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CRESCENT MOON in Capricorn 11/15/15: Moon~Coaching™ Step 2 of 8 for Scorpio Moonth, 2015

As MoonCoach™, I will act as your guide on this Lunar Journey, guiding you through each lunar phase during the SCORPIO Moonth, prompting you to pull a Tarot or Oracle card, and journal on the related themes. Remember there are 8 phases in each cycle, and you may wish to review my first post explaining each of the lunar phases as it relates to your goal setting & intentions. As I've posted before, each lunar phase portal allows us to work with its energy, amplified by the Zodiac sign in which the Moon finds herself, and attuned to YOU via your astrological chart. (For advanced students, note the house and or planets activated by the lunation in your own astrological chart).

This will be the 2nd (of 8 steps/cards), related to the CRESCENT Moon portal. I will now pull a card for the Collective Consciousness (which includes YOU). This Tarot card will give us InSight into the necessary actions for Step 2 in the current moonth.

For the Crescent phase in CAPRICORN, I am choosing to work with Robert Place's Alchemical Tarot deck.

Information on Robert's work & Tarot decks can be found on his website here:

First let's consider a few key words for the Crescent Moon phase:

Plan, Necessary Actions, To-do List, The 'How To' point of the moon manifestation process.

And next, a few key words for Capricorn:

Organization, order, discipline, hard-work ethics, tradition, structure, form, manifestation, leadership, social standards, status quo, building for the next 7 generations, authority, Elders, paternity, Father archetype, Old Man Time, Lords of Karma, rules/regulations, Ancestors.

Card for Crescent Moon in Capricorn: The Wheel of Fortune (Major Arcana) Deck: The Alchemical Tarot

Deck Creator:

Robert M. Place and Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Moon Phase & its meaning for this Moon~Coaching Creation Step:

Crescent Moon - Create your action plan! What is your Cosmic-To-Do list? What steps do you need to take to manifest the Seed Intention/Goal you plotted at the New phase a few days ago?

What ideas are beginning to take shape in your mind as a result of your New Moon dreaming a few days ago? What'll you need to do to bring that dream into manifestation by the full moon?

Moon Sign & exact degree for today's phase:

Capricorn - 8th degree

Exact date & duration of this phase:

November 15 thru 19, 2015

Sabian Symbol for this today's phase (Marc Edmund Jones & Elsie Wheeler):

"In A Sunlit Home Domesticated Birds Sing Joyously."

Card Image I pulled for this lunar phase:

As you know, the Crescent phase in the moonth-long lunar cycle, asks us to consider the dream/intention/goal we set a few days ago during the New phase, and create a 'to-do list' that answers the question: How am I going to go about actually manifesting my new moon intention by the full moon in the next week-and-a-half? Adding the energy of Capricorn to the crescent, we get this is about putting together a very hands-on, practical list, that requires discipline, focus and dedicated work. It may also suggest that you can speak to an Elder in your Family, or consider the wisdom of your Ancestors, at this time. When we add the meaning of the card for this phase, we are further impelled to consider the factor of TIME into the equation so that we are not thrown off our personal wheel by becoming distracted by peripheral activities. In other words, as we are focusing on our Scorpio intention (transformation & empowerment in some area of our life), let's use that Scorpionic x-ray vision to go right to the heart of The Matter, and pinpoint those worthwhile activities that will get us from point A to point B. Scorpio (the moonth in which we find ourselves) relates to The Past (i.e. our subconscious); Capricorn (in this phase) rules TIME; and the Wheel of Fortune likewise has to do with the CYCLES OF TIME. So it's clear that "Time is of the Essence" in The Great Work upon which we've embarked this Lunar Moonth. Notice that I've started us off with 2 Tarot decks related to ALCHEMY - so you know that we've the opportunity this moonth to transform our personal Lead (metal related to Capricorn in this phase) into GOLD (Scorpio relates to Hidden Wealth, Buried Treasure and the Alchemical Process in general). Whatever intention you set out to accomplish a few days ago, now needs to be put into high gear in a very precise and active process, as evidenced by The Wheel of Fortune.

An important part of the Scorpio themes for all of us, and likewise a major component of the Alchemical process, is burning away of the old...practically speaking, the need to FORGIVE in order to release ourselves from the limitations caused by our own resentments. It's energy that is trapped deeply in our Souls, which could otherwise be utilized in service of your own EnLightenment. In this particular depiction of the 10th Major Arcana, we see the Solar Fires in one corner burning brightly as a reminder of both the need to burn away what is TOXIC in our Consciousness and Lives, as well as being a reminder of the LIGHT WITHIN which behooves us to burn brightly! We see the Stars and the Cosmos above, to guide us through these cycles. The rocks in another corner to remind us that we need to demolish what we've built that imprisons us, in order to build anew on Earth. And water dropping from the atmosphere shows us that it's good and perfect to release our pent-up emotions such as grief and sadness (this moonth relates to Death) is a cleansing process that creates openeness in our Hearts.

I am loving how Robert Place depicted this Trump, because we see the Oroborous as the Wheel itself...the snake eating it's own tail, in this case the Feminine Dragon and the Masculine Dragon of Alchemy. With this, we are further reminding that our process of Transformation requires the courage to bring things to an ending, in order to allow a new beginning. An in terms of the 'to do list' of the Crescent phase in Capricorn, we may wish to include what we need to bring to completion, rather than start anew. Again, this lunar moonth relates to Death/Rebirth, so to bring old projects, old things to an alchemical fire in order to leave only the ashes on the funeral pyre, in order that the PHOENIX (an alchemical symbol of advanced Scorpio) may be born!

Put this symbolism to work in your lives...what does this card say to you? How is it a picture of your Consciousness at this Moment in the Scorpio Lunar Cycle? What can it teach you about the way in which you can accomplish the transformation or alchemical healing or retrieval of your personal power...or whatever you set out out to accomplish a few days ago?

Next, we will take a look at the description of this card, an excerpt taken directly from the deck’s book (by Robert M Place & Rosemary Ellen Guiley):

“...This medieval goddess of fortune would be familiar to the ancient Romans, who named her Fortuna, a title that Robert Graves says was derived from the Etruscan goddess Vortumna. Vortumna's name means 'she who turns the wheel of the year.' This reference to the zodiac demonstrates that her wheel is meant to be more than a simple moral warning; it indicates that she is the triple goddess of time and fate, whose cycles of birth, life, death and rebirth were emulated in all ancient mystery traditions.

TAROT WISDOM: What goes up must come down. The rise and fall of fate can seem like an unending trap, but as we move to the centre of the wheel, our ups and downs become less extreme, and finally, at the axle, we can reach the stillness at the centre of our being. From this vantage the fluctuations of the fixed and the volatile can be seen as the essential rhythm of life. Like its Eastern counterpart, the yin-yang symbol, this image itself can serve as a subject of contemplation to help in attaining a state of calm. Meanwhile, the fact that evertything changes often works in our favour, so this can be considered a card of good fortune .” (

So, to recap, at time this phase to list your ideas for how to accomplish your goal, thinking in terms of earthy/Capricornian structure and organization. Perhaps it's enough to organize your thoughts, maybe it's consulting with a respected authority figure in your life, or perhaps this is the time to make the decisions that honor the Gifts of your Ancestral Lineage, while dreaming the dream forward for the next generations.

Bring back to mind the 2 cards we have so far for this SCORPIO Moonth, and combine the meaning of the cards, phases and signs:

What do YOU see in the cards as you ponder their meaning as we've read them in light of each lunar phase, for the Scorpio cycle?

How are YOU going to apply this guidance (to include your own Intuition!) to the goal/intention you've set for yourself at the new phase?

In what ways can you creatively combine these images in a manner that is personally meaningful to YOU?

At the new phase being step 1 (of the 8), THE EMPEROR showed up to remind us to consider what new structure we would like to build in our life. We focused on what tools we may have used previously to create our personal experience, and decide which ones still serve you, and which ones the Scorpio energy is invited you to release. The Emperor also invited us to take a good look at the way we have been managing our resources - what state is our 'empire' in, and is there anything that needs to be managed differently?

At the crescent phase being step 2, guided by THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE, we get pen and paper and plot out our 'how-to' and 'to-do' listing our ideas and potential action steps to accomplish the New Moon Intention. Fortune's Wheel tells us to consider the cyclical nature of Life and of Creation, as we ponder the necessary actions. Are you at a point of growth and movement foward, or is this a time to collapse the existing forms in order to level the playing field for new creations/new life?


One final piece to consider for those of you that wish to go even deeper, is the Sabian Symbol for the exact astrological degree of this crescent phase: "In A Sunlit Home, Domesticated Birds Sing Joyously." When we add this idea to the what we've discussed about the forms we've built, and what we may need to release to better manage what is in our care, we are invited to do so with a joyous heart, rather than considering it a dreaded experience. Scorpio can feel quite scary to some folks, since it is after all the Archetype of the Shadow, so its invitation to look honestly at what we need to let go of, can feel daunting! But this Sabian Symbol brings in the Light of the Sun into our daily existance - so we have the energy of LIFE and DIVINE LOVE to accompany us as we move through our personal Shadow. Additionally, the birds singining joyously add to our sense of LIGHTNESS, and trusting that the more we surrender to the process, the more JOY we will have in our new lives!

For me, today, November 15, marks the 2-year anniversary of my Mom's Death. Her beautiful Soul was named Magdalena in this lifetime, and certainly she was a Priestess of the Magdalene, in every way. The name Magdalene comes from Hebrew, meaning 'The Tower of God' and she really was the backbone of our Family. She died of lung cancer (at the physical level) but karmically I believe she 'died' of a deep Soul wounding from which I daresay she was never able to recuperate. She went pretty past and nearly painlessly, since she and my whole Family decided against the toxic and infinately more destructive path of allopathic medicine's Cancer scams. We opted for Nature to allow a more peaceful transition for her body, without the added stressors of chemo and radiation. She was pretty happy and radiant and 'alive' up until about the last 6 or so weeks. To my Mom, all she needed was her Faith in the Great Mother (as Mother Mary and Kwan Yin), her husband (my Dad Osvaldo), her children (my brothers Ozzie and Dino, and myself), her grandchildren (Sebastian, Sabrina, Nicholas and Isabella, and her extended Family. We were her Life and her Love. My Mom was the 1st Death I ever witnessed, actually that any of us ever witnessed. My parents immigrated to the USA from Argentina, so my brothers and I did not have any Family other than each other growing up in Los Angeles. My grandparents died in Argentina, and my greatgrandparents died in Argentina, Spain and Italy. I never had to go through the pain of seeing them die...or rather the HONOR of watching anyone TRANSITION from Earth to The Great Beyond. I don't want to turn this blog into a personal Family Memoire, but suffice it to say, that for me, today's Crescent Phase in Capricorn, combined with this card, The Wheel of Fortune, + the Sabian Symbol, really remind me that part of moving forward into a NEW LIFE requires the releasing of our attachments to our old grievances, and that we best honor our ANCESTORS by JOYFULLY turning The Wheel in accordance (A-Chord-Dance) with the Natural Cycles of Life-Death-Rebirth. We best move forward into our own New Directions by CONSCIOUSLY turning The Wheel with the most MAGICKAL ingredient called "GRATITUDE." I Am Silvia Jacqueline Pancaro, Daughter of Magdalena (Tower of God in its original Hebrew) and Osvaldo (Power of God in its original Germanic), the embodiment of all the desires and dreams, expectations and fears, shadow and light of my Ancestors from Spain and Italy, fully Present in the Here & Now, grateful for all that they passed on to me physically and energetically, so that I may BUILD a new FORM forward in Time so that ALL FUTURE Turning of the Wheel honor the Depth of Soul that moves through my Lineage, while FORGIVING all the errors and judgements, pain and suffering that we either caused others, or others caused them/us, so that I and WE can finally be FREE, expressing the GOLDEN LIGHT that emanates through us, as Portals of Healing on Earth and Beyond.

Alrighty then - not sure where that came from, but trusting always in Divine Inspiration flowing, let me state that one of the 'practical' ways that I will be working over the next few days with this energy, is to do RADICAL FORGIVENESS for as many people, or situations, personal or global, as I feel are necessary to transmute my anger or sadness at this time. Because Capricorn is not only our Ancestors, but also the AUTHORITY FIGURES WHICH GOVERN OUR LIVES, I will work on forgiving all the SHADOW POLITICIANS that are apparently running this show...surely you've seen my Facebook profile, so you know what I'm referring to. I encourage you to the do the same. You can work with either Colin Tipping's Radical Forgiveness worksheets, or with Katie Baron's The Work worksheets. Here are their website links:

So, now, it's YOUR turn!

How are you going to apply this guidance to your goals/intention?

I will check back at the 1st Quarter Phase on November 19th, and pull another card to guide us through that part of the Cycle.

Feel free to contact me with questions, suggestions, InSights and your thoughts.

Peace & MoonBeam Blessings,

Silvia “MoonCoach” Pancaro

Creatrix of Moon~Coaching™

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