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MoonCoaching™ Astro.Tarot.Ology™ Message for 8/5/19:


Moon is still in her Crescent phase and positioned at 15 degrees of airy Libra on 8/5 in aspect relationship with many planets today (Jupiter, Saturn, the Nodes, Pluto, Neptune and Mars) so she's pretty busy in active conversation with many parts of our personal and collective Consciousness...these conversations are quick ones, as she moves very quickly in her travels thru the it's just a matter of noticing your shifting moods, and not stay too attached to anything that comes up. As she continues to grow in reflected solar Light in her cycle, we will have more 'light' to illuminate our Path ahead. In Libra, she continues to offer us choices - how will we respond in each Moment - and what can we do to bring Peace to our emotional bodies, as we continue to navigate thru this cycle? Continue to write out your plans and to-do lists while we are in the Crescent phase, and reach out to your Allies.



*Spirit advises us via the Tarot/Oracle cards:


*7 of Swords
*Have Faith
*I choose to learn thru Love
*You have a unique purpose and destiny that only you can fulfill....




What do YOU see in the 7 of Swords? What message do you formulate from the combination of cards pulled for this Time? Before continuing to read my post, sit with the picture, and consider how it might apply to YOU, in combination with the meaning of today's lunar message.



Alright, so today we might wish to consider our position, and what we need to do to create healthy and proper BOUNDARIES. Why would we even need boundaries? Is is to maintain our focus on our project/intention so as not to be distracted by external appearances? Is it because we feel unsafe in our world, and therefore we have to defend ourselves? Is it because we are feeling soooooo much of what's happening in the Collective Emotional Body, that we need to filter out some of the energies that are intruding our own Psyche? Why do YOU need do create this boundary? Or to defend your position? Since the Moon represents the Emotional body, and particularly the Collective SubConsciousness, the message from the 7 of Swords is clearly that we need to be mindful of where we are standing in our Space - both inner and outer spaces - and perhaps mostly our mental environment. We are all tapped into the Human Psyche just because of our Oneness - so as our Soul and Spirit struggle like the bird in this card, to RISE UP towards the Light, our very real Human personality/ego is left feeling somewhat vulnerable to the Energies that are flying around the astral & mental atmosphere. I believe strongly that it's very important to take care of what my Hubby, Marcus Geier (who co-facilitates our many workshops with me) calls 'Psychic Hygiene' - which in essence is to care for our mental/emotional/energetic bodies, in much the same way as we cleanse our physical bodies. It's actually MORE important than even brushing our teeth, showering, and feeding our 3D bodies! What are you doing for clearing and cleansing your Aura and energetic bodies?




The additional messages from the Oracle cards add 'instructions' on how to accomplish this Psychic Hygiene: First, have FAITH...yes, a weird word for some of us...but having Faith is actually pivotal as it takes the focus to the realm of our Soul & Spirit as providing that which we need when we most need it. Especially when we are doubting we can get something done - we need to call in the Vibration of Faith, which acknowledges that 'I of my own self can do nothing' but when we pair our Human Personality/ego WITH and under the guidance of our Soul/Spirit, THEN we are truly empowered, strengthened and renewed in our ability to accomplish our task. Furthermore, the next piece of our puzzle is LOVE...yet another word that means so much, yet is so little understood. It is the antithesis of what we are seeing in the World (particularly the USA) at this time - hatred. We can all easily fall into the trap of 'hating' the 'other' when we are trying to 'defend our position' BUT that reduces us to the same negative position that we are 'fighting against.' Can we maintain our position thru Acts of Love, rather than defending our territory thru fear-based attacks on our perceived enemy? Looking back to the 7 of Swords, we see both a large bird flying upwards - representative of the Soul that is freed thru Trust & Love to continue its journey towards greater expressions of Light....and we also see 2 crows battling each other, unaware of the option to rise above it all. We clearly have a CHOICE in how we will respond to Life now...and this brings us full circle to the Moon's position in Libra, which is all about CHOICE! What can we do to create greater Harmony, Balance and Peace for ourselves and for the Whole? And somehow this brings us back to the idea of BOUNDARIES.



Let us look at the final Oracle card. To me, this one offers us the perspective that we are right where we need to be in this Moment of Time. It is our personal and collective Destiny, to be facing these apparent attacks in order to develop Love & Faith, and ultimately Compassion for our Human journey. The message ultimately between all these cards, plus the Moon's current position, is that we need to acknowledge we are on a 'mission' developing our ability to trust our Soul as our greatest Ally, and not be thrown off-guard by the external (and internal) dramas of Life...and that this requires us to build a healthy energetic boundary so that we can do our best to focus on our task of moving ever higher up our personal (and collective) Evolutionary Ladder.



On a practical level, with the Crescent phase, take your pen & paper and jot down the methods you can apply to keep your Mind/Emotion/Body/Psyche clean and clear. What can you do today, tomorrow (and all Leo moonth long!) to maintain your position of advantage with Psychic Hygiene? And furthermore how can you embody Love as you continue to move forward in this Lunar Cycle? What can you do to have Faith in your Soul as your greatest Ally? Write it down, and make it your action plan!



So, to wrap up today's message: Whatever Intention you set a few days ago at the New Moon phase, today, as we navigate the Crescent phase, be sure to create a safe sacred space in which you can continue to develop your Intention towards its eventual Moonifestation™. See you tomorrow with the next Moon~Coaching™ Message.





MoonCoach™ Silvia Pancaro
Creatrix of MoonCoaching™



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