps? If so, our Portal to Spirit and Divine Consciousness, via the Pineal/Pituitary Glands. The 'Roots of Heaven' reach down to US from Above, but cannot reach us clearly since those old, heavy leaves are blocking the Communication from Spirit to our Self-Consciousness. What to do? As this is Mercury, planet that teaches us about Thoughts, Mind, Communication - it is clear that we are actually NOT CLEAR, and need to BE CLEAR! The Oracle cards tell us how: Go back in TIme, before our DIVINE SCRIPT got literally HIJACKED by the wounded ego, and RECONNECT with that beautiful, innocent, free and joyful RADIANT COSMIC CHILD SELF that trusted Life, trusted Spirit, trusted itself. Clear, clean slate. Mind you (pun intended!), I am not saying that all you've experienced isn't' part of the Divine Plan, nor something that you should deny as part of your lessons, but rather, don't let the ENERGETIC CORDS of the PAIN YOU CHOOSE TO SUBCONSCIOUSLY HOLD ONTO, stop you from living life as if each day were a NEW DAY. Every day, IS new. And every moonth, at the New Moon we get to likewise start all over, and create our Lives from a Conscious Perspective, aligned with the Divine Creator (as expressing thru ITS sacred tools which include Astrology and these archetypal images and Art). Each day brings you an opportunity to develop PEACE, to remember that PEACE is your natural state. That like SILENCE in the previous pair of cards, PEACE is equally Sacred and FOUNDATIONAL to our ability to create or re-create our Lives from the stance of the Child. For you Biblical folk, I will remind you of a Key Passage that I sincerely believe is THE REAL SECRET to LIFE:

"Truly I say to you, unless you become like children,

you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven."

I encourage you to look at the following painting of Buddha being tempted by Mara with all manner of scenarios: demons, beautiful women, glory, as well as fearsome things. And yet, Buddha sat in Silence, realizing -

let me say that again REALIZING his Peace...

So, please, practice this...Virgo is about DISCIPLESHIP and about DISCIPLINE. To reach that Inner Wisdom represented by our main card - The Hermit - we must practice with discipline, that actions and the mindset that lead towards the ATTAINMENT of our highest potential.

Next, let's consider the month, from MAR'S perspective:

Since Mars is sitting right with the Sun & Moon in Virgo, I want to know what ACTION we can utilize to ENERGIZE the Solar Seed throughout the entire Moonth,

especially now as we plant our Intentional Seed.

I will admit, I am 'late' in posting this particular blog entry...I was for some reason, not feeling inspired, or rather my ego-personality was battling with its own demons so clearly I was not ready to sit silently in contemplation of the messages that were wanting to come down to Earth, here for you, as well as for me. I see now why. As I look at all the cards, and allow my hands to type what is channeling thru the 'Vessel' that I call 'my-self' named Silvia, I understand that 'i' had to be ready...that the Wheel of Time literally had to 'turn' as does this Tarot card (X - THE WHEEL from The Intuitive Tarot by Cilla Conway) for Mars which is ACTION. I will explain as it happens to be a germain part of this message:

VIRGO is teaching us this month about what it means to be A VESSEL. For what? For our Spirit and Soul. For the very LIFE that ANIMATES us. Which is to say, the God-Force, or the Love of the Goddess. However you personally refer to THE CREATOR of ALL, this in fact is what is seeking EXPRESSION thru the very Being that YOU are. This cycle will give you plenty of opportunities to reveal to you YOUR TRUE NATURE: as a Conscious Vessel for Spirit. But we are each on different 'timelines' of activity. Mars in Astrology is all about the ability to TAKE ACTION, and to be DIRECTED into a particular Direction. How amazing that the images speak to this oh so very perfectly! THE WHEEL - what does that mean to you? It could be referring to the Wheel on the VEHICLE (another name for VESSEL, eh?!). WHO or WHAT is the DRIVING FORCE behind that Wheel? Will you continue to loop those old ego-based tapes and lines to determine that direction in which you will go? FREE WILL tells us that, yes, you can choose to do it this way - the HARD WAY. However, there is ANOTHER WAY. In allowing your Self, your TRUE DIVINE SELF, which is to say, that part of you that is a SPARK OF GOD ETERNAL, to get into the Driver's Seat, and direct you, THEN the Direction in which you will move forward on the Path of your Life, will be something you cannot even Imagine yet (yes, I know I told you at the onset of this post to DREAM & IMAGINE, but I promise, it can be even grander, and not in an egocentric way, but in a DIVINE WAY).

Here's the thing: if we look at The Wheel (traditionally called the Wheel of Fortune in Tarot), as representing (esoterically) the Wheel of Incarnation, with it's many turns and twists, very much like those crazy roads in Europe that require some seriously expensive vehicles to maneuver), we can consider that our own lives take many crazy, wild and dangerous curves on those roads. Some fun. Some not so much fun. Mars can be very violent & destructive leaving lots of damages in its wake of ill-conceived actions, or it can be the purring engine that literally runs that gorgeous Lamborghini Veneno Roadster or Bugatti Veyron over those twisting curves, when DRIVEN by an EXPERT & CONSCIOUS DRIVER. So, we can choose to go round and round on our personal Wheel of Life (whether this 1 Life, or the Reincarnational Cycle of Many Rebirths, whichever you believe), allowing our small, wounded ego self to run amok....OR we can choose to PARTNER UP with SPIRIT as a Conscious Vessel, and live a Life (or Lives) that are PURPOSE-FULLY EXPRESSED. Free Will gives us the CHOICE. And with these cards, we are reminded that we be Conscious Participants in the COLLECTIVE LIFE by remaining CENTERED on the Peaceful PRESENCE of the Divine at our very Core. Or we can spin out of control by forcing our little wills and our egoic ambitions to drive us. The Choice is always yours.

Look at those 2 cards - Really meditate on the connection between them. Remember, I pull form different decks - so it's always uncanny how one will always reflect some deeper message in the other. Notice the central figure in both. Notice how your Eyes (and in particular your 3rd Eye ) is naturally drawn to the CENTER in both. In spite of the spinning activity of The Wheel, if you position yourself at the very Center, you will be taking Mars ACTION from a place of CONCENTRATED PEACE & STILLNESS. So that the actions you take will be truly INSPIRED, and directed by Spirit. The road ahead then, is 'guided' by a Higher Force that is always watching out for your well-being. You may not yet know where you are headed, but God does know.

Next, let's consider the month, from VENUS' perspective:

Since Venus is sitting right with the Sun & Moon in Virgo, I want to know what MAGNETIZES towards us the DESIRED RESULTS over the course of this Lunar Moonth, especially now as we plant our Intentional Seed.

And finally, let us look at the message from VENUS, the archetype of Love, Beauty, Values, Harmony and Balance...also the Law of Attraction...the Feminine MAGNETIC Energy...which also sits with the Sun & Moon in Virgo, all the way from New to Full phases. Here a Question comes thru, very simply and directly, for you to consider in relation to clearing out the old tapes, and re-writing your Life Script this moonth:

What do you most value in Life, in your Life,

which is necessary to your overall well-being?

Please forgive me for quoting another Biblical passage, but some are worth including as truly there is Wisdom in ancient books from many religious and spiritual traditions. I happen to know a few, as a 'recovering' Catholic who read that Book via a more symbolic lens than do most Christians. Same is true about the Bhagavad Gita or the Vedas or other Sacred Texts:

"In sending out the Twelve, Yeshua said to them,

'Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves:

be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.”

This one instantly came to Mind for some reason. Allow me to tap into why...ok. As what I write is meant as a message on multiple levels to those who read it - to be applied at a 'practical' everyday life level in the readers own personal experience - as well as for those who are specifically EMPATHS currently incarnated on Earth during these turbulent, transformational TIMES that we COLLECTIVELY face - then what please note that you are to take what best applies to YOU at whatever level you need at this time in your own Life. What does not, let it go. So, in terms of this passage as it VISUALLY connects symbolically with Mars and with the 2 cards above:

The main Tarot card here is the 4 of Pentacles, from the LightSeer's Tarot by Chris-Anne, which holds a potent message for us.

When in the midst of your Life, personally and/or collectively, you find yourself amdist 'wolves' (negative people or situations, such as we saw earlier in the Buddha painting), it is imperative that you HOLD ON TO YOUR MOST PRECIOUS VALUES - those that are closest to your Heart (VENUS)...those Value that will sustain you and comfort you and guide you safely thru times and places and situations and relationships that could otherwise test and undermine your Strength and Discipline....because you WILL be tested. This is where once again, the symbolism of VIRGO comes back to us: The ability to stay focused on the Discipline that we have committed to in our lives. Which is why we must be CLEAR on what that Discipline is. Yoga, or Meditation, or Journaling, or whatever it is for you....always the one that CONNECTS you to Spirit, that brings you BACK TO CENTER...back to your ONE TRUE SELF, just like the Buddha, just like Yeshua, just like the Masters that Know and Serve the One Creator, for the Good of All, thru infinite Compassion, Love and Mercy (as Pisces reminds us). Interestinly both cards show a similar pattern: the arms crossed over the body. This is a message: Self-Protective measures may be called upon as we travel thru this Lunar Moonth. There will be times in the cycle that as The Hermit, we will need to step outside of our Cave, out into the World at large, in order to do our Sacred Work...and when we do, it is important that we hold ourselves responsibly, at the very Core of our True Nature, so as not to be rattled by the external appearances that might show up to test us. Again, look at the painting of Lord Buddha above...

So, Venus is here to simply say: Maintain your Inner Harmony (i.e. Peace) by holding on to your most Soul-full Values. These will sustain you in times when your Innate Wisdom is tested. As the Owl in the Oracle card shows us, we can place our hands over our body in an energetic self-protective stance, invoking Harmony and Wisdom to guide us further on our Path.

To confirm the messages of all the cards together, lit up by the flame of the Hermit's Lamp to Light our Path forward this Lunar Moonth:

To wrap this up, look at the image above with all the cards. ​How do you describe YOUR FOCUS for this moonth, in light of this information from these cards, these messages, these energies? And how can you interpret these to specifically support your own Inner Journey towards discerning what aspects of your life are functioning efficiently, and taking practical action towards bringing Wholeness in all areas? And if you are an Empath or Healer or in some Profession dedicated to the Whole-making of the Collective: how might these cards (and the messages) relate to your Sacred Work in the moonth ahead? Ponder, meditate & journal.

In closing, the cards and messages for this Virgo/Pisces Lunar Moonth are very powerful. These reveal an ongoing process of Personal & Collective Transformation - that will in fact continue as the months and years go forward. I say this because we are going thru an INITIATION the like we've not had in AGES...and Astrologically speaking, will continue into 2025 at least. So, I believe these are not just 'light' messages but LIGHT MESSAGES that are to be applied very practically to the Individual Consciousness as a foundation for the bigger shifts to come. We have chosen to incarnate in very challenging Times. My Beloved Teacher, Jeffrey Brock, used to laugh as he quoted an old Chinese 'curse' believed to have been uttered by Lao-Tsu: "May you live in interesting times!" Indeed, we do. And we have a huge responsibility to future generations, not just to ourselves.

So my friends, I leave you with my favorite painting, by Russian Mystic & Artist, Nicholas Roerich. This is my 'go to' Sacred Image, whenever Life tests me. On the outside when shit hits the fan, I go as deeply inwards as I can...where I find God, Peace, I can 'reflect' on the 'reflection' that appears on my outer screen of order to put that shit in order, and be better able to deal with my Life 'out there.' I hope it inspires you this lunar moonth!

Remember to create your own Sacred Space or Moon Altar. And if you'd like support with your Lunar Journey this moonth, I am available for personalized Moon~Coaching sessions, as well as Astrology and/or Tarot readings. My Sacred Work is to assist all Beings to evolve, empower, awaken & create their Best Self!

And for those of you that wish to GO DEEPER with Moon~Coaching™ principles, pull out your astrological chart (Your Essence~Blueprint™) and look for the 7th degree of VIRGO. The 'house' in which this new moon in VIRGO occurs, is where the ACTION is taking place this moonth. You may also have planets or asteroids being ACTIVATED by the New Moon. And then look to the houses (always a pair) by the PISCES/VIRGO FULL Moon, which illuminates your MOONIFESTATION™. These need to be taken into account when planning your activities for this cycle. (I'm happy to assist you with this if it's new to you). I'll use my chart as an example:

The Leo New Moon falls within my 9th house, which relates to international business, publishing, higher education, teaching, long distance connections, long-term goals, Vision-Questing, and Mission/Purpose. I will be sharing my personal LIGHT within settings that relate to teaching others about the importance of Vision Questing to better understand their Mission in Life, and it's my intention to do so within the international community. I will certainly be applying the cards and messages from this post to my Intention, and I'll be pulling additional cards for myself to dive a bit more deeply into my personal Lunar Journey...applying the messages to the 9th House and the planets activated.

Additionally, the PISCES/VIRGO FULL Moon will fall across my 3rd/9th house axis, bringing LIGHT to bare upon my communication and the information I have to share with the community (related to 3rd house), and express these as part of my own Life Mission (9th house) for sharing my innate wisdom PURPOSEFULLY (my SUN/Pisces) with the people I serve (VIrgo) in the international community (9th house) which express my Life Purpose (SUN) in a meaningful way that allows to participate with my generation (Pluto/Uranus), teaching (3rd/9th house axis) the importance of transforming our consciousness (Pluto) by tapping into the Light of Genius (Uranus). So, I'll likewise pull cards to more deeply personalize my own experience for the Full Moon phase portal. I encourage you to do the same if doing so resonates for you!

(NOTE: The other 6 phases can also be 'read' into the chart for additional guidance and action we need to take in a unique ways, since this will be different for each of us according to our chart.)

For more ideas and key words, read the VIRGO Moonth in the Calendar section of my website here:

That’s the overview for the entire VIRGO Lunar Moonth, and also the ‘seed’ to plant during this New Moon Phase, which lasts from August 30 to September 2, 2019, at which point we move into the Crescent Moon Phase. I will check back at the Crescent, and pull another card to guide us through that part of the Cycle.

And if you'd like personal one-on-one Moon~Coaching™,

please contact me for my rates and to set up an appointment.

I'd LOVE to assist YOU in achieving your Greatest Self-Expression!

Feel free to contact me with questions, suggestions, InSights and your thoughts.

Peace & MoonBeam Blessings,

Silvia “MoonCoach” Pancaro

Creatrix of Moon~Coaching™

All material Copyright Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro. All Rights Reserved.

MoonCoach™, MoonCoaching™, AstroTarotOlogy™, and AstroVibeOlogy™ are TRADEMARKS & BRANDS of Silvia Pancaro. Do not copy!

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