Supercharge Your Goals & Dreams with the Power & Magick  of Lunar Phases, Archetypal Astrology & Natural Cycles!

NEW MOONTH in LEO Starts 8/2/16: Moon~Coaching™ + Tarot x YOU = Magick! New Moon = Step 1 of 8 for

As MoonCoach™, I will act as your guide on this Lunar Journey, guiding you through each lunar phase during an entire lunar moonth (about 30 days each cycle), prompting you to pull a Tarot or Oracle card, and journal on the related themes. This lunar cycle has us focusing LEO in our charts, asking us to truly RADIATE our HEART-LIGHT, authentically and JOY-fully!

Each of the 8 lunar phase portals allows us to work with its energy, amplified by the Zodiac sign in which the Moon finds herself, and attuned to YOU in a personally relevant way. (For advanced students, note the house and or planets activated by the lunation in your own astrological chart). This will be the 1st (of 8 steps/cards), related to the New Moon portal. (If you find pulling 8 cards for yourself is too much, you can instead pull 4 for New/1st Quarter/Full/Last Quarter; or 2 for the New & Full; or even just 1 card at the New phase to guide you all moonth long).

I will now pull a card for the Collective Consciousness reading this blog (which includes YOU). So, for the LEO New Moon, I am choosing to work with SOL INVICTUS Tarot deck, because I feel it reflects LEO themes of strong & positive Yang energy driving us towards healthy self-expression, while radiating the best we have in ourselves.

First let's consider a few key words for the NEW MOON phase:

New beginnings, Planting a Divine Seed (within ourSelves), Intuition, Trusting One's Inner Guidance System (because there is no light reflected externally), Setting Intentions for the Moonth ahead, Starting a New Project, Begin Working Towards a Goal.

And next, a few key words for LEO, a FIRE sign, ruled by The SUN:

Radiance, Positive Self-Expression, Healthy Ego, Innocence, Self-Worth, Play, Cosmic Child, Love, Heart Chakra, Brilliance, Creative Expression, Passion, Strength, Being Center Stage, Recognition & Achievement, JOY, Vitality, LIGHT.

Combining NEW + LEO, this entire lunar month's themes include:

Start appreciating ourselves for the magnificent BEings that we are! Begin the process of opening our Hearts wide in full trust that we are loved, and that we can love. Plants seeds of Light everywhere we go. Express ourselves creatively, with wild & passionate abandon (doing it for the sake of the joy and pleasure it brings us!). Get on the Stage of Life and SHINE our LIGHT!

Take every opportunity to embrace our unique brilliance & share it with the World. Play til your Heart's content. BE as innocent, playful, free and expressive as the Cosmic Child you were/are! Connect with your Heart of Hearts and LIVE your Life's Purpose as you were born to do/be/do!

Listen to your HEART - it knows when you are living authentically, or when you need to return to are a RADIANT BEING of the UNIVERSE and you MUST SHINE YOUR LIGHT, no matter what! BE ON PURPOSE!

New Moon Portal Dates:

August 2 through 6, 2016

Planet Associated With this Lunar Moonth in LEO:

The Sun: Our Spiritual Core, Our Power Center, Our Source of Life, Our Life Purpose.

Major Arcana Card for New Moon in LEO:

IX - The Hermit (Nietzsche's Zarathustra) Deck for LEO New Moon:

"Sol Invictus: The God Tarot"

Deck Creator:

Kim Huggins & Nic Phillips

MoonCoach Sign & Exact Degree for today's phase:

LEO: 10 Degrees and 58 Minutes

Sabian Symbol for this today's phase:

"Children Play On A Swing Hanging From The Branches Of A Huge Oak Tree"

Moon~Coaching™ Questions to Ponder & Journal for LEO Moonth:

*What is the highest expression your Spirit is here to explore? *How connected are you to your Inner Cosmic Child? *Have you ignited the flame of your deepest spiritual longing? *Do you give your Highest Self ample opportunity to create & shine? *Where you do feel the most JOY? *How vital, alive and creative do you feel? *What activities inspire you to grow & thrive to your fulllest potential?

Song for this Lunar Moonth in LEO:

"This Little Light of Mine" by Odetta

So, are you ready to apply the LEO energies of Light, Joy, Innocence, Light-Heartedness, Passion, Creativity and Authentic Self-Expression? Make a commitment NOW, during the New Moon phase towards that end. OR, focus whatever Intention you have for this moonth, in LIGHT of all the above concepts. JUST DO IT!

Additionally, you can meditate over the entire moonth on the planet/energy of the SUN, who invites us to ponder on our Life Purpose, and on expressing ourSelves radiantly from our Heart.

Work with the following Moon~Coaching LEO Moon~Mantras as often as possible all moonth:

And now on the Tarot portion of this moonth's reading for you, me and all readers:

Tarot card I pulled for this lunar phase & moonth,

for mySelf & for the Collective reading this blog:

Our focus for this lunar moonth is RADIANCE.

We must SHINE OUR LIGHT, like the SUN!

I asked the question to focus on this phase & guide us throughout the entire Leo/Aquarius Moonth:

What special quality lives inside my/our Heart of Hearts that needs to be expressed as part of my/our Life Purpose (i.e. My Authentic Radiance)?

We have a Light in our Heart of Hearts that acts as a Divine Beacon in the World, especially during dark or challenging times. This is our individual (and collective) Life Purpose, our Destiny - to hold up the Lamp of Awareness so that others can become filled with Hope that they may find the Way to a better place in their own Hearts; that in holding up this special Light of Divine Consciousness, others may find the God/Goddess of their own Being. As the Hermit, we must take time to return to The Original Source, to recharge our own Light... retreat to our own Cave of Healing to strengthen our Heart-Light...and then during the Divinely appointed Times come out into The World, to guide others, to remind them, to assist them, BACK HOME - toward THE SOURCE LIGHT. This is in our Heart of Hearts and it is what we must do as part of our Life Purpose.

And the Hermit does this in humility & compassion, knowing that we are not The Source of the Light, but rather individual CARRIERS of The Light - just as the Moon has no Light of her own, but reflects to all on Earth, the Brilliance of the SUN, in such a manner that Humanity can handle at their present state of development. Just so, we humbly channel this Divine Light via my our Sacred Heart Flame, to remind others of their OWN Connection to The Source.

What I would personally like to create (as part of my own Leo New Moon Intention and you can insert YOUR intention here at this point) is to open more avenues and opportunities in which I can be this humble & compassionate Light Carrier...doing this with the Sacred Tools that I love and excel with: Astrology, Tarot, Art, Aromatherapy, Creativity, Metaphysics, etc...and do it with Joy and Success, for the good of All, and for the greatest possible expression of The Light on Earth.

Actually, what I just described for myself, is something that all the HERMITS reading this can focus on and intend, as well. We all need to have our 3D needs met in order to be stronger & more effective Light Carriers...and we must all utilize the particular Sacred Tools that each one of us excels with. So what are the Sacred Tools that YOU love to work with? Spend time with these this moonth.

I decided to read from the accompanying book to this fabulous deck

(Sol Invictus - the God Tarot), and this is a snippet of what it says:

"It is the dark just before sunrise, and a wizened old man slowly exits the cave he has lived in for a decade. Into the black darkness of the outside world he shines his lantern, its light blazing out like a beacon from the cliff top. Below, three men notice his light and scramble towards it frantically as if their lives depended on reaching it. The Sun rises behind the cave of Zarathustra, as if to seal his pledge of guiding mankind."

And later in the book it continues: "In early every culture, there is a figure whose purpose it is to guide Souls through or into the Underworld/Land of the Dead...such figures are called PSYCHOPOMPS, meaning literally Guide of Souls."

Interestingly, this card is all about the not being afraid of the Shadow, and knowing to work with both Light and Shadow. Nietzsche wrote much about it, and though I've never read anything from him, I am amazed that most of my Life, I've lived according to Principles he wrote about. I cannot imagine Light without Shadow, and I help others navigate through their personal Underworld in all of my experiential courses, such as Path of the Lunar Priest~Ess, just as much as I help midwife them towards birthing their Light. It appears that this is my Gift: To be the midwife to the Light, and Psychopomp through the Underworld, so that each person that is put on my Path can embrace themselves fully as a Divine Child. So, after quite a few years of hiding in my cave (since 2012 actually), I'm coming back out...My Spirit and Soul are pledged to guide Humanity...Hermit I surrender to your Wisdom.

How do you describe YOUR PURPOSE, in light of this information regarding the Hermit? Have you been chilling out in your personal cave for awhile? We are BEING CALLED at this time to come out, and begin RADIATING THE LIGHT!

Below is the Hermit card as part of a ritual layout I did with 'Leo' themed goodies

+ my Moon~Coaching Meditation Cards (available for purchase).

Now, let’s look at the Sabian Symbol for the exact degree of the New phase, at 11 degrees of LEO: "Children Play On A Swing Hanging From The Branches Of A Huge Oak Tree." What might this metaphor mean to you personally? It's great that this Sabian Symbol really perfectly describes the awesome playful innocence that we've been discussing as a one of the focal points. How about going outside this moonth, play under the bright and shining SUN? YAY!

IN A NUTSHELL: In terms of applying this to this LEO lunar moonth, create projects, or set goals that relate to a a playful & heart-centered authentic self-expression, rooted in the Divine Purpose for which YOU were made.

And for those of you that wish to GO DEEPER with Moon~Coaching principles, pull out your astrological chart (Your Celestial Blueprint) and look for the 11th degree of Leo. The 'house' in which this new moon in Leo occurs, is where the ACTION is taking place this moonth. You may also have planets or asteroids being ACTIVATED by the New Moon (or by it's accompanying Aquarius FULL Moon), and these need to be taken into account when planning your activities for this cycle. (I'm happy to assist you with this if it's new to you). I'll use my chart as an example:

The Leo New Moon falls within my 8th house, which relates to alchemical changes, personal transformation, power source, sex, death, rebirth, hidden wealth, shadow & Underworld, merging energetically with others, and psychological depths of the Soul. I will be sharing my personal LIGHT within settings that relate to personal empowerment and transformation of consciousness. Since this is a 'dark' cave, just like the Hermit card I pulled, I gather my resources in this cave, and I must emerge from it, to bring the Light out to the World. It's uncanny how PERFECT that card works with my chart and these Archetypes!

Additionally, the Aquarius/Leo FULL Moon will fall across my 2nd/8th house axis, bringing LIGHT to bare upon my talents/gifts/abilities (related to 2nd house), and being valued (2nd house) for sharing these gifts PURPOSEFULLY (SUN) with my Friends and Allies (AQUARIUS) in a personally UNIQUE way (Aquarius) for which I will be valued (2nd house) and RECOGNIZED (Sun/Full Phase), as a result of my expressing my Life Purpose (SUN) in a meaningful way that allows for a blending of Light (Sun/Leo) and Shadow (8th house), teaching through example how to tap into the very HEART of the DIVINE to tap directly into the SOURCE of SPIRITUAL POWER (8th house).

(NOTE: The other 6 phases can also be 'read' into the chart for additional guidance and action we need to take in a unique ways, since this will be different for each of us according to our chart.)

For more ideas and key words, read the LEO Moonth in the Calendar section of my website here:​

And join us for the Moon~Coaching LEO Visioning Webinar on Friday, August 5. More info on the Facebook page:

That’s the overview for the entire LEO Lunar Moonth, and also the ‘seed’ to plant during this New Moon Phase, which lasts from August 2 through August 6, 2016, at which point we move into the Crescent Moon Phase. I will check back at the Crescent, and pull another card to guide us through that part of the Cycle.

And if you'd like personal one-on-one Moon~Coaching,

please contact me for my rates and to set up an appointment.

I'd LOVE to assist YOU in achieving your Greatest Self-Expression!

Feel free to contact me with questions, suggestions, InSights and your thoughts.

Peace & MoonBeam Blessings,

Silvia “MoonCoach” Pancaro

Creatrix of Moon~Coaching™

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