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MoonCoaching™ AstroTarotOlogy™ : Final thoughts at the Leo Balsamic Moon Phase (The End of the Virg

As you know by now, we are at the final step/moon phase of the Virgo Lunar Moonth:

#8-Balsamic Moon. The End. Completion. Enter the Temple of Stillness.

Hopefully, you've read my previous blog posts, and seen my posts on either Instagram (@MoonCoaching) or on Facebook (@TheMoonCoach). If not, this is still a great Time to review what you've been thru in the last 4 weeks during the Virgo lunar moonth, and I'll include some of those thoughts from IG & FB here. Mostly, I wanted to just give an official send-off to this moonth, because it's been particularly powerful for me personally...lots of major clearing work, and as my own intention was to 're-script my life' by clearing some old stuff in my Psyche (Soul), I am still integrating those realizations, clearings and healings, as I will be to the very last minute of this Virgo Lunar Moonth. The last minute of course being the very nanosecond that the Moon turns New in her relationship with the Sun tomorrow at 2:26:14 pm EDT in Libra. So, I figured I'd ask you all to take these last few hours to honor yourselves for all that you've done, learned, integrated, healed in these past 4 weeks. To repeat the MoonCoaching™️ journal question for this Balsamic moon phase in Leo to bring the Virgo season to its end:

How can I enter into my Innermost Temple of Silence, Stillness - the Sacred Space in which I meet up with Soul & Spirit - to simply just LET IT BE...?

You can journal your instinctual, most Soul-full answer and do as your Soul prompts you...and/or you can pull a card (Tarot or Oracle, but I prefer Oracle for this final one)....and journal your final thoughts.

I'll share here one of the things that came up for me was to discipline myself to such an extent that I continue with my postings whether 1 person or 10,000 people read it...I need to continue 'showing up' doing my Sacred Service because that is what I was born to do. To share Wisdom from the Soul, as revealed by the Cosmic Vibes of Astrology, seen thru the lens of the Art from Tarot & Oracle cards, and expressed in the teachings and writings that I put out there into the World, with the intention that it bring Light to whomever needs it most in any particular Instant of Time. I also realized that most of my own personal troubles have been because I am an Empath - full blown - and that I have fought this my entire Life for many reasons - seeing it as a 'curse' rather than as a Gift or Blessing. And I made my peace with it during this cycle. I've claimed healthy boundaries, so that I can connect with all of Life at this level, while maintaining some semblance of sanity and health for myself. This has been 52-1/2 years worth (plus Womb-time in my Mom) of not knowing where I end and where someone else begins because I had no sense of ME - as I gave myself to the energy of others, of the planet, of Spirit - but never fully & JUST me.The moment I realized this, and said NO to lack of boundaries, and instead claimed being an Empath a GIFT rather than a curse, everything shifted, from the inside-out. Literally, within the day, shortly after the Pisces/Virgo Full Moon, I understood my Purpose. And I was FREE.

Tremendous gift that I received from working with the Virgo-Pisces polarity this moonth...granted, I have this very strongly marked in my own Astrological chart, so both the Virgo & the Pisces cycles tend to be very important ones for me. The point of this is that YOU each have particular & specific Lunar Moonths that are more potentially powerful based on your own unique Astrological configuration. For example, pay more attention to the lunar moonths that coincide with your birthday, as it will likely reveal aspects of your Life Purpose since your Sun is being activated by either the new or full moon (just like for me, I have the Sun in Pisces, as well as many planets in Pisces + Virgo, so this cycle was extremely transformational). I urge you to get to know your own Astrological chart as this reveals to you so much about YOU, it is what I call your Essence-Blueprint, with all your gifts, challenges, talents, abilities - you have Free Will of course, so you can activate these and evolve towards your Highest Potential, or not. The chart gets 'activated' by continuing cycles as the planets in our Solar System transit in their own Evolutionary Journey, touching off of your own blueprint (chart), and inviting you to evolve, grow and expand in Consciousness thru your choices, thoughts & actions. This is why the Oracle at Delphi gave us the most important message ever given to Humanity: KNOW THYSELF. In doing so, we make more conscious choices, according to astrological activations 'timed' at specific moments throughout our Life. So, again, this is why I am passionate about Astrology, not just doing readings and counseling others with it, but even more so, I am passionate about teaching Astrology to others so that each individual can manage their lives to the utmost potential. This to me, is true empowerment, and beyond what any other Sacred Tool can possibly offer. And THIS is my purpose: To teach Astrology to others thru the various courses, playshops and programs I designed with slightly different themes. Which brings me to one of the other realizations I had this moonth:

One of the main lessons in my year-long training program called Path of the Lunar Priest-Ess is the need to “break the vessel” in order to strengthen ourselves to hold greater Light within our Consciousness in order to be more empowered in our capacity to channel Spirit. My hubby and I include this as part of the Balsamic Moon initiation. Interestingly and not surprisingly, during this balsamic in Leo phase, as we were completing doing a deep clearing process on old #ancestral karmic patterns, we heard a distinct sound of breaking glass. We found this tiny green goblet that I had on my #walkingwithmary Altar (check out Hettienne's site HERE), had broken just as as asked him for confirmation that we had gotten to the root of the issue and was is completely cleared. I’ve had this set of mini liquor glasses for about 25 years & rarely use them. Certainly Spirit confirmed we definitely broke the vessel of the old and are now ready to rebuild a new Vessel in which to pour the Divine Light in our Sacred Service to the World as well as for ourselves.

This happens to be one of the major teachings in my course, so even we 'teachers' need to go thru the Initiations time and time again, learning ever deeper levels of Awareness each time. I’d also been pondering lately on if it is Time to offer my course again, as it's been quite a long time since my last Lunar Priest~Ess Circle. "Yes and expand it" is the message regarding creating an even larger Vessel for these Teachings, so I will be announcing soon. I generally begin it during either the Virgo or Pisces months, so likely I will launch it in a February 2020. We are wrapping up the Virgo Lunar Moonth so even that is an amazing synchronicity with this message! Again, this is also related to the Virgo-Pisces axis planets in my own chart, and it is a very natural 'language' for me to share with others. As a Priestess of the Magdalena, working specifically with the energies of the Moon, Sun & Earth, it forms a part of my Sacred Work and how I serve the Divine Light. I feel myself as 'Vessel' broken open, and being reformed by Spirit to be able to hold more within me to share with those whom I meet upon my Path in Life. To explain a bit of the symbolism, Virgo = The Vessel, and Pisces = The Divine. The Balsamic Phase relates to the final astrological sign, Pisces and its polarity counterpart, Virgo. So, the message repeats itself over and over during the Virgo/Pisces lunar moonth! If you will recall when we began this moonth on 8/30, one of the messages I shared - to re-script our lives, to become cleared Vessels, in order to express ourselves more fully as Divine Beings. So, given what I experienced myself, and the general energy of this cycle, I would add another dual journaling question for you:

What have I released from my old habitual patterns?

How have I made myself a more clear Vessel for new Inspiration to flow thru me?

Another biggie which I'd like to share with you, and I invite you to consider how you may have had a related realization:It's the little things in Life that get to me. My kiddo who is now 25 texts me that Scott Stapp has a new album out. Those of you from my generation know he was the lead singer for Creed. Their biggest hit was 'With Arms Wide Open' and Sebastian was still little when it was released. I remember crying the first time I heard it, because it resonated so deeply for me as a Mom to the little Aquarius that was mine, yet faced with the heartbreaking reality that though he was conceived in Love, the dream of a perfect Family as I then envisioned it, would not be. I remember seeing them in concert in Miami, and balling my eyes out as they sang that song. My love for my Son was profound (still is), and it brought up a lot of pain because I wanted a perfect Life for my little boy, which I felt I had failed, because his Dad and I had gone thru a horrific divorce. As parents, most of us want to give our kids the best Life, but sometimes that best doesn't look like what we pictured. It's our attachment to how we think things should be, that bite us in the ass every time. I choose to see that however imperfect our Life was, it was perfect in terms of our Souls and whatever Karmic Lessons & Gifts the Divine planned for us-even if it turns out differently than the ideal picture in our limited human minds. Crying like crazy now...with all those old emotions, regrets over lost dreams, and moving towards gratitude for the better version of Life that came after the disillusion of the old..The Moon has turned into her Balsamic Phase today, hence this emotional release is perfectly Timed & hearing Stapp's new music via my Son's text, is truly healing. The Balsamic phase is the time of the lunar moonth in which we surrender to Soul, to our innermost sacred do what we need to heal & recuperate our energy. It's ok to cry. I realize as I write this, that it's particularly meaningful to let go of the pain associated with the idea of PERFECTION since this lunar month focused on healing any self-critical judgments over the perceived lack of perfection in any area of our lives (thru the vibration of Virgo). So, an additional journaling question might be:

What self-critical emotional block have I healed in myself this cycle?

And lastly, I finish with this final piece (Peace):

I pulled one final card to further deepen our surrender into the realm of Soul: Happiness from the Magic and Manifestation cards . This little bird is significant since it represents the Soul in Egyptian mythology. The great Goddess Isis shape-shifted into a bird to do her magic and return her Beloved Osiris back to Life long enough to become impregnated with Horus. I have no clue what the creator of this deck wanted this card to mean as I rarely use the books to interpret cards but prefer to read intuitively, so to me this says having broken our old Vessel of past conditioning during this Virgo season (see my previous posts), now as we rest in the arms of the Great Mother during the Balsamic moon phase, she is revivifying us with a new Seed of Happiness which we will take forward with us into the next lunar cycle to create our Happiness! Wishing you contentment, peace and the graceful integration of all good things Virgo now as we complete this cycle.

Virgo is represented by The Hermit in Tarot. Hence we end this moonth as we began it: Under the guidance of the Hermit's Lamp, lighting our path forward towards the

Libra New Moon tomorrow, where I will meet you all again, with a new series of blog posts!

Goddess bless you!

I hope you have navigated the lunar energies well. See you again at the next moon phase on 9/28 with the FIRST step in the next phase (NEW) as the Libra New Moon begins a new lunar cycle.

Peace & MoonBeam Blissings,

Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro

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