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MoonCoaching™ AstroTarotOlogy™ : Pick-A-Card for Aquarius Gibbous Moon Phase in the Virgo New Moont

Play with me! Pick your card for the Gibbous Phase!

First, choose your set of cards (1, 2 or 3), then scroll down to see the 'reveal' and read the message for YOU!

To recap the 3 phases/steps we've been thru so far in the Virgo Lunar Moonth:

  • #1-New Moon. Set Your Virgo intention for this lunar cycle.

  • #2-Crescent Moon. Get your allies, resources and to-do list.

  • #3-First Quarter Moon. Take decisive action to create a strong foundation.

And now we move to:

  • #4-Gibbous Moon. Prune away distractions. Go into hyper-focus mode.

So, this phase requires absolute ZOOMED IN FOCUS paired up with REMOVAL OF DISTRACTIONS. Below you will see a picture with 3 big cards + 3 smaller cards under those. Pick a set of cards (1 big + 1 small that is directly underneath it). Trust that this is your answer to getting guidance & direction for your Step 4 (read the info on my Moon-Coaching™ Lunar Journey meditation card that is right above all the other cards to remind you of the vibe for this moon phase).

As with the previous phases this cycle, keeping in mind that most of the personal planets are still in Virgo, the overall energy is very much about Virgo themes (read my Virgo New Moon blog posts if you need a refresher!). The Moon is over in AQUARIUS, an AIR sign that inspires us to see forward, activates our ability to vision the future, and motivates us thru higher thinking...perfect for the the kind of focus we need for this Gibbous Moon phase. So, look up and ahead to the best possible outcome, and focus only that that which you want for your Moonifestation™!

To remind you, the card set you chose reveals:

BEST FOCUSED ACTION for growing your intentional Seed into Moonifestation™.


WHAT DISTRACTION NEEDS TO BE PRUNED AWAY in order to flow all your creative energy towards your Moonifestation™.

To repeat, this is the stage in the MoonCoaching™ process where you must flow your complete attention and energetic flow towards your desired outcome! Call to mind your Virgo New Moon INTENTION that started the current lunar cycle on 8/30 as you pick your cards. Remember: Your original Intention is your focus, goal, seed - for this entire Virgo Lunar Cycle (8/30 thru 9/27). As you read thru the message pertaining to your choice, let your SubConsciousness and SuperConsciousness guide your Self-Awareness in brainstorming how the message applies, and how to work it!

OK, did you pick your card set?

1, 2 or 3?

When ready, scroll down for your message for this moon phase in the Virgo lunar moonth from MoonCoach™:

















7 of Cups + Feminine


Maiden of Swords + Embrace


Knight of Swords + Fun

Trust yourself to enact this in the way most befitting of your Soul Purpose. This GIBBOUS phase lasts from 9/9 thru 9/14, so ZOOM IN and stay on track with your vision!

I'll post the other Moon~Coaching™ Steps Moon Phases as we get to those dates on the Lunar Calendar. The next one will be the PISCES FULL MOON on 9/14, which is our Moonifestation™.

Peace & MoonBeam Blissings,

Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro

Creatrix of MoonCoaching™,

AstroTarotOlogy™, AstroVibeOlogy™ and more!

(These are the Moon phase dates for the entire Virgo Lunar Moonth.

All times/dates are EDT - Eastern Daylight Time)

  • Aug 30 @ 6:37 am New Moon: DREAM - 7-Virgo

  • Sept2 @ 11:07 am Crescent Moon: PLAN - 25-Libra

  • Sept 5 @ 11:10 pm First Quarter Moon: ACT - 14-Sagittarius

  • Sept 9 @ 9:32 pm Gibbous Moon: FOCUS - 3-Aquarius

  • Sep 14 @ 12:33 am Full Moon: MOONIFESTATION™ - 22-Pisces

  • Sept 18 @ 2:19 am Disseminating Moon: SHARE - 11-Taurus

  • Sept 21 @ 10:41 pm Last Quarter Moon: REORIENT - 29-Gemini

  • Sept 25 @ 9:55 am Balsamic Moon: BE @ PEACE - 18-Leo


as well as the previous blog posts in which I covered a LOT of info for you!

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I will continue to post at each one of the Moon~Coaching™ Creation Steps during the 8 Lunar phase date individual posts right here, so be sure to return on the above mentioned phase dates (which will include reading the 'energy' of each portal with Tarot & Oracle cards in addition to the Moon phase & Sign). .

Peace & MoonBeam Blissings,

Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro

Creatrix of MoonCoaching™, AstroTarotOlogy™, AstroVibeOlogy™ and more!

All material Copyright Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro. All Rights Reserved.

MoonCoach™, MoonCoaching™, AstroTarotOlogy™, and AstroVibeOlogy™ are TRADEMARKS & BRANDS of Silvia Pancaro. Do not copy!

The decks I used are the Lumina Tarot + Connected and Free Oracle.

*I do not own the images, other than my Moon~Coaching™ logos or in some cases my own photographs. Please let me know if you recognize the artist so I can add their names.

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