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MoonCoaching™ AstroTarotOlogy™ : Pick-A-Card for Taurus/Disseminating Moon Phase (in Virgo Moonth)!

Play with me! Pick your card for the Disseminating Moon Phase!

First, choose your set of cards (1, 2 or 3)...

then scroll down to see the 'reveal' and read the message for YOU!

To recap the previous 5 moon/sun phases/steps we've been thru so far in the Virgo Lunar Moonth:

  • #1-New Moon. Set Your Virgo intention for this lunar cycle.

  • #2-Crescent Moon. Get your allies, resources and to-do list.

  • #3-First Quarter Moon. Take decisive action to create a strong foundation.

  • #4-Gibbous Moon. Prune away distractions. Go into hyper-focus mode.

  • #5-Full Moon. Moonifestation™! Culmination of All Your Efforts!

And now we move to:

  • #6-Disseminating Moon. Harvest. Sharing Your Success with Others.

The Disseminating phase is one of HARVEST! Having reached our Moonifestation™ in the Full Moon a few days ago, we have entered the more receptive, Yin and inward part of the lunar moonth. The 'active/Yang' orientation of the New to Full half of the moon cycle is complete - and so what remains of this moonth requires look to understand the meaning of your experiences in the previous 17 or so days, and now share your wisdom & be open to feedback regarding your Virgo Lunar Journey during these Disseminating Moon phase days (morning of 9/18 thru evening of 9/21).

Close your eyes, pulling the Totality of Your Consciousness into a state of Peace. Calling in your Attention to the Inner Sanctum, where your Soul, Spirit & Personality meet in Sacred Union. State that only Light & Love inhabits in your Reality, and ask for the Right Message to be revealed to you, in connection with where you are Now, and that best relates to your overall Virgo Lunar Moonth, within the context of the Disseminating Phase in Taurus. Take some deep breaths. When ready, open your eyes, and choose your card set...

OK, did you pick your card Combo?

1, 2 or 3?

When ready, scroll down for your message for this moon phase in the Virgo lunar moonth from MoonCoach™:
















REVELATION of Cards for Disseminating Moon:

Now that you have your cards, scroll for your message from MoonCoach™:




Trust yourself to enact this in the way most befitting of your Soul Purpose. This Disseminating phase lasts from 9/18 thru the late evening of 9/21, so consider the message within the context of your own experience, and journal on how the images & words on the card relate to YOU!

I'll post the other Moon~Coaching™ Steps Moon Phases as we get to those dates on the Lunar Calendar. The next one will be the GEMINI LAST QUARTER MOON on 9/21.

Peace & MoonBeam Blissings,

Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro

Creatrix of MoonCoaching™,

AstroTarotOlogy™, AstroVibeOlogy™ and more!

(These are the Moon phase dates for the entire Virgo Lunar Moonth.

All times/dates are EDT - Eastern Daylight Time)

  • Aug 30 @ 6:37 am New Moon: DREAM - 7-Virgo

  • Sept 2 @ 11:07 am Crescent Moon: PLAN - 25-Libra

  • Sept 5 @ 11:10 pm First Quarter Moon: ACT - 14-Sagittarius

  • Sept 9 @ 9:32 pm Gibbous Moon: FOCUS - 3-Aquarius

  • Sep 14 @ 12:33 am Full Moon: MOONIFESTATION™ - 22-Pisces

  • Sept 18 @ 2:19 am Disseminating Moon: SHARE - 11-Taurus

  • Sept 21 @ 10:41 pm Last Quarter Moon: REORIENT - 29-Gemini

  • Sept 25 @ 9:55 am Balsamic Moon: BE @ PEACE - 18-Leo


as well as the previous blog posts in which I covered a LOT of info for you!

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Peace & MoonBeam Blissings,

Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro

Creatrix of MoonCoaching™, AstroTarotOlogy™, AstroVibeOlogy™ and more!

All material Copyright Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro. All Rights Reserved.

MoonCoach™, MoonCoaching™, AstroTarotOlogy™, and AstroVibeOlogy™ are TRADEMARKS & BRANDS of Silvia Pancaro. Do not copy!

The decks I used are the following:

*I do not own the images, other than my Moon~Coaching™ logos or in some cases my own photographs. Please let me know if you recognize the artist so I can add their names.

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