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MoonCoaching™ AstroTarotOlogy™ : Checking In with the Collective Vibes - Big Deal: 8 of 10 Planets

How are you all feeling? As we navigate the Virgo Moonth, let's do a quick Energetic check-in!

Look at the chart below. Notice how many 'green' points inside the Wheel? Yes, that is heavy duty concentration of Earthy vibes!

I been feeling a grounded, yet heavy energy since the Virgo New Moon and rightly so since it was not just the Sun and Moon that joined forces in this Earth Sign, but also Mars, Mercury and Venus. As I mentioned in my MoonCoaching™ blog for this Lunar Cycle that began on 8/30, this Moonth is heavily concentrated Virgo vibes! So, there's a lot of practical concerns with the day-to-day living which includes our dietary intake, the way we do our jobs, how we take care of our bodies, and all of our habitual patterns that we do automatically as part of our daily existence. This cycle called us towards rewriting our life scripts based on the notion that Mercury as planetary ruler of Virgo, gives this sign a touch of Air - so it's a practical mind at work here that we are all dealing with - therefore watching our self-talk cycle for negative self-concepts is a crucial part of this moonth's healing. And it's also about detox! Now that we are about 8 days into the Virgo Lunar Moonth, have you noticed what unhealthy activities you are involved in that need to be nipped in the bud? We can all go for detoxing our bodies, our minds, our souls, our relationships, and how we go about doing our work in the world. Virgo gives us ALL that analytical ability to be ruthlessly honest with ourselves - but hopefully not to the point of becoming so extremely self-critical that we freeze ourselves into the endless details of how we can do better, be better - an over-focus on our imperfections via our self-judgement...this is where the opposite sign, Pisces, comes in. This Water sign brings us compassion, forgiveness and understanding. But also the invitation to be mindful of our boundaries, and how we need to be very clear about our own Sacred Space, before we rush out to help others in our Sacred Work. So,it's a delicate balance between practical Virgo self-awareness of our habits, and summoning the right amount of kindness extended to our own imperfections.

So, the reason I wanted to pull some cards today, is the feeling of Gravitas that I am myself and in the Collective Energy Field. Astrologically, we are dealing with 8 of the 10 planets sitting in EARTH signs! Seriously, that is a LOT of on the one hand, we may be feeling grounded, supported and nourished by this Element; on the other hand, that gravity can feel very heavy, like we cannot bring ourselves up out of bed. Think of the Elements (and the Astrology signs) in terms of polarities: What does positively expressed Earth feel like to you? And on the other side of the ruler, how does it feel when it is overly done? Yeah. You get the picture. The other planets include the Moon, Saturn and Pluto all lined up in Capricorn; plus Uranus in Taurus. Look at that chart! I color code it so you can visually get the Elements - so GREEN = EARTH. That's 8 planets out of 10!! Plus the South Node (Dragon's Tail) is also in Capricorn. If you feel a bit 'stuck' now you know why. OR you might feel very supported. Now you know why. Either way, it's all about how you manage the cosmic and organic energies that are expressing thru YOU. So here are the cards I pulled to help us with this Earthy Energy. I wanted to know what the Earth would like us to know - to help her, to help each other, to help All:

  • 7 of Arrows from the Medicine Woman Tarot

  • Lightening Man from Oracle Of The Dreamtime

  • Power from Messages From The Wee Folk

  • Camphor from Wisdom Of The Trees Oracle

So much to say! So little space! In a nutshell:

Earth is asking us to put aside all our differences, and embrace each other, sharing our Wisdom as handed down from each of our Cultural Ancestors. We need to listen to each other, rather than fight. The Grandmothers & Grandfathers of ALL Cultures - Red, Black, White, Brown, Yellow - those that are indigenous to Earth, those that come from the other planets - ALL are welcome and ALL must sit at this Round Table to heal TOGETHER. We are being asked not to let those old powers (yeah, the 2 to 4 thousand year old ones) continue to separate and divide us. The world is highly polarized at this Time, and it will take a great amount of Wisdom and Compassion to pull us together as we were once created.

Lightening Man, from Aboriginal myth, causes me to look at the planet Uranus (= God of Lightening/Awakening) who is situated in Earthy Taurus, and is currently retrograde. This figure warns Humanity when it is barking up the wrong tree...and a big portion of the Collective, hypnotized by those 'old powers' is in fact, destroying the Earth. So, the warning is about the need to AWAKEN to the need to heal the planet, and save it or destroy it. Of course, Lightening Man is working with those Ancient Wise Elders from the 7 of Arrows, so if we listen to the Wise Ones, we have the hope of taking right action to save ourselves and Gaia. Uranus in Taurus is a big deal...hasn't happened since 1934/35. And what was going on in that era? Right, the World was in quite a mess...and building up to WW2. Not pretty times. We are in dire straights right this build up of Earth Energies, is most definitely a wake up call, lead by Uranus in Taurus, I believe. We don't have to repeat history...nope, we have the Power to shake things up but in a different way. Uranus is Revolutionary in its nature so, rather than lightening in the form of weapons going off, we can BE the Uranian Energy by US bringing the Light literally down to Earth. (Uranus = Light...Down to...Taurus = Earth). Get it?

Well, these first 2 cards were pretty heavy I wanted to 'lighten' up the reading a bit, so I went to my deck collection, and pulled one of my Earthy little people (fairy, gnomes, etc) decks, as well as one on Trees. Felt appropriate. The 4 cards don't 'match' so prettily but the 'conversation' they are having is profound. So, forget how it all looks, and listen with your Heart...

The Wee Folk sent us a Butterfly to literally make light of everything, and YET, to remind us that we do have the POWER to transform the situation! It's as if, in our vulnerability (butterflies are delicate), we can find our greatest STRENGTH. I am reminded of Muhammad Ali, the great boxer (I detest boxing, but his Spirit and Soul were very inspiring, as was his courage!) - his famous line is most appropriate here: "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee."

The Wisdom of the Trees offers us Clarity. Consider how Camphor is a prime ingredient in healing salves for nasal & lung congestion. In the same way, we can apply our own analytical skills to clearing the air between each other, as well as using clearly formulated ideas to bring healing to the planet and to All Our Relations.

We have the Power in our Collective Hands to make this shift from the old patriarchal system that has brought the Earth to her knees, into a positively transformed Holistic Relationship between ALL Beings that live on Her Body in a synchronistically harmonious way. I feel that is the bottom line message and opportunity we have now, as we navigate these Astrological currents, Collectively speaking.

And what about personally?

Well, all the above can easily be extrapolated from a macroscosmic perspective to a microcosmic understanding. Ask yourself:

  • Where in my Life am I out of alignment with others? How can I communicate my truth to them, while also opening my Heart to hearing their truth? (7 of Arrows/Swords).

  • How can I transform the situation, by applying Higher Mind into a practical way that brings healing & balance? (Lightening Man)

  • Am I in touch with my Inner Strength even if I feel vulnerable? Can I fly high enough to get better perspective? (Power)

  • How have I contributed to the 'congestion' in this situation, and in what ways can I bring Clarity & Healing now? (Camphor)

The 'World' out there - the one you are seeing and experiencing with your own Personality - is truly a reflection of your own Inner World. And vice versa! Therefore, the more you consciously choose to heal within your own personal Life, the more you are actually doing to help heal the Collective Energy Field. So, in closing, all this "Earth" energy with the 8 (out of 10) planets in the 3 Earth Signs...well, it's happening to reveal to us where we are stuck, where we've become too comfortable (i.e. complacent), where we have gotten lost in the minutia of self-criticism, where we lost touch with our deepest core values, and where we allowed corruption of our natural Wisdom to take root in our lives. In being willing to take Responsibility for all of this, and for our own part in creating these scenarios in our personal Life, we will be better Able-to-Respond to the call of the Planetary & Collective Healing. So, since this is literally a once-in-a-lifetime astrological configuration, and WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR, we might do well to tap into this 'gravity' and take action now to lighten the gravitas of our current situation, TOGETHER.

It is my deepest prayer that this message support you wherever you might be on your own Virgo Lunar Journey. If I can add to your personal upliftment by writing these Words, and offering them to you in the Vibration of Love, then I have accomplished my Life Purpose. And for that I am blessed. I wish you infinite peace and blessings as you continue on your Path....

These are the decks I pulled from. Please let me know if you'd like to purchase Tarot or Oracle decks, as I do have a number of items available on my Tarot Mystery School site store.

Remember to return on the following dates, when I will post the Moon~Coaching™ Steps Moon Phases on the Lunar Calendar for this current Virgo Lunar Journey. See below my signature for those dates. I wish you all much love & healing!

Peace & MoonBeam Blissings,

Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro

Creatrix of MoonCoaching™,

AstroTarotOlogy™, AstroVibeOlogy™ and more!

(These are the Moon phase dates for the entire Virgo Lunar Moonth.

All times/dates are EDT - Eastern Daylight Time)

  • Aug 30 @ 6:37 am New Moon: DREAM - 7-Virgo

  • Sept2 @ 11:07 am Crescent Moon: PLAN - 25-Libra

  • Sept 5 @ 11:10 pm First Quarter Moon: ACT - 14-Sagittarius

  • Sept 9 @ 9:32 pm Gibbous Moon: FOCUS - 3-Aquarius

  • Sep 14 @ 12:33 am Full Moon: MOONIFESTATION™ - 22-Pisces

  • Sept 18 @ 2:19 am Disseminating Moon: SHARE - 11-Taurus

  • Sept 21 @ 10:41 pm Last Quarter Moon: REORIENT - 29-Gemini

  • Sept 25 @ 9:55 am Balsamic Moon: BE @ PEACE - 18-Leo


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